Auto Immune Causes – The Cat and Mouse Game – A Personal Tale

Some of you may know over the years I have been through many diagnoses ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, but have suspected Thyroid problems for a while now. Hashimotos is an auto immune experience, and I have been through gut related auto immune in the form of colitis, so I carry a tendency and possibly a lingering causal issue.

I now have some definitive test results that reveal I am producing antibodies which means there is a problem with the thyroid and what might be called ‘an auto immune’ condition.

I now have something to work on. But honestly this area is a minefield of information and red herrings, false flags and holistic mystery.

Getting tested is important, but tests are so damn expensive, particularly when there are a myriad of tests.

Finding a professional, either a decent doctor or a functional doctor or a knowledgeable naturopath is very expensive and out of my range, so i’m in the thick of it with trying to unravel it for myself as much as possible.

Luckily I am healthy, or at least healthy enough to mitigate some of the symptoms and effects.

But thats not enough when there is attrition of the gland and body going on. I have to dig even deeper and find some causal factor.

Could be Epstein Barr virus.
Could be heavy metal.
Could be electro smog.
Could be the years of toxic drug overload.
Could be a genetic component.
Could be years of stress I carried.
Could be low testosterone.

You see the problem?

It is something of an anomaly to have this..I am actually super healthy on so many levels, and all indications are it just shouldn’t be so. So the question that must always be asked and pursued is WHY?

What is causing this reactivity in the cellular body? Over the years as I have healed my gut the inflammation markers have come down and down until now there is no sign of inflammation.

That doesn’t necessarily mean there is one. But something is in the system, or some imbalance in the system, that is creating this disturbance. It might be low grade infection (ala ‘Medical Medium’ suggestion that Epstein Barr virus is more at play in Hashimotos and auto immunity than we imagine. It could simply be years of toxic assault, mercury (now gone) and stress (which I carried for many years) and of course electro smog and all its joys..

And of course Im now 59 so the body is hanging and getting older, systems getting weaker, testosterone going down, and so on and so forth.

So the investigation continues, meanwhile I truly believe that one can at least offset damage and harm by living as though one were vibrantly well, consciously choosing healthy foods and exercise and attending to the mind and emotion. xx

Thats where I’m at. I am almost excited to have found out something definite. It gives me a direction to move in.

Thanks for reading!

My recent results.

6 thoughts on “Auto Immune Causes – The Cat and Mouse Game – A Personal Tale

  1. Wow, your labs are so different than mine! Have you read the Thyroid Healing book by Anthony William? I just recently did a post about it. Anyway, I’m in the process of going through his protocol now and I cannot believe how most of my symptoms are just gone. I’ve had Hashimoto’s since 2006 and probably before that even. It’s such a roller coaster. Anyhow, Thyroid Healing is the best book I’ve ever read on Thyroid disease and it actually makes sense. He teaches how to kill Epstein Barr and keep it in check. I will be doing an update soon to talk about how things have been working out, but I’ve just been so busy with everything else. I was happy to find your post and hope you are feeling okay. Chat soon I hope! ❤

    • Yeah I know that book but have been reluctant to read it, but will get it…My labs! Thing for me is that Im real healthy, i keep myself very very healthy and I think that has kept the worse symptoms at bay…Im older as well, 59..What a mystery auto immunity is? Your case sounds mighty strange, and going on so long…But then I got auto immune ulcerative colitis diagnosis in 2005, took so long to heal now symptoms at all…go figure..Happy to meet you x

      • It’s so worth reading. Truly I was already on a healthy course and was able to beat Lupus after I had my fifth and last child. It was scary. This new protocol is fairly simple and the only two major things I had to change were drinking celery juice in the morning and removing eggs. Hard to believe with how simple they are. My thyroid antibodies are still sky high, well they were before I started this program, I’m assuming they’re lower now but don’t know.

