Most Disease is the Result of Imbalance, Not the Cause.

Let me tell you folks, I’m no superman hero who never gets any hint of illness!

Oh no. Yes I have successfully healed my Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and never ever display symptoms of said disease. And yes I have healed all the various diseases that have been thrown around over years, from Hashimoto’s to Raynaud’s to even Scleroderma.

Kavi Portrait 2 copyBUT..As far as I can make out, most of those disease are actually not the CAUSES but the results of deeper imbalance and toxicity.
IBD is the result of imbalance and over acidity, and of course toxicity. So is Hashimoto’s etc

And the thing is, the level of imbalance and disharmony in my system that gave rise to these diseases, still reveals itself from time to time. Life is a constant balancing act. It’s not fixed. In fact it’s so fluid that one day can be entirely fantastically grounded and balanced and the next day be kind of out of whack.
There are a lot of influences on health, from the foods we eat to the thoughts we think to the weather, the sun activity, the astrological influences, wi fi zones etc etc, and we are not fixed.

I have been told for years that I am highly sensitive. It says so in my Astrology, and every healing practitioner tells me the same thing.
And I go out of whack. The main thing I carry is heat. Usually its under control and passive. But sometimes it goes crazy, triggered by unknown forces and it rattles the cage.
I deal with it. I try not to get neurotic about it, and I know that everything passes so I pay attention and allow it.
So what am I saying here?

Two things.
ONE. Most diseases are the RESULT of imbalance and toxicity, certainly the chronic ones. The disease disappears when the imbalance and toxicity are dealt with.
But the lingering effects of sustained unharmonious living leave a residue that lasts. It means you have to commit to living harmoniously and healthfully. You can’t heal and return to toxic living. It is a life change, and i know most people are resistant to that.
AM_706x264_hydrationI WAS NOT RESISTANT, that might be why I healed. I embraced fully everything that was demanded of me.
And I stayed that way. I didn’t go back to living carelessly. I didn’t go back to toxic emotional ways, nor indulgent habits or addictive patterns. And it didn’t mean I became boring and pious. I actually became more fun, more relaxed and better to be with.

TWO. Life is a flowing river. Or as someone once described, a plane is 90% of the time correcting its trajectory to get to its destination.

‘A car doesn’t drive in a straight line, you have to constantly correct the steering wheel to keep it going, or you would crash.’
Thats what we are like.
Thanks…xx be well. x

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