Wellbeing Is A Radical And Revolutionary Statement – And Its Calling You!

The_Power_of_ILLNESSI recorded a new podcast yesterday. My podcasts are passionate and inspiring. At least thats what I think!

The thing about doing them is you don’t get much feedback, they just disappear out there and do their thing, whatever that is. So commitment to something that you are drawn to do is not always just based on results. You have to follow your impulse. Thats what ‘following your bliss’ is. And so I follow it. Sometimes of course I wonder if it’s worth it? But it’s whats I love doing, all this stuff is what I love doing. So I just carry on…

This podcast is good. Here is a clip from it to inspire you:

Holistic Wellbeing is a Powerful Statement to the World. Why?

Because it clears the perception and allows you to see clearly. And when you see clearly you stop being a victim of life, and you stop believing some of the bullshit that is fed to you, and you begin to make true empowered decisions. A toxic person is an addicted and dependent person. A non-toxic, clear seeing person, is a powerful voice for change and truth. A non toxic person is a person no longer at war within themselves, and therefore not at war with the outside world.


War is not just something that happens in some far off country. Think holistically and understand how this world works, and you will see that everything is holographic, and what we see outside is a reflection of what happens inside. Everything is contained within everything else. ‘Heaven in a Grain of Sand,’ as William Blake said.

That means our preoccupation with this war on the outside forgets that it is a reflection off the war on the inside. Society is a toxic nightmare. 99 people out of 100, I can guarantee you, suffer from over inflammation. Inflammation is a natural state until it is imbalanced and then it becomes a destructive power to the host. There is always inflammation, its necessary to the human body. But over inflammation creates destruction to cells, tissues, organs, and eventually it destroys the whole body.

It’s a big problem in the body, and in the bigger human body. War IS over inflammation.
So the one place we can start, you and I, in this powerless situation, is to attend to our own inflammation.
This is EXACTLY what this site acid to alkaline was originally set up for. Attending to imbalance.
An over acidic body is an over inflamed body, is a body prone to infection, auto immune, skin problems, liver problems, heart problems, brain problems, adrenal problems, thinking problems, emotional problems, you name it and it becomes a problem.

I hope you understand what I’m saying and Im not just scaring you!
The majority of people I coach, see, talk to, interact with, who are not focused on their wellbeing, are over inflamed and verging on breakdown in some way…And its not that hard to change things. Sure, it needs attention and application, it might need some courage and will to beat down some of the desires and addictive reflexes. But you are bigger than your minor addictions!

So thats my invitation to you – Please listen to my podcast if you are in anyway in need of inspiration or ideas.
It includes some answering of questions about how to deal with toxic people (my answer is the same – heal your own toxicity), facing mammogram tests and what to do, and a top tip about Coconut Oil and why you absolutely must use it, a lot of it, starting TODAY!

Here is the full Podcast. Also on iTunes.



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