        I say that your labs are different from mine because I’m actually a little hyperthyroid right now. I just got lowered yesterday on my meds to the lowest since 2008. I’m still skeptical honestly, but it seems like this protocol is making a difference.

        With your TSH above 3, and a lower T4, I would be sleeping with those numbers and can’t function unless my TSH is under 1. Lol, it seems we truly are all so different! 💖 and how awesome that you were able to beat ulcerative colitis! That had to be painful.

        Like Hippocrates said, food is medicine and that’s one of the things that saved me. Take care. Happy to meet you too and good luck with everything.

      • So its raised TSH that stops me sleeping? I do have trouble sleeping and its not very restful. But it doesn’t trouble me greatly, but it shouldn’t be that high I know..I have ordered the book and will study…glad you are getting something from it, sounds like you also have been through it…My colitis was pretty crazy but i never did meds, I jus couldn’t face them, so i went the whole way with diet, supplements, big detox, even a 21 day water fast, the whole lot. Spent two years 90% housebound and just got stronger and stronger. It takes time…And then boom, Hashimotos symptoms, or strange symptoms, emerged…Two years ago a whole body rash, now heart palpitations and dizziness etc etc…but also best health I have had…I just cant take meds, it doesn’t ever feel right to me…Anyway, onwards..Will keep posting through the blog about how things are going..x xx

      • I think a high or low TSH can cause problems, although, since I’ve started this protocol, most of my symptoms are gone and my labs are still showing that I’m hyper with .02 TSH and 2.34 FT4. I’ve always (since diagnosed) had issues with palpitations, cold on and off, insomnia (even when hypo), and a myriad of other symptoms like migraines. I do take Synthroid. Since I started the 16 ounces of celery juice every morning (before eating anything) and removed eggs, I’ve had zero palpitations which is weird. They literally stopped over night! Mine always seemed to come on when I would lay down at night, the worst possible time. Another awesome thing is that I’m sleeping all night long. I used to wake up at 2 or 3am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. That’s so bad for your body and it seemed no matter what I did, I just couldn’t sleep right. I also have had vertigo (dizziness) and every single one of these symptoms he says is caused by Epstein Barr Virus. Is it this protocol that’s helping? I’m not for sure. All I know is that I want to shout to the world how this has helped because I’ve been to Hell and back with this disease in the past twelve years. Like you, I underwent a detox program and had systemic allergy testing to find issues with foods and chemicals. Doing all of this never took ALL of my symptoms away, but I did beat Lupus. I did also recently start on some other supplements Anthony William recommends like liquid zinc and L-lysine in the last week and now here I am getting lowered on meds. I’d already removed gluten and soy prior, so didn’t need to do that.

        So you’re not on thyroid meds? That TSH isn’t that bad. It’s in the ‘non-medicated’ range, but I believe many endocrinologists go by new standards and will treat a TSH above 2. Mine is too low right now, but should be better in 6 weeks or so with this lower med. I think you are in a good place to completely heal and I’m hopeful for myself as well. I do still have a thyroid and he says it will function if you heal it. Even after inflammation and shrinkage.

        Honestly, your thyroid antibodies don’t seem that bad. Does your doc say they are really bad? Are they having you take Synthroid or something? I’m going to pull out my antibody tests to see what they say as they were just checked a few months ago during my lupus tests.

        Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Haha 😆 Stay blessed! 💙

      • No, its great to talk about it with one who also goes through it, because its such a weird experience.. So thanks for reaching out. I got these tests done out of my own pocket and on my own intuition. Ive pretty much given up on docs, except I am going for heart check next week because they found great palpitations and possible murmur! They have always been borderline about medication as Im not extreme. Im glad to hear from you that you dont feel Im too bad 🙂 But I do get palpitations, and increased anxiety, and a rash, and dizziness…Im super sensitive and its highly electro magnetic here in San Francisco and thats an added issue for Thyroid…And as most people who know say…’Everyone has Thyroid Issues.’..So glad things are shifting for you…I am going to get this sorted..

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