We Are Light Beings Stuck in the Darkness

We are designed to channel LIGHT. That’s what we are, light beings.

That light should inform us on the cellular level, bringing information and life to each cell, complete with instructions for each of ours divine destiny.

The blueprint for our purpose here on Earth is contained in this light. Without it we are kinda lost.
Sure we can substitute this blueprint with our egoic games and assertions. That’s what happens to most people. And that’s what the world is composed of mostly, ego games.

This is not some new age woo woo idea here. I believe this theory will become evident truth in the years to come. It’s not lightweight information, it is hard core and deeply challenging, yet it really is HIGHLY INSPIRING. It opens up many new possibilities for healing, and brings hope where, often, there is none.

Without this light informing and guiding our hands life will be struggle. Welcome to the world of Samsara, of suffering.

So the question is, ‘How can we get this light into the cells and bring the ‘body spiritual’ back on line?’

That is what this ‘holistic practice’ is all about:
Bringing harmony where there is separation, holism where there is fragmentation

It takes work and effort.
And that certainly rules out most people. I am afraid to say that many people, even though they want this kind of experience, don’t want to work hard for it, don’t want to have to change too much for it, don’t want to go beyond their comfort zone for it.

But what I am talking about involves all the above, and more. Which means you must have a certain warrior tendency to contemplate it.

Is that you?

This is the big question.

What if almost everything you’ve been told about health and the human body is wrong? What if you had within you the ability to heal from any condition?‘ – Barbara Wren

Click the PICTURE to explore the book.
This book is a great introduction to new possibilities. I recommend it for information, inspiration and expanding possibilities. It is a timeless classic and is still relevant today. Buy it you will not regret it.

So what if we actually have it all wrong?

What if we are going about health, well being, the body, and even life itself, in the wrong way? What if our core understanding of how life happens, how we happen, what nourishes us, what affects us, is all wrong?

I am prepared to explore those possibilities, and in exploring them new ideas emerge. A whole new potential way of thinking and living arises. That is what we need so badly, hope and vision.

Maybe it is time for a complete overhaul of the old paradigm of beliefs.

Because beliefs define how we interact with the world – and our beliefs appear to define how the world responds.

So what can you and I really do to get this going, get more light streaming into our lives and into our cellular bodies?

1. Detox and Nourish the body – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy. The current western diets are all over the place. They are highly acidic and chemicalized. Getting back to basic is a good way to begin and keep going. That means eating fresh foods, made by God, not man. Mostly vegetables and fruits. Keep away from ma made products, they are the addictive and acidic ones. Nature is balanced mostly, and that is what is going to restore us to harmony.
That said focusing in on gut health is always going to help create and restore core well being and harmony.

2. Deal with hot and toxic emotions – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy? Most of us have lived lives that have forced us to push away difficult emotions. It is culturally acceptable to sweep things under the carpet, and that’s what we have all done. But it doesn’t work, it doesn’t create health and it has an impact on the body. Imagine what this means over the years, as we build up these stresses. Yikes.

3. Spend time in nature doing nothing – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy. Just do it, that is all. It works. Sit next to a tree. Walk barefoot on the sand, on the grass. Swim, paddle, lie down. It is hard to do nothing, but it works, it stills the mind and the immune system, and of course the nervous system.

4. Visualize and contemplate radiant light streaming in to your cellular body and lighting up your inner body. Give yourself to this process every day for 21 days and see what happens. See each cells welcoming the light and using it to eject the toxicity and blockages, and see those being carried effortlessly from your body. This really works and was something I developed as a practice when I was housebound and seriously suffering a few years ago.

After 21 Days Water Fasting in Costa Rica.

If you start here things will begin to happen, because you are creating new habits, and new habits are what you need.

And of course if I can help in any way do let me know.

Thanks and stay healthy!
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Cellular Health and Spiritual Wellbeing, The Connection

A couple of inspiring videos for you:

These are excerpts from interviews I did a few years ago. They are inspirational invitations to go deeper into your holistic experience – for many reasons.

Your health matters, to yourself obviously, but it also matters to the collective whole. It is connected to our evolution as a global body. And the epidemic of illness currently circling our planet is a sign of illness on the core level.

