The Point of all Life’s Experiences is to Wake You Up.

Ultimately the point of what I’m writing is not just about healing illness. It’s about the core human values we so easily forget, but they are the ones that keep us going.

The point is about hope, and trust, and love, love of self and love of the world.

Illness_cover_8-25-15conversionThe point is about coming back to our true nature, and that nature is kind and compassionate, free of guilt and shame and fear.

The point is to find out more about ourselves, to dive into our own murky waters, waters we may have avoided for years, hoping those waters would not rise. But guess what, they did!

And now the calling is to dive in and find the beauty, the pearl, in those very waters we were so afraid of.

The point is to seize the opportunity to take responsibility for what we feel, what we think, what we say do and believe.

The point is to finally say ‘Yes! Here I am, wounded and hurt, afraid and confused, but ready to explore new and unknown areas of myself. Yes! I am ready to let down my guard and allow life in. It is time, and this is where the buck stops.’

That is the point.

And that is where your life changes forever.

The point of all life’s experiences is to wake you up.

Kavi Portrait 2 copy

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