TRUE HUMAN BEINGS needed on Planet Earth.


2016 – A Call to Truth. TRUE HUMAN BEINGS needed on Planet Earth.
Resignation or Resurrection?
Helping-OthersWhat is your greatest aspiration? To help others? Or to help yourself?
Imagine finding that these two apparent opposites are two sides of a continuum that is linked, and they are connected and interdependent.
That means your personal success and happiness are connected to your helping others. That in itself is a great insight.
And here is another insight. The better you know yourself, the wiser you become, the more you embrace your authentic self, the more power you have to impact other people’s lives.
The more you help yourself, the more you help others. Not by feeding your every ego desire, and not by surrendering yourself to greed and avarice and selfishness, but by transcending these ego needs and coming to rest as a true human beings.

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