What Has Your Purpose Got To Do With Your Health?

Purpose and Health.

They might sound like they are completely different areas of life, purpose and health. Unless of course you are health coach or a naturopath or something. But what about the rest of us? Surely purpose and wellbeing don’t really relate to each other?

But oh yes they do! I have just been on a coaching call with a client and we delved into this area somewhat and it led me to thinking. So here I am to share this insight with you in a little blog. It also relates to what I am always saying about the immune system health or dis-ease (see recent blogs)

My thinking around this is that we are here primarily as spiritual entities manifesting as human beings to do three things:
1. Serve others
2. Learn something about ourselves
3. Remember love

Fulfilling your purpose, whatever that may be, is part of your soul’s calling, because it connects your very human experience with your very divine spiritual nature.

13-09-25-connecting-with-the-perfect-realityYour job is to connect those two together, divine and human, and remove and dissolve those things that block this flow of divine energy. Invariably that means dealing with emotions and conditioning.

In other words, in your own unique way, you are here to bring heaven down to earth. That is your highest purpose.
Your lowest purpose is to remain unconscious and serve ego identification.

God, or divine intelligence, has got no investment in either one of these, because you are loved equally and unconditionally anyway. It matters to you in the sense that if you are only serving your lowest purpose you will suffer, and cause suffering. 

My own sense is that eventually everyone wakes up. It may take thousands and thousands of lifetimes, I have no idea. What I do know is you can choose now, today, in this life, to serve your divine purpose.

It is this flow of divine energy from highest to lowest, and from lowest to highest, that brings the greatest transformation to you and to the world.

Purpose floods the cells of the body with energy and goodness. It nourishes and feeds the energy system.

Now here is the nitty gritty. Blocking your purpose, turning away from it, pretending you don’t know what it is, or over identification with small ego self, is a life force killer. It is going to sap your energy because you are blocking its natural flow.


When you block the natural flow of (divine) energy you have to borrow the energy from somewhere.
Why? Because we are energy beings. We need to find energy from somewhere. Those who radiate purpose, who are on fire with their mission, tend to get their energy direct from source without the need for converting it. It might be that they are almost plugged in direct. They eat little and have tons of natural energy.

Everyone else, and this means most of humanity, must get their energy via something else, namely food and drink. 

All this is about frequency and vibration. The lower your vibration and frequency, the more stuck in ego identity you are, and that means the more prone you are to addictions, weight problems, toxic foods, negative relationships etc. These things give you energy, but it is very poor, low grade energy. And it slowly drains you and kills you.

Dense energy = dense relationship with food. The need for heavy foodstuffs.
Light energy = light relationship and little need of dense food. Higher vibration foods suffice.

It’s like blocking a river from flowing. Water builds up, water stagnates, water becomes mouldy, mould attracts disease.

So what is all this purpose? And what to do if you really don’t know what your purpose is? Do you spend your whole life hunting it, dissatisfied with life until you find it? 
Well maybe. But there is something you can do right now.

You can start living everyday from a deeper place. You can take conscious awareness everywhere you go. You can walk with awareness and truth. You can look deeper inside yourself and find where you are not living authentically, and resolve to change that. You can look into where you hide from yourself and others. You can see where you might turn away from invitations to ‘step up’ and shine. You can speak from the heart. You can try things you have never done. You can love more and fear less. And you can help others in whatever way you feel moved. 

That is all purpose is anyway.

And once that happens, it moves energy and starts feeding you, and then you feel energised and inspired, and you start feeding it. And maybe you will get some intuitive flash of insight. Maybe someone will say something that sets off your dream body. Whatever it is, you will be more available for it. Thats the thing, to become more available by opening your self up, even if you don’t know where to go and what to do.

It’s not about doing, its about being.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, I sure have enjoyed writing it..Please feel free to comment and share..

Love Kavi

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