Chronic Illness Offers the Power of Transformation

Im sure you’ve noticed it. in fact it might be you who experiences it. If not I can guarantee its in your family somewhere, or your friends, or work colleagues. What is it?
Of course you guessed it. Chronic Disease.
Its everywhere folks, like a modern scourge of humanity.
And, whilst one associates chronic disease with the elderly, its a scourge that now affects all ages, all social strata, and all colour and sex.

I lost my mother and father to chronic disease. My mother had rheumatoid arthritis terribly and died of the effects of the medication. My father succumbed to cancer. My brother has carried the emotional wounds of childhood around his whole life and never dealt with them, and they are killing him slowly but surely.
And I myself developed (if thats the right word) Inflammatory Bowel Disease in 2004 after a life of toxic hedonism and emotional dysfunctionality. So I know something of what I’m saying.
Thats my whole family.

It was only because I was so prepared to sit up and take notice, and address ALL the factors that contributed to the disease, that I have been able to get this far in my healing. If I had fallen short, or been too reluctant, or scared, or if I had not been prepared to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to heal I doubt I would have recovered.

And here is the main point of my writing this blog today.

I see clients, friends, and people who I just meet, who want the quick fix, magic bullet, ‘someone just tell me what to do,’ approach to whatever they are suffering from. That may work for some people, but honestly not that many.
Because the symptoms of this chronic illness are the messengers the body is sending to you saying,’ We need to address the situation and make some changes, very very soon.’ Those messages will increase in intensity until you do something about it, or until you take the medication that completely hides the message.

You may well try the ‘shoot the messenger’ approach but the long term impact of not making changes can be disastrous.

In so many chronic conditions, what we can’t accept and don’t want to hear is, ‘We caused this ourselves.’ We want to hear it has come from some mysterious place outside us, and we are victims of this terrible thing. And I know sometimes this is the case, I really accept that. BUT I am talking about all the other ones. I am going to say it boldly to make the point.

It may well be that you, or whoever we are talking about, actually caused this condition.

Ouch! I am sorry. But here is the most important point. That sentence, and the understanding that it had something to do with you actually gives you a lot of power.
From suddenly being the victim of this terrible thing you have the opportunity to face it and take responsibility for it.
Of course in realising you, your choices, your lifestyle, beliefs and traumas, played a big part in your disease, it can render you feeling guilty and ashamed, and you can slip into feelings of self pity.

But I am offering you a very different approach. I am saying that by seeing the part you have played in your condition and the demand of the body to face it, you have the opportunity to make dramatic and profound changes that will improve the quality of your whole life in ways you cannot yet imagine. Yes, its tough. Yes, you have to really dig deep. Yes, you have to face your addictions, and the emotional wounds behind the addictions. But it will forge you into a warrior, open your heart and change your relationship with yourself, others and the world.

Im sick of this ‘powerlessness’ that we are suffering from. It needs our attention. Health, illness, wellbeing is one of the modern plagues that is arising in the world at this time because we need to address our relationship to our own bodies and the body of the world, the earth. They are the same thing.

We are stronger than we imagine. But we are badly trained. Lets change this powerlessness by taking responsibility, once and for all.

Chronic Illness is a Holistic Invitation.

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