The Unfolding Adventure Rolls On


As some of you know, Amoda (my wife) and I are on something of an adventure.
See this blog post when we got to the US:
Wherever you go, there you are

We have dived into life, let go of so many things and taken a big gamble. On one hand we are groundless and rootless. On the other hand we are free and adaptable.
We taste life as very precious, and we value every experience. As Amoda said when we got here, it is up to us to cherish every day. It is a great spiritual, existential, teaching we are having.
We have learned not to look too far ahead but to live as present as possible. Yet we have to balance this with some planning. We live in different state of security from most people in the modern world. Our security comes, not from things or some sense…

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