This World is a stage – Drama and Karma

Shakespeare was oh so right! Did he really know how true he was? Was he such a seer, such a sage that he understood the deepest profundity of this life we live? Or did he just intuit such a remarkable observation?
We shall never know.

But the truth of what he said remains, and the deeper I look into the mystery of life itself the more convinced I am that this experience we live out here on Earth is such a small part of a much much bigger picture. My intuition leads me to conclude (at this stage of my learning) that this ‘life’ is actually a playing out of karma, and an opportunity to awaken to this truth and bring the endless playing out to an end through awareness, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.
And we all just get caught up in the drama.

Karma Drama.

We believe it all to be true, and we blame and accuse and feel guilty and pass the buck and hand it on to our children and the wheel of karma just rumbles on to the next life and the next life until maybe 8 or 10 or 100 lives down the road we say ‘ HOLD ON A MINUTE!’  ….And then the process of clear seeing begins to happen. That is where the bewildering excitement of existence really is, when we see this life in its TRUE perspective. It is a script we are handed when we arrive here. We are surrounded by a supporting cast. We call them family. We are tied to them as characters are tied to each other in a play. And as the play begins through act 1 and act 2 it gathers pace, sometimes funny, often tragic, even ironic and definitely symbolic, but there is one crucial defining difference between a play and OUR Karma play.

Il Misantropo di Molière @ Play Theatre

Il Misantropo di Molière @ Play Theatre (Photo credit: Fatabugiarda)

We can step out of our role any time we want. We are not simply characters on a page. We have been gifted this power, the power of AWARENESS, the power to become aware of our actions, and to step out of the drama.
Awareness is the beginning of the end for the drama. It is where the buck begins to stop.
We can either carry the wounds that have been given us in this life, and hand them unconsciously on to our children, our loved ones, or we can understand why the wounds were inflicted, forgive them, let them go, develop the art of compassion and gratitude, and step Gloriously OFF THE WHEEL OF KARMA.
That is the most profound of powers. Animals don’t have it, nature itself doesn’t have it. But neither animals or nature are playing out a drama. It’s only us.
I believe when we go beyond the veil of death and we see what this ‘life’ we live really meant, we will laugh from a place of such radiant unconditionality it will light up the heavens.
Until then we have one very simple choice available to us. Stepping out of drama, bringing the curtain down on the whole show.

2 thoughts on “This World is a stage – Drama and Karma

  1. Shakespeare was very much a sage and a seer. He wrote one profound word after another. I think that he knew us in all our flaws and failings… and loved humanity anyway. —Jadi

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