Podcast – Finding the Natural Way of Being and Living

Kavi shares his personal insights gathered from years of illness and healing, dysfunctional living and spiritual seeking.

This is an inspirational podcast inviting listeners to find ‘The Natural Way,’ which is the Way of the Tao. The effortless and peaceful way.

We have moved far away from our innately natural way of being, and even now consider such a way a ‘doing thing.’ But this natural way of being is not a doing thing but a state of being that arises when we become more holistically balanced.

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Latest Podcast and Video

I am most pleased with this 30 minute holistic transmission about the part FAMILY plays in health, wellbeing and illness.
This is an exploration of a fundamental issue that is so neglected in most modern diagnosis or inquiry, it is actually ignored!

We are deeply connected to, and affected by, our family history and genetics. While they may not CAUSE our issues or illnesses, they are, as the saying goes, the loaded gun that just needs a trigger to fire it off.

Family is extremely important, not just biologically but behaviorally. Until you have resolved old family traumas and ties, secrets and manipulations, covert and overt agreements, you are actually enslaved to them. They will play out in your life over and over. And they are powerful enough to create illness, suicide, depression and murder, or illness…This is such an important conversation not being had by many folks.


A powerful 30 minute transmission from Kavi Jezzie Hockaday talking about the urgent moral evolutionary imperative to heal old family wounds and past traumas in order to transform the individual and society.

This podcast is about opening the Pandora’s box of family secrets and being the one to say ‘The Buck Stops Here.’
The power of authentic being is directly linked to clearing our old lies and secrets. It is a hard task but one we are called to. If you are ill with any sort of chronic condition, or if you are alienated or depressed in any way, or if you are simply seeking spiritual awakening, please listen to this podcast.
The areas within ourselves we deny have incredible power over us. To voyage into those areas takes great courage. But that is where the jewels of our freedom are. And that’s what makes us authentic.
This is the nature of Holistic Inquiry.’

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A Warning About Toxic Emotions – They Kill

I watched my Mother decline and fall over a long period of time.

She was hit by a nasty auto immune condition – Rheumatoid Arthritis. That was on top of the onset of Osteo Arthritis.
It was savage. It really started in the 1980’s and continued to tear her body apart until she succumbed to the stress of medications and disease in 2002 and left her body.

She had two hip replacements, and had a bad reaction to one of them and developed an internal ulcer that was agony.
I spent many days over the years in and out of hospital visiting her. She wanted to die often, and often was in such pain it was very tough for her, and for me.
I cannot even begin to know how she coped. Her body twisted over the years as it does with RA and it was a sorry sight to behold,  all mangled and bent.

I did my best to encourage her to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but she wouldn’t and couldn’t. Her emotional wounding and trauma was deeply embedded in her body due to my parents very toxic and damaging divorce in the 70s from which she never recovered. She carried this resentment and bitterness until her dying day, unable to process the hurt and the pain and the anger. I think she really felt betrayed by the masculine, and did not have the inner resources to transform her own story or suffering to anything healing.
It was terrible to witness, and awful to feel so helpless to it all.

But slowly as I developed a deeper self knowledge and wisdom I gained some distance and compassion. I realized that my real job was not to try and change her, heal her or even help her.

My job was just to love her. And I did that. For the last two years I practiced just loving her. Just reminding her that she was ok whatever was happening and that love was the only thing that mattered, ever.
And even though there was pain and torment, there was love even in that. I remember just sitting in the front room of her little house holding her deformed hand as she crunched and moaned and grimaced in the pain of the physical and emotional body, and all I could do was say ‘I love you and I’m sorry.’

Eventually her body couldn’t do anything more and I received a call one day to tell me she had died. I was sad and happy. Sad to know the story of her life and how hard it had been, and happy to know that release meant freedom to fly back home.
She taught me so much, and she loved me so much. And I still think about her all the time and wish I could take with her and see her smile and hear her infectious laugh.

