Body Is a Ruthless Teacher

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Poetry of Beauty

The body is a ruthless teacher.
It has no compassion
It has great intelligence and it follows nature
But on its own it is cold and merciless.

My illness was a relentless teaching
Beyond survival
Into the realm of mind and spirit.

First it came for my body
And turned my physical life inside out.
Everything I had consumed before my teacher arrived
Was suddenly
Like poison, setting me on fire
And dragging me down
Into confusion.

Then it came for my emotion
And it tore me open
And smashed down all the walls
I had hidden behind
All my life.
It was like a dam burst open
And pain poured out.

Next it came for my mind
And it took a blade to
Every belief in anything I had ever had.
It dug at the very foundations of my self
And I fell into the void
As if dead.

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