Here is why both you and I are being called to take greater responsibility.

Hate, war, fear, violence are all illness that stem from the deepest cellular, and mental, and spiritual, imbalance.
But so do peace, calmness, groundedness and right action based in loving kindness.

A Fundamental Error in Health, Healing and the Body.

Our number one fundamental error when it comes to health and healing, wellbeing, illness and even our approach to the body itself, is this:

We assume all our answers are going to be found on the linear level of reality. We are so embedded in this causal reality with all its rules that we are unable to traverse the mysterious inner world where everything is interconnected and changeable, where matter and consciousness blend into the same thing and, ultimately, where there is no ‘real world,’ only consciousness.

When we allow ourselves to entertain new possibilities and new explorations, and we dive into the murky world of emotions, into the prison of conditioned thinking and beliefs, into our cultural conditioning itself, and even further into the nature of reality, we open the door to all kinds of awareness and insights, into a whole new vista of previously unexplored potential.

And that potential is packed with transformational energy. That potential is the potential of miracles and spontaneous healing.
Thats pretty much the only way we can access the doorway.


Most people either don’t want to or simply can’t get far enough beyond the ‘in the box’ thinking for them to imagine other realities or possibilities. But that is really what we must do in order to transform or heal.


First you must imagine that it is possible. It must enter your world through the imagination. Imagination opens the door of possibility.

Then you have to explore and experience. You have to meet what you experience openly, and when there is contraction and judgement you must commit to surrendering it. It is a constant deepening, a voyage to the centre of life. A journey into the heart of darkness. The gifts are incalculable. Sometimes miraculous.

You must persist beyond your comfort zone and break out.  Willingness itself makes this possible.

Sometimes you need someone to guide you and assist the journey.

Thats what I do.


Podcast – Finding the Natural Way of Being and Living

Kavi shares his personal insights gathered from years of illness and healing, dysfunctional living and spiritual seeking.

This is an inspirational podcast inviting listeners to find ‘The Natural Way,’ which is the Way of the Tao. The effortless and peaceful way.

We have moved far away from our innately natural way of being, and even now consider such a way a ‘doing thing.’ But this natural way of being is not a doing thing but a state of being that arises when we become more holistically balanced.

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Breathing Under Water, Embracing Difficult Emotions – New Podcast

I am delighted to say my Holistic Podcasts are back!
This one is, I believe, one of my best and most useful to date.
I am covering deep ground here, and I just know it is valuable, whatever your state of health, illness, or mental and emotional situation. 


It is easy to get lost in this world. What is true and what is false?
What to believe in?
Everything is mixed up and here is the thing.

The man, or woman, who does not know themselves and live by holistic principles in every day life, is extremely vulnerable to being swept up in the drama, prone to addictions and dysfunctional lifestyle choices.”

We simply have to dive in deep so we can rise high.

Inner mastery creates change, not disembodied theoretical spirituality.
Spirituality is only worthwhile when it is lived in the body. And that journey brings it into everyday reality, which in turn makes it very powerful.
When it is lived.
Holistic Intelligence is not optional in our world. It is a necessity to Transform Society. It IS essential for evolution.
Holism is the practical arm of non duality.

In this podcast I return to discussing the body, emotions, mind and spirit. This is a passionate call to wake up and take responsibility for your inner mastery NOW!

I look around, and have done now in each country I have been to, and I see the same thing everywhere. ‘Normal’ life IS deeply unconscious. I am sorry to say this but its the truth. Most people do not have much awareness of who they are or what they are doing or what is going on. It is disturbing. Don’t let it happen to you.”

Thats what my podcasts are all about.
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Thanks for reading!

Your Body is a Story You Must Read

Consider this:

Your body is a story. It tells the story of your time here on earth. It contains information about you that, if one could read the ‘body book’ properly, would reveal so much about who you are it would be incredible. 
It contains your experiences, and particularly it has held on to the experiences you couldn’t process effectively at the time they happened. It has held on to them in the muscles and tissues, in your posture and positioning. 
It holds your thoughts about yourself and the world. 
It holds information about your ancestors and where you came from.

Your body is actually a blueprint of your personality. It is a map of YOU.

BUT only the relative, earthbound you.

