Don’t Focus on the Disease – Focus on the Cause and the Cure.

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Folks…Its been becoming more and more obvious to me that we are seriously deluded in our ‘medical system’ understanding and its sphere of influence. We look at things all wrong, even if we are ‘alternative’ thinkers who walk the natural path.
We are looking at things from the wrong way round, and it’s a habit that tricks us over and over. It is the pathology of disease and what we do about it.

P1000563This is the issue. We focus all our attention on the disease we have, whether alternative or allopathic. We do not really ask the obvious question and deal with it systematically. What is CAUSING the said disease? I know it seems obvious to be saying this, but honestly its the truth.

When I had Inflammatory Bowel Disease (it was called Ulcerative Colitis, a name I have never liked) I was intent on dealing with the symptoms as I experienced them. They were blood and mucus, heat, swelling, digestive problems, immune system problems, anaemia, and the side effect issues of infections, low energy, depression etc.
It took me years to realise that I had to go the long way round to treat this problem. Sure, there were things I could do to ameliorate the symptoms and make it possible to live day to day, like pacifying the inflammation, NATURALLY (never pharmaceutically), but the real results came over a long period of time, and had their roots in massive detoxification to remove the heat and toxicity that was causing my body to react in an inflammatory way.

The disease was not the cause, it was the result. The cause was over acidity and accumulation of toxins and foreign elements in my body that was disturbing the equilibrium, causing my liver to be over burdened, and the subsequent cascade of gut and organ related issues. Ulceration of the colon was the inevitable result of massive toxicity, over acidity of the system, inability to detox my body, stagnation of the lymph system, clogged up gut (I had never had a colon cleanse) and so on and so on.

Understanding that allowed me to understand that there was a kind of logic to my getting this disease. The disease didn’t just appear ‘out of the blue.’  It seemed to, and it shocked me to the core at the time, and I felt like quite the victim for a while, and thought my life was over, but way down the line of healing I realised it was inevitable that Inflammatory Bowel Disease arrived. It was inevitable because of everything that was going on at a very deep level in my body. It was actually an invitation to healing. My disease was, paradoxically, an invitation.

When people ask me how I healed this disease that so many people struggle with, there are many factors I talk about. But the one that really makes a difference, and is very different to other people who just can’t shake the disease symptoms despite the healthy lifestyle, and that is:

I did 3 full Panchakarma Detoxifications at the very start of my illness. The first was the trigger one that shifted my body from stuck to flowing, but unleashed the storm cascade that erupted as IBD. The next two, within a year of each other, removed a massive amount of heat and chemical toxins that were lodged deep in my body. AYURVEDA is what is at the root of my healing. Ayurveda is the most profound of healing modalities, and Panchakarma saved my life and provided the bedrock of my healing. You see, whatever detoxification system you decide to use, and if you are ill you will have to detox at some point, it has to be thorough.

If it doesn’t get deep enough it won’t work.

I am not particularly a fan of superficial detox programs. I think they are, at best, scratching the surface and giving false hope, and at worst stirring up the hornets nest and not following through with the removal of toxins. If you stir em up, you gotta get em out.

Mung Soup for the SoulAyurvedic Panchakarma is a 4000 year old system that is specifically designed for this purpose. Its focused. If its a good clinic, it is tailor made to the individual needs, disease and body type. It is a 4 – 6 week protocol that requires you to stay in a clinic and be treated day in and day out. And after the detox process is over, the next process begins, and that is called the ‘rasayana’ phase, which is nourishing and regeneration of organs and tissues.

When I was advised to do this process, back in 2004, and I was looking for an explanation of what it was, my practitioner explained it was like surgery without any implements. He said it was like cleaning a house, removing all the furniture and stripping back the walls to their original nature. It sounded incredible. And scary.

And it was both!

The only thing that has got anywhere near it in terms of impact has been water fasting, but in my opinion Panchakarma, certainly the clinic we attended, was by far more long lasting and much deeper in its penetration into the organs and tissues. Panchakarma focuses on the liver, on the gut, and on the whole of the gastro intestinal tract. 

So coming back to my purpose for this blog. Panchakarma focused its efforts on dealing with the cause of my inflammation, at the deepest level. It was very tough for them and for me as I was heavily symptomatic at the time and bleeding and very sick. I could easily have gone to hospital at that time and they would have taken me in. But no, we pressed on and dealt with the removal of toxins…

And that was the root of my subsequent healing. It then took me years to heal the gut, to rebuild my immune system, to nurture my liver, and to deal with the flood of emotions that came at me like a tsunami from the past. For a few years I was housebound, gaunt like a prisoner, confused and bewildered. But I rebuilt from the ground upwards.

Eventually I made it. And then no more symptoms. No more inflammation of the gut. The symptoms disappeared when the cause was dealt with, because the symptoms weren’t the problem. The cause was the problem, and its that we need to attend to.

Look for the cause.
Find a practitioner who wants to help look for the cause. The cause will be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It may feel like it just arrived out of the blue, like an unexpected visitor, but that is unlikely. It’s probably been on its way for years. Find out why. This deep holistic enquiry may well save you a lot of heartache, needless searching, treatments and fruitless investigations, not to mention money. Don’t be duped by the symptoms, or by the label, or by the relentlessness of the disease.  If its one of the chronic ones, its a symptom, a result, not the cause. Find the cause, which usually means looking at the past.

Kavi Hockaday-1033Thanks for reading! If you want any info about Ayurveda or panchakarma get in touch. I’m not an expert but I’ve got lots of experience and may be able to point you in the right direction.

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