Urban Holism Is Emerging – And It’s Calling Your Name

This is my latest blog on Thunderbolt Coach. It is very relevant to the idea of Living a Balanced Life. Please read and share. Thanks!


We have become so conditioned by religion and science that we do not even know we are thinking and believing from a  state of separation.

come_togetherIt is that insidiously embedded.
It informs our actions, our plans, relationships, lifestyles, choices, our values, and our health. 

We think from separation. It’s the dominant world view, and we are all imprisoned by it.

However – It was not always this way. And to survive, thrive and evolve, we have to move forward to an integrated, modern holistic model of living that has Wholeness as its abiding state.

  • The indigenous tribes believed that everything is one thing, and humans are a part of that.  They also knew, innately, that a human being is a whole being, not separate from anything.
  • Holism was the basis of the Greek Wisdom tradition.
  • The Indian system of health, Ayurveda, an over 4000 year old practice, has holism as its central…

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