The Body as A Gateway To Liberation

Some thoughts about the Body from Amoda.


Strictly nondual beliefs such as “The body is an illusion,” “Only consciousness is real,” and “I am not my body,” are very often a convenient excuse for avoiding an awkward and poten- tially painful inquiry that challenges the much-cherished notion of awakening as a transcendent state without the messiness of the human experience.

If this becomes a spiritually rigid perspective, the full maturation of awakening cannot take place. I have met many spiritual seekers who have undeniably experienced the truth of nondual awareness and yet clearly exhibit signs of dissociation.

An inability to maintain eye contact, sit still for long periods of time, being out of touch with feelings, difficulty in experiencing intimacy, a sense of viewing life from a distance, and a tendency to experience panic attacks are all common and indicate that the light of awakeness has not yet descended from mind to heart and belly. It’s in…

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