Persistence..Never give up, it’s never too late – for anything.

Persistence and dedication to the task eventually gets results…

ImageI have been a runner for over 15 years. I’m 54 years old. That means I started running when I was about 40..Before that?

I stopped all physical exercise when I was about 16 years old…and I don’t remember doing ANY until I started running and playing the occasional game of tennis at 40. During my 20’s and 30’s I was seriously out of shape..I would get absolutely shattered by climbing one set of stairs.. I mean I was real bad..

And then when the tide began to turn and I started running wow! I could not run for 30 seconds without feeling as though I was going to die of heart failure..I have simply persisted throughout my illness to gradually maintain and improve fitness, and eventually things changed.
Now I’m a runner, I run maybe 5 times a week and do 6 – 9 k each time and then one 10 k once a week. I do rebounding and some yoga..I keep improving and I just love it, even when I don’t like it..

The reason I’m sharing this is that I see people starting out who get frustrated and give up and I want to say ‘Don’t!’ Just persist slowly slowly and gradually you get there..

See you on the road!

4 thoughts on “Persistence..Never give up, it’s never too late – for anything.

  1. Persistence will always help you get good results, well said Kavi – thank you for sharing. Add to persistance appropriate training, right type of exercise for our purpose, methods, expertise and goals and we start playing with the recipe creating champions.

    Just by exercising we’re all champions!

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