Hydration and Mood

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you just start feeling low, or anxious, or angry?
And much as you try you can’t locate the source of this trouble?

Well I might have the answer…DEHYDRATION!

Just a couple of days ago after a few days of pretty intense mental computer work my energy suddenly dropped. I felt pretty groggy and then noticed I was getting anxious and a bit depressed. It’s very unlike me to have this I’m usually pretty bouyant so this was strange. And like most people I took it personally and thought it was something I was or wasn’t doing, or some deep unresolved emotion trying to make it to the surface.
And then I remembered a similar thing happening a few weeks before and thinking that maybe I was dehydrated.
So I decided to drink a lot of water (good quality water) over 24 hours and see what effect it might have. Well within 24 hours I was chirpy and energetic and back to normal! A simple solution for what could be treated as a big problem.

Reports show that even a drop of 1-2% of water from our bodies can create the conditions of dehydration, and dehydration in the body seems to send messages to the brain alerting it to the need to take notice. But we misread these signals and think something is wrong with our emotional state, so the question is…
And guess what?
Women have a stronger reaction to dehydration than men.
And nothing but water will resolve it. No tea, coffee, soda, nothing will create hydration, except pure still water as natural as possible.
The problem is compounded by the fact that by the time we feel thirsty dehydration has already happened and then it will take time to rehydrate, and the other problem as far as I can see is a deeper and more chronic one, and that is that the majority of people are chronically dehydrated. Not only because they don’t drink enough pure water, but also because the diet and lifestyle many people have is simply not hydrating.
Hydrating foods are the ones that have a lot of water in them..Salad ingredients, fruits and vegetables, mostly raw. It’s obvious. And processed foods and heavily cooked foods, meats and dairy, are not hydrating. In fact the opposite happens, they leach minerals and water from the body.
Do you see how the area of hydration opens up to being pretty darn important?
And we haven’t even discussed Cellular Hydration which is the root of it all.

So the best answer to these issues is prevention. Hydrate by sipping water, eating whole live foods and fruits and getting the body alkaline. Take your hydration seriously and it will repay you with energy and a lightness of spirit and mood stability.
Here is an article on the effects of dehydration Article on Dehydration

And here is an amazing book on the cells that talks about cellular dehydration and chronic illness and what we can do about it..This book is simply a MUST READ if you are interested in core health.

Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light

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