I have kept this site going now for a few years, and nearly given up on it many times as my main focus is not healing, holism or illness. I live it now and don’t have the desire to inform or inspire others in this way.

But we live in sickness and disease consciousness times, times where immune integrity is all but lost, inflammation runs rampant and chronic disease is at epidemic levels. And now here comes a big insult to all that, a virus that we are totally incapable of dealing with because we don’t have the strong systems we could (and should) have.

So I’m keeping it going.

BUT I don’t think I can do it alone. I NEED WRITERS. If you are inspired to write regularly for this site, and you can do something inspiring, maybe 1000-2000 words on a relevant topic, get in touch.

I don’t really want anti this or anti that stuff. I would prefer it to be focused on what can be done for people, from body to emotion to mind.
But of course we live in the days of revelation and corruption and craziness, so I am open. I WILL EDIT so things are readable. If you quote facts they must be referenced . If you make claims they must have notes that support them.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, it’s pretty small, and it doesn’t have to consume time, a piece every two weeks might be great.

Maybe you want to start writing about all things to do with holistic wellbeing and you need to get started. This is that.

You will be credited with authorship of course and links to wherever you want will be made availabe.

drop me a comment if you are interested.

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