Live As If Anything Is Possible

miracle-growThe body is one of life’s mysteries. In fact a human being, itself, is still one of the greatest mysteries of the entire universe as we understand it.
And don’t think for one minute we have solved the mystery of human, or the mystery of mind, or body.
We haven’t, and we are a long way from understanding these things.
We scratch the surface and pretend we are authorities on life. But we really are not.
We have solved many riddles and probed deeper and deeper into how we work, and how manifestation works, but there are always new revelations and ever new wonders.
Ultimately life itself is a mystery that will probably never be solved.
The reason I’m saying this is to encourage you to see that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
We really don’t know the purpose of all this. We cannot be certain. And if we can’t be certain, it means anything is possible.
For example, on a basic level, when I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I remember well the day I went to see the consultant. He was absolutely resolute and utterly convinced of his own knowledge (he was a professional!) and wanted to convince me that no one ever could or can heal, cure or successfuly overcome IBD. I doubted his truth, and decided to go on my own journey to find out. He presented me with a reality he believed in, but I chose not to believe it and decided to leave myself open to the mystery of life.
In truth, I didn’t know whether I could heal or not, I had no information or experience.
But I was up for the challenge.
I do not accept some else’s version of ‘reality’ when I know that they simply cannot know 100% that they are right.
My logic was, even if one or two people have healed from this set of symptoms, it indicates that something is possible.
If placebo happens, and it does, and if miracles happen, and they do, then it PROVES that nothing is as certain as they suggest.
As it transpires, I was right. I never went back to see him and healed what was, and is, considered un-healable.
And my story is repeated by thousands, probably millions of people who have made choices that defy the perennial view of reality.
We are the hero’s and heroines of a new reality. When you defy the perennial view of reality you are forging new territory, breaking new ground. And like all pioneers, going into new territory is tough and challenging.
If there is a calling in your heart, listen to it, serve it, respond to it.
If it’s not there, there is no problem.
If there is a calling in your heart that whispers to you, and tells you to go on the healing journey, listen to it!
It could be your soul calling.
If your soul doesn’t call you, it’s not your time.
You will never heal if your call is coming from resentment or the voice of ‘I should.’
I tried to give up addictions in my life a few times. I tried to give up smoking many times because I thought I should. each time I failed and returned (happily) to my habit. The final time of giving up was totally different. There was no question around it. There was no doubt about it. Of course there were the withdrawals and the desires, but they never touched  me, because the call to let go of this addiction came from a different place, it came from realising that I was not loving myself by doing it, and that addiction was a form of self hate. I didn’t actually give up at that stage, it just fell away as no longer useful or element to my life.
I had moved to a higher plane of my existence.
13-09-25-connecting-with-the-perfect-realitySo choosing the healing path has to be genuine. You can cultivate this genuine desire, but the seed has to be there for you to water it and feed it. No seed, no transformation. You cannot grow a tree unless there is a seed to start it off.
And what I’m saying is not just about healing illness. It’s about any kind of transformation, spiritual searching, anything that involves a challenge to your belief systems, those beliefs systems of people around you, and the prevailing belief systems of society.
The seed is your calling. There in your soul, like a whisper in the dark night, beckoning you toward it. It’s a light that is easily ignored. But it never goes out. We just don’t see it.
I am encouraging you to see it, and turn around and face it.
And walk towards it.
And dive into it.
And burn all falseness away.
And become transformed.
And live in a new, miraculous way.
love-in-fireYou have that power. There is no point in denying it.
The power, the voice, the calling, all these lie dormant and latent in each human being.
There is no preferential treatment when it comes to this.
Everyone has the same latent potential to respond to their soul’s calling.
Thanks for reading!

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