Chew your way to Health

A Nation, nay, a world of ravenous hyenas eating as though it were our last meal on Planet Earth!
That’s us.
If you don’t believe me, look around next time you are out, or take a look at your self, consciously, during  meal times or when you have people round. We eat and talk, we eat and watch, we eat and read, we eat and text. When do we just EAT?
BECAUSE…It is that important that it is part of the hidden code that could dramatically improve your health, energy, weight and overall well being FOR FREE!
No expensive supplements, super foods, treatments, clinics or surgery..Just chewing…
Think I’m kidding?

Consider the opposite of conscious eating. Eating too fast and unconsciously can lead to:
Acid reflux.
Weight gain.
Undigested food matter in colon.
Inability to tell when full or hungry.

Eating with awareness and properly chewing food and even swilling drinks in the mouth is actually an essential part of well being. Obviously when you think about it it is going to be beneficial.

The first stage of digestion happens in the mouth. The mouth is utterly alive with sensors to detect what is coming in to the system, whether hot, cold, savoury, sweet, sour or bitter, and it activates the bodies intelligence, sending messages to the stomach to release particular amounts of particular acids and enzymes to break the food down. When food arrives in the stomach it is obviously going to be favorable if it is largely already liquid. If the stomach also has to try and break down massive amounts of solid food it’s going to take energy, time and commitment. Breaking the food down MAY NOT HAPPEN!

If it doesn’t happen then the problem is going to be handed on to the next in line, the small intestine. Small intestine will do what it can to extract the nutrients and minerals from this digested matter, but it also needs the job to be as easy as possible, and we are making it real hard..There is a strong possibility we are just not going to absorb the goodness of whatever food we eat, simply because the intestine can’t extract it.

And so it gets sent down to the elimination unit, the colon. It is a known fact that undigested fecal matter can sit for months, and years, festering and causing blockages. Colon problems are huge in today’s societies, for many reasons, but I would suggest that one of the main contributors is because we have utterly forgotten the art of chewing.
And so you can see that a whole host of problems can ensue simply because we were not paying attention when we were eating. And of course the fast food culture we live in, the grab it and go lifestyle, is exacerbating the problem.
I am just touching the subject here to give you an idea of how important it can be, but if you choose to explore it further, and I suggest you do, you will discover so many implications, from liver stress to mind fog to fatigue that all relate to this simple thing.

So what can you do?
Well you don”t have to get like a buddhist and eat slowly 70 times! But you do have to be present and aware of your food. You need to engage with it as the primary thing you are doing, not the thing you are doing while you chat or watch or text. Be aware of your mouth sensations as they chew, and be aware of the strong desire to swallow prematurely. I know it happens to almost everyone. So get conscious of that moment, and relax.Yes, it’s tough to do it over and over, but it’s like meditation. In fact it IS meditation. It is the tantra of food. Get present and CHEW. It will seriously help you..
Check out this excellent article for another view that relates to why Raw Food may not work without great chewing technique.
Enjoy your food!

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