Super Foods – Hype or Help?

With Kavi Jezzie Hockaday (owner of and the

This is my opinion and mine only.

I am the owner of a small, friendly and thriving online super food business in the UK. I have been taking super foods for years, each and every day. I have tried and used most of them and still now have my ‘regulars’ that I take each and every day, come rain or shine. I also take some supplements, particularly since my days of chronic illness.

I love people buying my excellent and (mostly) organic super foods. I love people enquiring about which ones do what and finding something they really like. I love that most of my customers are regulars who have found something in these ‘foods’ that they resonate with enough to come back often to re purchase. It is a worthwhile occupation and great service, particularly in these toxic times where so many are deficient and malnourished, acidic and lacking in basic health. At least the people who are shopping with Divine Super Foods are making active health choices and not just passively joining those who are steadily declining as they get older. All that is fantastic and I applaud it and encourage it.


And here it is…

Hype is hype is hype, whatever area of the modern world we are in. And the ‘super foods will save your life’ hype is very active on the internet. Wild claims are made for super foods, and if you believed everything that you read, you would be SUPERMAN or SUPERWOMAN just by taking the latest super food on the market. Acai berries, Chia seeds, Cacao and Goji berries have all, at one time, been hailed as the answer to nearly ALL your problems, physical, emotional AND SPIRITUAL.

I have also been lured by these lively encouragements at various times. What generally happens is, after the hype has died down, the price has gone up and the searching for the Holy Grail of super foods continues.

SO Here I am to dispel the myths, as one who uses super foods AND sells super foods.

Super Foods are not the answer to your problems!
You are the answer to your problems. Period.

And this is the number one point.
Nothing is as good as Organic Whole Live Foods, freshly picked, ‘in season’ and indigenous to the locality where they are eaten.

A plant based, fruit included, live food diet is THE BEST source of nutrition you can possibly get. Super foods can never be a substitute for a healthy diet. A freshly picked juicy orange, an avocado, goji berries still on the tree, maca root in its original state, fresh Wheatgrass just grown and juiced, these are HEALTH foods.

Dried, extracted, powdered foods are good, but they are not that good. Let’s not run away with ourselves here. I hate hype. Why? Because it’s bullshit wrapped up as truth with a design to sell something..We have lived on hype long enough. Super Foods are ok enough without hyping them.

They are a GREAT adjunct to a healthy diet. If you have access to amazing fresh foods, like you live in a tropical zone and pick or buy real high quality fresh fruits and veg, or you grow your own, you may not want or desire or need super foods at all…Well don’t buy any! Don’t bother, save your money and spend it on something groovy.

But if you live in a city in Northern Europe where its cold and the food is (quite honestly) boring, cooked, and heavily root vegetable oriented, then jazzing up your smoothies, your dressings, your cereals, your trail mix, your cakes, with a healthy dose of Maca powder, Cacao powder or Wheatgrass powder is a fantastic idea. But don’t forget to eat properly from the original source. When use super foods as an ‘addition’ to a healthy diet, then you may well notice the difference. They can lift your vitality higher, they can give you that extra boost and even give you the ‘happy high’ feeling. But you also need to temper them with not allowing a ‘buzz’ to result in adrenal fatigue (I’m referring to too much Cacao particularly here).

And I have actually met quite a few people who are eating a pretty lousy diet and seem to use super foods to offset the effect, like ‘Well I’m taking these super foods so I’m healthy and taking care of myself right?’  No, you are not. You may well be wasting your money on an attempt to make up for bad lifestyle choices. You see let’s face it, Super Foods are hip. When things are hip they are adopted by those who aren’t necessarily genuinely interested in them. They may not even know what they do. People latch on to what is cool. Super Foods are cool. That’s why I’m writing this. Super Food is cool, Raw Food is cool. That confuses it, dulls down the true worth and, in this case, trivialises health and wellness.

Health and Wellness is a big problem in every country in the western world, and now in the eastern world as well. Health is not a trend, it is a necessity, a base line from which to live a passionate and inspired life. Trading our health is trading our passion and energy. No amount of cool super foods will heal a disease it just won’t happen.

But they can ignite interest in health, they can make things taste real good (Maca Powder, Cacao Powder) they can help in detoxification and cleansing (Wheatgrass, Chlorella) and they can assist in immune balance.  Just don’t mistake them for real food, healthy emotions, fresh air and conscious emotional balance.

Have a  great day, I’m off for my smoothie now!

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