Energy for Life! Or a Car Wreck?

How much energy do you have available to you at this moment? This morning when you woke up? After lunch?

This morning I was up at 4.30am, ready to dive into creativity at 4.45am, exercise at 5.30am and get on with the day by 6.30 am. And still I had a great breakfast, in fact it was BECAUSE I have great breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep that I can keep going…But you know the one thing I feel enables me to keep going and spring back all the time with unlimited energy??
No it’s not Caffeine! But I do have Cappuccino when I want.
It’s not a stimulant. I will come on to stimulants and the rocky road in a minute…

IT IS SLEEP!!  Yawn I hear you say, can’t it be something more exciting? ‘Fraid not guys..We are bio electrical machines that need constant recharging..If you don’t get the full recharge, gradually you will get weaker and weaker..You will anyway, it’s called wear and tear, built in obsolescence it’s called and we suffer from it..But, for example, those of you who have an electric toothbrush, you know how after a few days it just starts getting slower and slower, but at first you don’t notice until it just becomes unusable? Well it’s like that with us over a longer period of time. No charge = No energy. Half charge = half energy. We are so used to living our lives in a state of less than our full energy we fail to notice, and of course we live in the ‘STIMULANT AGE

We are living, all of us, in a time when it’s normal, in fact it’s almost obligatory, to live in the fast lane. That means a sense of urgency fueled by something that lifts us up and stimulates us. The Coffee house explosion is running rampant in our streets. We are fueled in the morning and kept up during the day. By the evening many people, particularly those with creative jobs or demanding jobs, need something to either keep them up or slow them down.

Either way it ain’t great!
It results in adrenal burnout, kidney exhaustion, bags under the eyes, fatigue, liver stress, emotional imbalance and a general state of near collapse –  sorry to say all this but I know it to be true, I’ve been there..

Sleep, real sleep, is the answer…AND EARLY!
I know early to bed is for weeds and wimps, but I’m one of those. At 54 years old my days of late nights are done and gone..Now we eat last food at 6pm and hit bed by 9pm, lights out 9.30 latest. And when, because of  an event or a workshop or something, we get a late night, boy do I feel it!
I am a musician but I would not last in a rock’n roll band any more, that’s for sure!
And that means that I can, almost without fail, get up at 4.30am every morning and meet the day with bursting energy and a smile, possessed by creativity and passion (not always).
Think about it, that’s all I’m saying. As you get older you may want to reassess the late night habit and see it as just that, a habit. And like all habits, it can be changed if it no longer works..
Here’s a good article..

Man sleeping

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