Either for your body or against it.

I am sorry to say this but, in my experience, I have come to see that in this modern world, so riddled with toxic and environmental threat, so driven by stress and busyness, and so overwhelmed by fast food, and ‘grab it while you can living’, the body is not bearing up so well at all.

Hence my bold statement, you are either for your body or against it.

That means, in many ways, you are either supporting it or assaulting it.

I have been travelling a lot in the last two years, and I am seeing the same thing wherever I go. I see problems with the body, so much chronic disease, so many low grade symptoms, sometimes it almost seems as though low grade illness is the new normal. What the heck happened to health!
Of course on many levels we know. Speaking in generalisations, its the poor who suffer the most. The poor are starved of choice, and marketed to heavily, in fact their poverty has been exploited to its maximum, and sadly it has worked.
But to be honest, chronic low grade illness crosses the class divide and impacts all those who take no notice and take no action.

images-3NOW is the time for holistic attention!
NOW is the era when we have to, each of us, turn our attention to living healthfully in all areas of our lives.
NOW is the age of sickness or health – it is our choice.
NOW is the age of waking up. Waking up doesn’t have to mean something way out and weird. It just means getting aware and responsible to whats happening inside us and outside us. It’s not whacky, its normal. Being ‘awake’ is…or should be, the normal state for humanity…And being awake surely has to be as much about the body as about the planet, or about our spiritual experience? To me it is obvious.

Of course there are certain forces over which we have no control, so we must focus on the areas where we can have an impact. What areas?

  • Keeping the body clean. That means regular detoxification, a healthful (organic) diet eating real food, lots of salads and green things, and ensuring vital minerals and vitamins are included. It’s not rocket science to maintain health, but its more rocket science to bring a body back from chronic illness. Chronic illness is that state when a body is tired of fighting, tired of working hard to balance out the crap thats going in, and is flagging under the strain of it all. In many ways chronic illness is that state when the engine is just wearing down. How it manifests is particular to each individual, to do with their gene expression, history, lifestyle, karma, astrology, addictions, emotions, etc etc. How it manifests is our gateway to transformation.
  • Emotional stress and past traumas. They have to be dealt with, sooner or later, for health and wellbeing to really happen. We are not educated to understand the problems that toxic emotions cause when left unresolved. But our failure to understand, release and completely let go of this stuff creates a cascade on many levels of being, and each of them conspires to wreak chronic havoc in our lives as we get older. To heal, to transform, or to create wellbeing, it is not optional that we deal with this area. So many focus all attention on the physical body and get into the exercise regime, but that is only a part of the equation. Carrying chronic stress or old toxic emotions is like having the brake on while you are driving, eventually it is going to destroy the engine.
  • Spiritual connectedness. Spiritual disconnectedness can lead to alienation, depression, anxiety and a life of fear. But make no mistake, I am not talking about religion here. I am not talking about developing a new set of beliefs to replace the ones you have carried around for years. I am writing here about something much deeper, much more intimate and much more real that beliefs. True spiritual awareness is about ‘knowing through your owimages-2n experience,’ what is true and not true. In spiritual awakening awareness becomes something more authentic than a theory or belief, it becomes a living reality. When it becomes a living reality it seems to affect the body itself (to a certain extent) in sometimes miraculous ways (see Anita Moorjani)


All three of those points above put you into the category of ‘for’ your body. They wont guarantee you anything, neither avoidance of suffering nor long life. But attention to these three areas will increase your chances of health and wellbeing, they will shift your holistic self knowledge, and transform you into a person with consistent good energy and vibration.

Failure to attend to these areas turns your life into a lottery. Anything can happen, and you have increased the chances of them happening to you.

But here is the bottom line and I am talking now from personal experience.
Life itself, the day to day experience on all levels of being, is fundamentally changed by what I am describing. The living of life becomes more joyous, more real, more intimate and more real…
And thats what I mean when I say, ‘You are either for your body or against it.’ You don’t have to be obsessed, or infatuated by it. You will be if you are only meeting it from the level of your ego. But if you develop spiritual wisdom and emotional freedom you can both be ‘for your body,’ and ‘know that you are not it.’ Thats the paradox of life we are meant to live, and the understanding of which is available to each of us..

And finally….’If you want to be more alive
Love is the truest health
~ Rumi

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