A fan of Ayurveda

Lord of Ayurveda,Dhanvantari

Lord of Ayurveda,Dhanvantari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An update of my long journey with health and Ayurveda, Raw Food, exercise and the emotional journey therein.
Some of you know how long and how seriously ill I was back there. Many of you do not. And I come across now as someone who has lots of energy, passion, enthusiasm and vitality. And even Health!
But it really hasn’t always been that way.  I would say the last 10 years (I’m now 54) have been hard core tough. The journey of a Ninja…Persistence, trust and commitment have been the name of the game, and a willingness to travel to unknown places within.
But the reason I’m writing today is to shout the praises of Ayurveda from the rooftops.
It was my Ayurvedic Doctors who revealed the depth of my toxicity in 2003 and urged me to take immediate action to cleanse. That resulted in 3 Panchakarma detox experiences in Mumbai, India.
That shook me up. My life to that point had ravaged my body, organs, energy and overall health badly. Panchakarma stirred up and loosened what was within. It revealed terrible intestinal problems that manifested as what the doctors and professionals called Ulcerative Colitis. I called it deep Cleansing.  I had been gutted, literally.
That was in about 2005. The first 4 years were dreadful, blood and guts kind of stuff….Weak, immune system blown to pieces, scared, unable to digest, I mean real bad. But slowly slowly I have stayed on the path, NEVER taken any medication. NEVER! Even though I was at the gates of Hell I decided I didn’t want to go down that path. Luckily it never got so painful that I had to…

And all the time I have been accompanied by Ayurveda. When I went Raw I left Ayurveda for a while as I found it too opposed to Raw Food. But now I have found the balance within I have reconnected with it..

And today I had another pulse check and I have progressed even further towards core well being. I am delighted!!

You see Health and Well being are not created in a moment, or a day, or even a year. Neither is illness. It’s created by the things we do over and over and over again. And that of course applies to our emotions and our thoughts. It is so important to remember this when we are buying some new product that we think has the answer only to stop taking it after a month as it’s too expensive and we can’t see the results ( I know because I do exactly this!!)

If you don’t know about Ayurveda find out. Raw Food is not the only game in town. Chinese medicine is great. But Ayurveda, particularly the way our good friends practice it, is exceptional and very deep. If you are in the UK, South East, get in touch if you want their number. In fact here is their website.

Deep Gratitude to these guys and to the Rishi’s who brought Ayuveda to the world many many years ago. Wisdom teachers of the most extraordinary kind.

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