Health is how you respond to life

The point is not whether we are ‘healthy’ or not, for what actually is healthy?

The point is more, are we creating enough energy in our body to expel and nullify the pathogens and toxins and cancer cells that gather there during the natural movement of life through our organic vehicle?

Are we manifesting enough healthy thoughts and emotions to keep energy flowing through, sweeping all unwanted guests and creepy crawlies away?

Are we vibrating on a high enough frequency that all lower forms cannot dwell in our body/energy field?

Do you see my point?
Health is not a fixed state whereby ‘I am healthy and all the unhealthy things are outside me’. Health is a resonance, a process.
It’s a process that needs daily attention, a spiritual health practice if you like.


Health can only ever be positive.
Health has nothing to do with diet. It can have, but it can also not have. You can eat as healthy as you want, but you can still carry unhealthy emotions, thoughts and energy around. You can still meet life angrily.

We are all creating cancer cells all the time. We are all absorbing toxins, chemicals, pathogens all the time. Bugs and viruses? Yup, they are always around. Why, when there is a particularly strong virus going around, do some people get it and others not? Luck? Or maybe they are creating enough health or energy at that moment so that they are not ‘sticky’ and so things just flow around them.

Health is multi faceted. It is an attitude, a vibration that comes from deep within. It is a love of life. A big YES! It is so much more than food and exercise. It is an enthusiasm for life itself.
When I was very toxic I went to India for the Panchakarma treatment and had to spend 6 weeks in a clinic with many other westerners doing the same thing. Over the course of those 6 weeks you get to see people pretty clearly. And I noticed that some people just doubted everything, rejected everything, and I felt that some people don’t actually want to be healthy. Being healthy means stepping up, stepping into your life. It means taking responsibility and being fully present and accountable. And trust is an important factor. Some of the people I met just didn’t trust the process at all, and I’m pretty certain they didn’t get anything from it!
Life is a self fulfilling prophecy, and your health is intrinsically linked to your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Respond to life with love, joy, gratitude, compassion. Meet life with enthusiasm and love, not for what you can get but for the simple act of being alive! See life as a blessing, welcome everything that happens, even if it hurts, and then no matter what happens, no matter how sick you might get, you will always be HEALTHY..Healthy in your Soul…

3 thoughts on “Health is how you respond to life

  1. Kavi thank you so much for finding my post helpful and for referring to it here! I really like your blog, will have to pock around for a while 🙂 Best, Elena

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