ChemTrails in Hastings UK – personal testimony

It grieves me to write about Chem Trails as I don’t like to give much attention to conspiracy theories, they just take the mind and attention away from the heart.
But today I have to say I have seen with my own eyes what, for me, is proof that something is really happening up there that we are not party to. My personal feeling is that even the government politicians might not even be party to it, or just rubber stamped it under ‘necessary action to combat global warming’. But what we don’t know about and are not aware of creates suspicion. And let’s face, many of us are suspicious of this Chem Trail business. And the others are too busy distracted by their lives and spend their time looking down and rarely consider WTF is going on!!

So anyway, I went to the beach here in Hastings to catch some early morning sun at 10am on a lovely day, sunshine bright and clear and the usual smattering of clouds (UK style). After half hour or so I walked by the sea and turned round and looked up at the sky inland and my god there must have been 20 -30 trails, all opening up after they had been laid. In fact there was one happening there and then. They criss crossed in classic style and pretty much filled the entirety of the sky above Hastings and inland.
Well I went back home and decided to clean our car. Twenty –  thirty minutes later the haze began to arrive, like a rolling mist. Now this mist almost resembled a sea mist rolling in….BUT…IT WAS ROLLING FROM INLAND!!
It has now blocked out the sun completely and Hastings is utterly in a haze.
You can spin all the stories to me you like, the conspiracy debunking stuff..I don’t care..There is something real serious happening. It might not be intended to kill every human being on Earth, or sterilize us all (like some people think) but it’s happening and WE SHOULD BE TOLD about this…It’s an outrage and a symptom of a cancer that has hold of the host and is gradually killing it..We are the host and Uncontrolled Power is the Cancer
Angry of Hastings.

chemtrail conspiracy theory

chemtrail conspiracy theory (Photo credit: hongoxl)

6 thoughts on “ChemTrails in Hastings UK – personal testimony

  1. Well done for risking ridicule and speaking out about this Kavi. As we’ve discussed, I’ve been watching the skies very carefully for well over two years now and have gathered much evidence to suggest spraying is occurring, reinforced by increasingly convincing presentations, documentaries and other evidence online.
    I’ve spoken out a few times on Facebook, but have been concerned that doing so may damage my credibility in campaigning about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation and fields…..something I know first hand is a real threat and potentially devastating.
    With the apparent use of the HAARP transmitter in tandem with these spraying programmes and the likely metallic content of the trails (further propogating EM waves and increasing the toxic load on us and our susceptibliity to the effects of EM radiation) the issues are very much linked and I feel i must find a way to credibly come off the fence with this as you have to keep raising the issue for urgent investigation at least.
    Included below are links to an excellent recent presentation by a researcher from Reading university in the UK in the subject and one fro a researcher in the US.

    In truth and peace

    Phil x

  2. I’ve just watched the whole of David Lim’s talk at Reading University and learned more in an hour and a half than I have in a very long time. It’s mind-blowing stuff and can’t be dismissed as a conspiracy theory anymore.

  3. Chemtrails are real . It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact.Google Chemtrails UK petition and chemtrails the main more. It is a scientific fact that con trails (condensation trails from airplanes) rarely ever happen because the conditions are rare.And ‘if’ they happen they only last seconds to minutes.Any commercial pilot will know that.Google the Richie Allen Show on YouTube and listen to the Interview on chemtrails with a ex KLM Pilot.
    Map the occasion in your town as much as you can and get the word out.There is also a global chemtrail watch which you can join and share your images with. You can also get a rain water testing kit from Chemtrails UK and have it checked what’s in the rain which comes down..

      • The phone is indeed the distraction lol.Made on purpose as some say to keep people busy and not asking questions (and to be dumbed down.)
        Have you seen these weird cigar shaped objects at night? They are everywhere, instead of stars.But you only start to see them when you focus on the brightest star for a few seconds or a minute. After that they eyes seem to adjust to it and you can notice them everywhere where a star should be.They have from left to right red, white and green or a blue light.Have been watching them for over a year and pointed it out to friends.They see them too but aren’t bothered what they are.I know that they are not satellites and wonder if the government has put them up.Any idea, please let me know.

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