A People’s Revolution of Health

There is an interesting dilemma at work with regards the body that reveals itself when we get ‘ill.’
The simple dilemma points us to an assumption that pervades our modern westernised societies and, to me, is a glaring elephant in the room issue that each of us needs to consider, particularly when we are considering treatment for our issue. Further from that, at some point in a more enlightened future, this assumption that we live by will be viewed as almost primitive by those with wisdom and eyes to see.

OK have I got some interest?

Here is the dilemma. It is very hard to heal the body when we see it as a problem.

We live in a problem system. Everything around us, in all areas of life, that do not comply with the very human rules we have created, is a problem. And our method of dealing with problems is generally to eliminate them, declare war on them and over power them.

Nature’s law is exquisitely intelligent, unfixed, organic, and seeking to resolve itself into holism. Of course it has problems and things mess up, but always the natural intelligence mechanism is at work. Nature is imbued with what we call holism. It is all about the whole organism, the whole system.
But we have become alienated from this very core understanding of life. We got carried away with science and lost the benefits of nature’s intelligence. We decided we knew better than nature. And it shows. It shows whenever you go to the doctor with anything chronic, with anything mysterious, with anything that is not acute.

The medical system is rooted in suppression.
Nature is rooted in allowing.

And there you have it. The medical system with it’s emphasis on left brain, scientific, rational thinking has so taken over the minds and hearts of practitioners and public alike that we are blind to the possibilities of aligning ourselves with the body intelligence. It is a systemic delusion. I am not against it at all. I am against it’s utter domination of health and its ability to treat even when it doesn’t know whats wrong!

Yes, the medical system is in a corner. All it can do is play the short game and keep on suppressing symptoms, like plugging the dam wall when the water is flowing over the top. It can, of course, keep on creating more diseases for their drugs, and keep on scientifically researching for ‘cures’ but its not very useful to the man in the street when he has a simple problem but they just can’t understand why it is happening or how to actually HEAL it.

But they are very good at eradicating symptoms. A system that focuses on eradicating symptoms and not supporting the healing mechanism of the body’s inner intelligence is a reflection of the prevailing consciousness it resides in. The medical system with its emphasis on suppression and short term fix reflects those values in our society. The prevailing mortal of society is suppression of nature, denial of natural intelligence and an almost total disconnect from the very nature that it is!!
Imagine, you are born with a body, and a body is the only way you can experience life, and you trash that body and think of it as worthless and disposable.

Right now in our world we have the same respect for our own bodies as we do for the body we live on, earth. They are reflections of one another, and reveal our utter ignorance and infantile obsession with ourselves. We are being killed by the very ego self that is intended to serve us. Servant became master and life became a Shakespearian tale of trickery, deceit and murder.

And the problem becomes each one of ours when we have even considered this thing called healing. If you think you can have a desire to heal whatever you may be suffering from, and if you imagine you will be supported to explore causes to get to the root of it, you are going to be very disappointed. When you go into the doctors with anything other than acute, genetic, obvious problems, and you carry a thought of healing, you are the embodiment of a clash of cultures and a rift in the fabric of society. You become the rebellious one, the outsider and the renegade. The two systems, it would appear, cannot go exist. Of course they can, but the need for left brain, corporate arrogance to dominate the market means that right brain, natural intelligence, supporting the body to heal is marginalised more and more until it is wiped out altogether.
It doesn’t matter that holistic based medicine works. It only matters that it gets in the way of business and belief. It is at the opposite end of the continuum because it is a threat. It gets results where conventional medicine cannot do anything. It heals some chronic conditions that people have suffered from for years under conventional medicine. It is a danger to the corporate pocket and the entire precarious belief system it is founded on.

It will have to change. This is my view. It cannot sustain itself as a system because it has nowhere to go, and eventually a mass of people will get fed up and turn away from the ‘problem – solution’ system. It will take time and there must be a ground swell of ‘alternative’ people who lead the way. But people are frustrated. I have sat in waiting rooms recently with very ordinary folk, and I can see the frustration in their eyes at being endlessly caught in the prescription trap with nothing actually getting better.

I honestly believe that the medical system is a great mirror for our world. I see the medical world as the epitome of the matrix. I see doctors, consultants and psychiatrists as the custodians of the matrix, the arbiters of what is accepted and normal. Really, I do. Go to any medical surgery in any town on any day of the week. Go to the NHS hospitals full of powerless, confused and sick people (not all! I’m not trying to be rude here, I’m making a point) and just feel how much power the doctor has. They have all the power, but they don’t have the healing tools! Doctors have the power of life or death, but they are dealing with an incomplete deck of cards. They don’t have all the knowledge, they are currently disregarding profound knowledge from other modalities.
Yet they pretend that they are the font of all knowledge.

How did conventional medicine become this monster that seeks to dominate? Surely in essence conventional medicine is a ‘modality,’ like other modalities of ayurveda, chinese medicine, crystal healing, reiki, homeopathy etc etc.

Surely intelligent human beings would pick the right option for the right treatment, and include all possibilities instead of just one, that often does not work?

It is nonsensical and defies any wisdom.

Conventional Medicine is the real quackery.

Yes, I said it. I am beginning to believe more and more that much of modern medicine, certainly when it ends up at the grass roots level, in NHS waiting rooms and health care practice, that actually its a lot of smoke and mirrors, meaning deception. It looks sophisticated and genuine, but when you scratch below the surface its empty of any real holistic understanding and/or results.
For example, yesterday I went to the hospital and waited for 5 hours to see a doctor about my current skin rash. After giving it a good look, observing my blood test results, he pronounced that he didn’t know what it was but it seemed to be seborrhoeic dermatitis?

All that means is a description of what is happening. Its not an explanation of anything!

Dermatitis’ is a red, itchy, flaky (inflamed) skin complaint; ‘seborrhoeic’ means that the rash affects greasy (sebaceous) skin zones such as the face, scalp and centre of the chest.
So the phrase says, in effect, ‘You have a rash.’
Yeah so?
Why is it there? We don’t know.
What causes it? We don’t know.
What to do about it? We don’t know.

I have noticed this before with so called ‘diseases.’
Ulcerative Colitis sounds very technical but its not. It is means inflammation of the colon, with tendency to ulcers.
Hashimoto’s disease is just the name of the guy who ‘discovered’ it.

What I am saying is that they blind us with science. They are VERY GOOD at describing things. They painstakingly describe a problem but sadly lack any follow through of how to heal it.
And millions of people are duped by this each day.

I say all this completely knowing that many will disagree, and  may want to tell me of all the benefits that conventional medicine brings. And I completely agree. It is incredible at so many things. Truly astonishing. But at other things it is appalling. useless and worse, dangerous. Its not the magic bullet answer to all health issues, that is my argument with the system. There is a big difference. I’m not anti conventional I am simply pro choice.

Here is my current thinking. We need:

A People’s Revolution of Health.

We really need a people’s empowerment  movement for ordinary folk.
We need to learn that we are the doctor of our life, and take the responsibility for that.
We need to remember the old wives tales about healing, and use them.
We need to get Granny’s old healing recipes out and use them regularly.
We need to remember we are part of nature, and part of nature is there to heal us.
We really need to start thinking healthfully in a proactive way.

This is my call to a more integrated holistically based health and wellbeing system that includes the best of all modalities. Its the only sane way forward.

My next book will very likely be on this subject, as I obviously have a lot to say!

Thanks for reading!

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