It doesn’t tell anything about who you are as consciousness. It doesn’t say anything about the timeless, eternal, silence that is your true nature. It can’t. Form cannot explain the formless. 

So there you are, two things in one. That is the quintessential paradox of the human being. Being two things, one of the relative world and one of the absolute world, and each containing and pointing to the other.

Your purpose is to carry both, honour both, and know both. 

Time For a Holistic View of Global Events – Suffering From Trumpitis

It has been about 9 days since Trump became President. Those 9 days have shaken everything up. They have brought fear and anger, resistance and violence. It’s not an easy time for people, particularly for those directly on the receiving end of his actions.

Like many other people, I am confused, angry, fearful and totally distracted form my own life. It is as though suddenly the world got much smaller and more dangerous. Is that true? I don’t know but it sure feels kinda unstable right now.

I have watched many of the spiritual ‘leaders’ talk about the situation and gained some relief. Byron Katie brought it all back to this moment, and Gangaji embraced it all but didn’t buy into the drama, but still there is this conflict within, and obviously without.

And now I have begun to embrace the very thing I have been talking about for years, ever since I learned about the true nature of life in all its holistic glory.

I have decided to view this whole thing positively as a Holistic Wake Up call. The human system called society is a whole thing. It is an integrated system from top to bottom, involving all beings whatever they do and however they are.

In exactly the same way that a human body functions with it’s 100 trillion or so cells, societal health and wellbeing ultimately depends on each and every human being.
How those human beings live, thrive, assimilate and eliminate, their state of wellbeing or sickness, and whether they are toxic or not, is the biggest definer of society as a whole.

Really allow that to sink in. That information and insight is incredible and revolutionary. We fail to heed it and understand it because we are caught in the paradigm of separation. We fully believe in separation and have no context for the holistic view.

Yet we see systems everywhere. Everything is a holistic system, integrated and interdependent. Systems only survive if they work in some form of harmony. If they fight they perish and evolution is halted. Harmonious systems are the Evolutionary Impulse. And unless the current system is changed we may be heading for evolutionary termination.

We do not yet apply this intelligence to our own experience and that of our society.

And thus society is sick with a chronic disease. Call it ‘Trumpitis‘ if you like, but whatever is appearing on the surface, although it must be dealt with effectively to minimise its harm, is only a symptom of what trouble lies deeper down.

So the effective way to look at this is holistically. We need to intervene on the acute level to stop the patient, in this case us, dying. That requires urgent action.

BUT, and this is more important, the real work is with each of us. And that work is to increase our own harmonic vibration, to blaze our love and our life force greater than we have ever done. To step up and boldly go where we have never been before. To speak up, to be involved. 

Each cell in your body contributes to your health, or it contributes to your sickness.

And each of us contributes our ‘dis-ease’ to society or our wellbeing. We get to choose.

Society changes from the roots up. What appears at the surface is a reflection of all of us together. That may make you feel powerless or powerful. It makes me feel powerful. I feel empowered.

So what can you, and I, do to change society at this crucial time?

We can become whole. We can become wise and clear. We can become healthful and ‘warrior-like.’ We can stop living from fear and toxicity and live from love and splendour. Of course there may be a point at which action must be taken. But that action must be rooted in wellbeing and love, in silence and spiritual clarity. 

What I am saying is not anti-action, it’s not ‘sticking the spiritual head in the sand.’ I am saying that right action needs to have its roots in holistic wisdom for any real change to be effective. Or it just wont have any power.

We are at that time where evolution is pressing us, squeezing us, driving us to look deeply and seriously at who we really are, what we value, what drives us and how we want to live. Things have to change, and that change is change for each one of us. We have to learn to ‘live it as though our lives depended on it, and others lives depended on it. Because that is the truth.

We cannot separate our own lives from the collective life. They relate directly. There is a cancer raging in the heart of society. Cancer is never healed by pouring more fire on the inflammatory problem. Yes, it has to be contained when it is discovered, but the process of healing cancer is the process of detoxification, nourishment, healing toxic emotions, and the alkalinity of the host. Cancer is healed, when it is healed, because each of the cells in the body returns to its natural healthy state.

So it must be with us. It starts with me. And you.