Disease and Thought – the connection.

Disease and Thought – the connection.

kavi104bwwebMy own personal experience and my research has convinced me that the connection between our habitual thinking and what we call disease is a fundamental one and can NEVER be overlooked in the healing process.

Consider this.
“When the mind is dominated by a negative world view, the direct result is a repetition of minute changes in energy flow to the various body organs. The subtle field of overall physiology is affected in all its complex functions….Eventually, an accumulation of infinitesimal changes becomes discernible through measurement techniques (blood tests, x-rays etc) but by the time these changes are detectable, the disease process is already quite advanced.” (From David Hawkins)

This ‘negative worldview‘ affects us on every level. It informs our day to day choices in what we eat, how we live, our addictions, our friends, every aspect of our lives.
And it affects our inner universe on the bio chemical levels, disturbing the positive flow of energy, creating stress and disruption to organs and unbalancing us.

And of course the stimulus that sets all this off, and keeps being triggered over and over again, is so small it remains undetectable.
It is the habitual and repetitive thoughts and actions we take that produce tiny reactions that build up over time and at some stage manifest as what we call disease.
And then we, in the modern medical system, treat the outer symptoms and utterly fail to address the root cause, which may well be our negative worldview.
So there are two things to learn here.

1) Western detection methods are woefully lacking in their ability to see disease until it is well advanced. I personally recommend getting an Ayurvedic pulse check that can detect and illness several stages earlier, indeed it saved me back in 2002 when they detected the onset of serious arthritis (amongst other things). Western detection protocols observed nothing, they are just too gross in their methods.
So catch it early.

2) Never treat disease on the purely physical level. NEVER. It is a blind misunderstanding that we have bought into. Not only does Western medicine treat only with pharmaceuticals and largely ignore diet, but it also pays NO ATTENTION to our thinking or our emotions in the treatment of any condition. That is ridiculous!

Address the mental aspect, the emotional aspect, and particularly the worldview. Get deep into the habitual thought patterns and make conscious decisions to change your thinking from that moment on. It will help in that it will begin the process of re balancing the energy flow of the body and sending positive energy flow to all the organ structures…

Thanks for reading! x


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