Your Mind – Friend or Foe?

kavihockaday_3dThere is a chapter in my book ‘The Power of Illness to Heal Your Life,’ called ‘The Problem is Your Mind.’

In it I talk about one of the most important aspects of health, illness and well-being. 
I learned the importance of it myself over and over during my many years of healing chronic dis-ease, and still to this day I am witness to the power the mind has over body.

In 2007 I was struggling to get well. My symptoms of UC (Ulcerative Colitis) had eased somewhat, but I had been living in damp and cold houses in rural UK, and the raw food diet was no longer working for me because it was just too damn cold for my immune system that badly needed warming up with hot food. I had contracted mould and fungus, 5 finger nails had fallen out and I had been diagnosed with Raynaud’s condition and possible Hashimotos (low thyroid function related to auto immune problems), and I was not well at all. I felt low, unable to pick myself up, and my healing had plateaued.
I knew I needed to get circulation going but I had no idea what to do, and then serendipity fell my way and a photographer I asked to take some pictures told me of a local Chinese doctor who was supposed to be excellent, but quite ruthless.

That sounded like my kind of guy and so I ended up contacting him and thus began my ‘relationship’ with Dr Ye.
Dr Ye was probably the closest I have come to a Chinese Qi Gung Healing Master. I don’t know why I say this but he just felt very knowledgable. I didn’t actually like him very much and argued with him all the time. He was not particularly western in his approach, which in the alternative world tends to be conversational and courteous. He wasn’t rude but blunt. I liked his approach and I rebelled against it also. But I knew he had something, a gift or a wisdom maybe.

So anyway, I went the first day, feeling pretty miserable, fingers raw and tender, nails fallen out, body pretty wracked, and freezing cold to the bone (thats Raynauds for you) and he took my pulse, listened to my stories for 10 mins and said, ‘ The problem is your mind. Body is easy to repair, but problem is your mind.’

I still don’t think I’ve taken in fully the impact of that statement. And as I have been through years of healing layer upon layer of this human experience known as Kavi, the more those words have revealed profound truths for me.

Now, with clients of mine, people I meet on the street, and generally observing humans, I know how true it is. Most people are not in control of their own minds. Your mind is ultimately your friend or your foe. It is not a neutral player in life. We just never, ever, think about it, so caught up in the game are we.

But I’m telling you, if you get sick, if you have body issues, or if you are depressed, addicted, any of these things, I can guarantee you that your mind will need addressing.

Helping-OthersWhat you think about affects every aspect of your life, including your health and wellbeing, your healing, your success, your relationships, everything. It’s astonishing that, should you be sick and in need of help, and you visit your doctor, they will never talk about your mind (or your emotions) and the role it plays in your sickness.
That is staggeringly blind to me.
The truth is, in many cases, almost the reverse.
The mind is, not always but often, the VERY FIRST PLACE, you would look when someone is ill. The mind relates to everything. It relates to lifestyle choices and habits, addictions, relationships, stress factors, fear, toxic wounds, rage, self negation and so on. It doesn’t just play a small part in healing, it’s huge!

The latest research is proving Dr Ye to be right. Beliefs affect matter. Intention affects matter, and what we think, truly think, can aid our healing or hinder it.
What he meant that day, what he kind of suggested, was that my mind was actually inhibiting my healing , not helping it. He said that many western people he has seen have been so neurotic and fearful, so stressed and anxious, that they have ‘thought themselves into the grave.’ We all know that possibility and heard stories of people who have done just that, and done just the opposite.

So here I am making the invitation to you. I have made it my business to tame my mind, to root out its negativity, to resolve inner conflicts, to allow mental energy to flow, to make sure my mind is not the problem. Does it guarantee perfect health and healing?
Absolutely not, but it makes life more pleasurable, less stressful and neurotic, and it definitely helps calm down any immune system problem and adrenal stress.
It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by intention and action, persistence and ruthless compassion.
Mind is habitual. It learns, it unlearns and it can relearn. But it doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because you make it happen.

Do not doubt the power of your mind. And do not doubt the fact that it might not be as friendly as you think!

Any questions please ask..Its one of my favourite subjects..

have a great day..

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