Patient and Doctor Must Awaken. It’s Not About Taking Sides.

I just had a good interaction with a doctor I saw for the first time!

article-1099566-0285039E000005DC-878_468x327I know, Im shocked as well. I try and avoid doctors I must admit, for a variety of reasons. But sometimes its necessary because there is something that only conventional medicine can do, like acute stuff, some blood testing (in the UK) amongst other things. I don’t mind telling you that our local surgery down here on the south coast of the UK, which is quite a poor area, has been a disaster for me over the years. The first doctor I saw back on 2011 was holding on for retirement and was somewhere between inept, beaten down after years of work, and indifferent. I complained about him (something I rarely do) and moved doctors. Since then I have seen a number of different doctors, temporary most of them, and been met with impatience and rudeness, or curt coldness. It hasn’t been easy but one presses on.

And of course for a guy who will defer to natural, alternative solution, 95% of the time, the conventional model cannot really offer any solutions anyway. Oh god the stories I could tell you…

But anyway, I have had a growing problem on the back of my leg, a kind of spot that didn’t heal and has grown into a kind of ulcer. Ive spoken to someone who flagged up that it needed attention, and it wasn’t responding to all the usual natural treatments, so off I trotted this morning expecting the usual treatment, and I was really pleasantly welcomed by this guy.

He listened as I told him, a bit chaotically, about the two things I was there for, a check of thyroid, and this ulcer thing on my leg. I told him about my history with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and how I choose natural healing always if possible, and he actually asked a really good question! Ive never been asked by a doctor before in 12 years of healing Ulcerative Colitis how I dealt with the acute phase.. NEVER…And that is a great question because its the time that people are hospitalised or take the volume of steroids…It doesn’t matter what the answer was but the fact that we had the dialogue and he listened to my answer, which was about detoxification and Ayurvedic medicine, showed that we were in relationship. He was really listening!

final_doctor_patient_bIt was two way. I respected him and he respected me. He said that when there was something worth listening to he listened, therefore validating my experience. It wasn’t a situation whereby he was defending conventional medicine and I was attacking it. I have moved very much from that stance over the years, and see things from a very different perspective now. He himself advocated a more integrated system that could offer people choice instead of this monopoly based system we currently have. But his hands were tied by the very system he was serving. It was so refreshing to hear him speak in this way I shook his hand and left really quite elated. I was there 10 minutes, but those 10 minutes were valuable in so many ways.

You see to me there are fundamental flaws in the system, and many people know it. Those people are frustrated doctors as well as frustrated patients. Doctors really are not all bad drug pushers, and many are as enslaved by the shortcomings of the system as the patients. Over the years I have been quite damning about doctors, but recently I have turned my attention to patients. I know that the solution to current problems of the mostly dysfunctional relationship between doctors and patients will only be solved by all parties and systemically, but patients do have a big role to play.

What does that mean?

It means patients have to play a bigger part in their illness, their lifestyle choices, their food choices, their addiction, their relationship with their own health and wellbeing.
And so often, I’m afraid to say they are not.

We, and I include myself in this patient thing, really need to wake up and see that this almost total dependency on the whole institution of medicine as the solution to all health problems is a red herring that only feeds the pharmaceutical corporations and renders us, the public, quite powerless to explore alternatives.
And that is simply because conventional medicine is a monopoly. It is a single product system, and owns the market 100%.
Look anywhere else in the market place, at any other area of life, pretty much anywhere, and you see choice, variety, competition. The whole of the modern world is built on the fundamental principle of competition and choice. But when it comes to end user choice in what we call medicine the only choice is conventional medicine. What happened to Homeopathy, herbal treatments, diet, Ayurveda, Naturopathy?
I think anyone who has any awareness and knowledge knows that the system was hijacked by pharmaceutical corporations, and thats that.
Alternative options have been eradicated by this monopoly during the 20th century. And we the people are paying for it.

Lack of choice is unacceptable.

We the people need to help doctors, not to blame them.
We need to tell them we are not happy and that we demand choice and freedom to investigate alternatives.
Doctors WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES BY THEMSELVES. Their hands are tied. They are bound by contracts, bound by rules that tell them what they can and cannot do. Look into the cancer industry, really look, and research, and you will be horrified by how manipulated it is. It is scandalous. But the general public, ignorant of such things, and in a state of confusion and fear at the state of their health, just go along with the whole thing without questioning it at all.

The absolute bottom line here is this. Each human being has a choice, at least we are still free enough to have a choice. Whether ignorant, sane, hoodwinked, manipulated  and cheated, each person who walks into the doctors is making a choice. When you free yourself up from the shackles of thinking that the only choice is conventional medicine, and you (or someone you know), choose a natural alternative treatment, AND IT WORKS AS IT DID FOR ME, then the system will have to change. It really comes down to choice. Choice is fed by education, awareness, information and action. As each one of us bucks the system and heals, tells their doctor and spreads the word, so things change. they can’t stay this way forever, so something is going to happen.

It is up to each us to start to build a better relationship with themselves and their doctor.

Thanks for reading!

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