PODCAST – 3 Pillars of Holistic Health

Drawing heavily from yesterdays blog on this site, today I explore the whole area of the urgency for holistic healing, and what that means in real life.
I am very happy with this podcast and hope you enjoy it..
Here are some notes I wrote for Facebook.

Yay! I have managed to achieve a podcast today!
Very pleased with this improvised podcast that includes all sorts of possibilities, from the 3 basic pillars to the urgency of the situation, to the very paradox of existence.
I really hope you will enjoy this one…
Other titles could have been:
‘Change the world by changing your holistic experience.’
NOW is the time to heal.’
‘Are you too busy to take care of yourself?’
‘Waking up and the body.’
‘Your body is as infinite as the Universe.’

And so on…Enjoy, and please comment on soundcloud or iTunes depending on where you listen…If you comment or like it helps get the message out …And I really need to expand the message…Its crisis time, for us all…And we can only really transform with and through each other…I’m doing all I can but I need your help, just by sharing this and liking it…

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