Eating is a Dance with the Devil of Addiction – 6 Minutes about Food Issues

Addiction is emotional, it is connected to our beliefs, and to that which is unresolved within ourselves.

Put that mechanism together with a manipulative and greedy corporate monster who consciously makes food addictive and you have big big problems for individuals and society.

Its a society that creates addicts, supports their habits, and lives off the profit in any way it can.

The only way to not become a slave to addiction and corporate manipulation is to resolve the addictive mechanism itself.
The issue is not in the end result addiction. It is not so much what you are addicted to that matters (it matters but not as much as we imagine) but the actual addictive mechanism itself.

What is disharmonious within you? What is unloved within you? What is the emptiness that needs filling? What is it that needs protecting?
Present day addiction has all it’s roots in past trauma and hurt. If you want relief from the addiction you will have to attend to the roots, heal them and nourish them.
And in these days of highly addictive food availability, foods that cause dis-ease and inner destruction, addictions are one of the biggest obstacles to deal with.

I have been through addiction. First it was cigarettes, and drugs, and then a serious relationship with alcohol. That was resolved over a long period of time and now I can have a drink if I want one, but I don’t like what it does so I will only ever have one. I don’t like the feeling I used to love. When I stopped the alcohol I immediately shifted into the sugar foods, and particularly the chocolates, the unhealthy ones. I was eating three candy bars at a time, as many starchy vegetables, grains and as much coffee as I dared.

Mung Soup for the SoulIt’s easy to substitute one addiction for another. Sure it might not be cocaine, or alcohol, but food is gonna kill you as well as drinking, just more slowly.

And then when I got sick eventually I had to meet, not only the food choices I was making, but also the ADDICTIVE MECHANISM ITSELF.
What was causing me to constantly want foods that comforted me?
What was at the root of this addiction? So I searched within my past and found where I had felt abandoned by life, by my Mother, and my father, by God, by innocence.
I found where I had been wounded and wanted love, and I learned to see how those feelings were playing themselves out in my food habits, and relationships with other people.
And I began healing them all, both in consciously making new choices that physically eased the feelings and stopped the constant blood sugar spiking. And through awareness, self love and conscious inquiry I saw where I reached for comfort to avoid discomfort, over and over again.

And now there is no addiction, or maybe a 1% addictive mechanism. I have to say I have eliminated the sugar and high carbohydrates from the diet and eat an exclusively anti-inflammatory diet, which really helps. Attending to this from both the food choice angle, AND the emotional, mental, spiritual angle, really helps..Thats what brings change.

This 6 minutes is about that. Its a clip from my longer podcast about the whole journey of getting holistic.

heal your relationship with your body


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