The Doorway of Illness – Unfolding Your Myth

The Doorway of Illness – Unfolding Your Myth.

From ‘The Power of Illness to Change Your Life.’ 


A message to those who are ill.
You are the key holder. Only you can unlock the mysterious door that reveals the path. It is a mystical path, an archetypal path, a karmic path. It does not follow logic.
Each one of us carries their own unique answer, held within each individuals unique pattern of disease, symptoms, karma, personal and collective history etc. 
Although there are things in common with others, because we share so much with other people, yet still this path of illness is utterly unique. It is tailor made for you, by you.
The people who heal, and by heal I mean transform to bigger, more self loving, bolder and more glorious versions of themselves, whether they fix their body or not, those people have all found something within themselves that changed them. Every person I have heard talk about deep healing talked about the spiritual, psychological and emotional elements. Because at the final count it is not about diet or supplements. That is a part of it, and a very important part. But it is not the defining part.
The crucial part, and the part that fascinates me, is the spiritual and psychological aspect of it. Harnessing this power, our liberated energy, changes something within us, and has the potential to bring about great change on all levels of being.
The trick is not to look for the magic bullet, but to be able to dive inside yourself to such a depth that you unlock the door of your unconscious and allow your demons and ghosts to fly out and dissolve. You unlock them and liberate them.
The more work you do on yourself the better. And by work I mean stuff that actively involves you. Not just things that are done ‘to you.’ I mean work that draws out your voice, your emotional wounds, your hiding places, your rage, your ancestral pain, the family stuff you keep hidden even from yourself. I mean the dark stuff man. Massage is great but it doesn’t get into the swamp.
And if you are sick theWolf-River-swamp-North-Mississippire is something in the swamp.
Your crazy job is to head into the swamp and see whats up. I know you think you didn’t sign up for this, but actually you did. Thats why its here in your life. In the swamp is your power and strength. Hidden behind the ghouls and ghosts of your life.
Sounds real heavy? To the ego mind, to the self protecting part of us, its scary of course. The part that hides in there is saying,’Don’t go in there, its real scary!,’ But you know what? If you want to know the truth, if you want to get to the root of things, if you are sick of being ruled by some invisible demons who hang out in a swamp, you are not going to listen to some ridiculous voice that says its scary.’
Its warrior time.
Being a warrior is not what it sounds like. Sometimes its the ferocious sword wielding saviour of mankind but mostly its just a little person who takes one step in front of the next, shaking but determined to keep going. The warrior does not deny fear but takes it with them. Sure they are scared, who wouldn’t be? But it doesn’t stop them. The purpose is more important than allowing anything to stop them. Thats the way it is with the swamp.
morning classes_1
Over the years I have met parts of myself that I found hideous. I discovered indescribably pain and torment. I have railed and screamed, been blindingly furious and wept like the ocean. I have let pain out of my body that I had no idea was there. Until you open the door you just don’t know whats in the room. It all served my healing, and served my personal psychological transformation.
And thats why I say, YOU are the key holder. The lock is within, the swamp is within, the answers are within, the freedom is within, and the power is within. It is always an archetypal, mythological path, and as such it has all the elements of a warriors myth. 
Your job is to awaken that myth within yourself.
is within, the answers are within, the freedom is within, and the power is within. It is always an archetypal, mythological path, and as such it has all the elements of a warriors myth. Your job is to awaken that myth within yourself.

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