Time For a Holistic View of Global Events – Suffering From Trumpitis

It has been about 9 days since Trump became President. Those 9 days have shaken everything up. They have brought fear and anger, resistance and violence. It’s not an easy time for people, particularly for those directly on the receiving end of his actions.

Like many other people, I am confused, angry, fearful and totally distracted form my own life. It is as though suddenly the world got much smaller and more dangerous. Is that true? I don’t know but it sure feels kinda unstable right now.

I have watched many of the spiritual ‘leaders’ talk about the situation and gained some relief. Byron Katie brought it all back to this moment, and Gangaji embraced it all but didn’t buy into the drama, but still there is this conflict within, and obviously without.

And now I have begun to embrace the very thing I have been talking about for years, ever since I learned about the true nature of life in all its holistic glory.

I have decided to view this whole thing positively as a Holistic Wake Up call. The human system called society is a whole thing. It is an integrated system from top to bottom, involving all beings whatever they do and however they are.

In exactly the same way that a human body functions with it’s 100 trillion or so cells, societal health and wellbeing ultimately depends on each and every human being.
How those human beings live, thrive, assimilate and eliminate, their state of wellbeing or sickness, and whether they are toxic or not, is the biggest definer of society as a whole.

Really allow that to sink in. That information and insight is incredible and revolutionary. We fail to heed it and understand it because we are caught in the paradigm of separation. We fully believe in separation and have no context for the holistic view.

Yet we see systems everywhere. Everything is a holistic system, integrated and interdependent. Systems only survive if they work in some form of harmony. If they fight they perish and evolution is halted. Harmonious systems are the Evolutionary Impulse. And unless the current system is changed we may be heading for evolutionary termination.

We do not yet apply this intelligence to our own experience and that of our society.

And thus society is sick with a chronic disease. Call it ‘Trumpitis‘ if you like, but whatever is appearing on the surface, although it must be dealt with effectively to minimise its harm, is only a symptom of what trouble lies deeper down.

So the effective way to look at this is holistically. We need to intervene on the acute level to stop the patient, in this case us, dying. That requires urgent action.

BUT, and this is more important, the real work is with each of us. And that work is to increase our own harmonic vibration, to blaze our love and our life force greater than we have ever done. To step up and boldly go where we have never been before. To speak up, to be involved. 

Each cell in your body contributes to your health, or it contributes to your sickness.

And each of us contributes our ‘dis-ease’ to society or our wellbeing. We get to choose.

Society changes from the roots up. What appears at the surface is a reflection of all of us together. That may make you feel powerless or powerful. It makes me feel powerful. I feel empowered.

So what can you, and I, do to change society at this crucial time?

We can become whole. We can become wise and clear. We can become healthful and ‘warrior-like.’ We can stop living from fear and toxicity and live from love and splendour. Of course there may be a point at which action must be taken. But that action must be rooted in wellbeing and love, in silence and spiritual clarity. 

What I am saying is not anti-action, it’s not ‘sticking the spiritual head in the sand.’ I am saying that right action needs to have its roots in holistic wisdom for any real change to be effective. Or it just wont have any power.

We are at that time where evolution is pressing us, squeezing us, driving us to look deeply and seriously at who we really are, what we value, what drives us and how we want to live. Things have to change, and that change is change for each one of us. We have to learn to ‘live it as though our lives depended on it, and others lives depended on it. Because that is the truth.

We cannot separate our own lives from the collective life. They relate directly. There is a cancer raging in the heart of society. Cancer is never healed by pouring more fire on the inflammatory problem. Yes, it has to be contained when it is discovered, but the process of healing cancer is the process of detoxification, nourishment, healing toxic emotions, and the alkalinity of the host. Cancer is healed, when it is healed, because each of the cells in the body returns to its natural healthy state.

So it must be with us. It starts with me. And you. 



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