Radical Sensitivity – Blessing or Burden?

Radical Sensitivity – you have either got it or you haven’t got it.
Its a knife edge, the razor wire, the high wire act.

It’s a gift when it’s in the ascendent and it allows you to see and know things way outside the field that most people operate it.

It’s like living outside the box permanently.

It enables you to feel great compassion for others, and it really promotes empathy.
You can be a great artist, therapist, teacher, guide, healer, shaman, even friend.

BUT…When its on the descendent it turns to a kind of existential agony, like all sensory experience, all inputs, all senses are on overload. It hurts and that hurting makes you want to shrink and hide until its over.

And life swings between the two like an erratic pendulum.

SO…the only trick is to not attach to either the ascendent or the descendent. Neither one nor the other, not favouring the good one or the bad one.
Knowing that they both come with the package, and they compliment each other, and you cannot have the gift without the ‘burden,’ makes the whole thing much more handleable.

Resistance, as they say, is futile.

And there are many of us out there..

And it relates so much to body health and holistic wellbeing that, at some point, you just cannot ignore and you will need to attend it.
I have spent years fighting it, thinking its wrong, loving it, and finally accepting it.

What about you?

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