Why have I said all this? Because I really want to spread the word, and even shout the word from the rooftops, that old wounds, particularly resentments, bitterness and grievances left un-dealt with and hidden ALWAYS cause a cascade of trouble in the body and will never completely disappear, but will likely return to haunt the bearer in later life.

There is just no getting away from that fact that these emotions, suppressed, are highly dangerous to the health and wellbeing of the bearer, and it is our responsibility to ourselves and our community to deal with them, and support others to do the same.

It is very hard to deal with the pain of the past, but it is even harder to carry it around as a curse and allow it to pollute and poison everything we do, including relationships with other and the world.

Please let my own story be a warning to you and those you love. I myself heed her lesson and made it my mission to heal myself and let go of the past, consciously and truly. And that was one of the greatest acts of healing I have ever done.

Thank you for reading..x

STRESS and its effect on the body systems – My Personal Revelation!

I am going to share something with you today. And its going to be about stress. And its dramatic effect on the body when it is allowed to run rampant and un-dealt with.

I would like to say this is difficult for me to admit to, but quite honestly if it serves you or anyone else I feel that my experience will not have been in vain. So please, share this post if you know someone who may benefit from it.

Some of you may know I am now in America with my beautiful wife, author and teacher Amoda Maa Jeevan. We have been here for over two weeks, in California. It has been a long and, at times, very difficult journey to get here. We are here on a long visa as it is our intention to live here long term. We left here in December 2015, and from then till now we have been nomadic, homeless, moving around, AND Amoda has been applying for the visa AND writing her new book. Both of those things have been seriously hard core tasks, but to achieve them successfully over our days, weeks and months of nomadic, erratic living, was a massive undertaking. She is an amazing human being!

IMG_3519Here is the confession. I have carried the experience, the ups and downs, the challenges, stresses, fears and difficulties not so well. My body tells the story of my life. Since the days of my Ulcerative Colitis, auto immune issue, I have had a very sensitive relationship with my physical body. It reveals everything to me, and mirrors all my emotional and mental turbulence and anxiety. I cannot hide it from my body. Some people can, they just don’t feel it in their body. I DO! You might as well, some folks do and thats a gift and a burden.

Have I shared with you about my ongoing rash this year? Oh it has been dreadful, and very very full on. Whole body rash, skin flaking, swollen arms, welts, inflammation, the whole works. It has been thought of, at various times, as urticaria, psoriasis, fungus, bacterial infection, mercury poisoning, tropical infection, and so on. Yet it has been elusive.

Since we got here I have seen a doctor, who has taken blood and I get results next week.


I got a referral to a Dermatologist, who I saw yesterday. I stripped down and showed him my skin, he prodded and peered, asked a load of questions and then I expected him to agree with the doctor that it was ring worm and fungal infection.

NO.’ He said, “It’s not any of that.”

“It looks like it has multiple causes that have arisen as this rash, certainly your immune system is a big factor as it is still (and forever will be) damaged with the auto immune you have carried. But the other factor is STRESS.

STRESS!!! Not just Stress!

And it really struck me in that moment how powerful STRESS, ANXIETY AND FEAR are on the physical body systems.

Immune system and nervous system, they are the two main systems that are affected by mind and emotions. And they impact every area of health. If you are one of those people who feel it all in their bodies, you have a gift and a burden. The gift is all your mental and emotional burdens, stresses and traumas are revealed to you dramatically and viscerally, and thats your invitation to deal with them consciously. The burden is that it hurts and you can get away with nothing. It gets tiring having a sensitive body. 

It gets REAL TIRING! My answer is surrender and acceptance and a refusal to medicate unless I absolutely bottom line have to, and settle for nothing, never accept a diagnosis unless it feels 100% spot on, and ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL COMPONENT. 


Taken two days ago – I am getting better, the rash is clearing!

You see, we all want these problems to be caused by something outside ourselves. That makes it easier to deal with. I have dealt with so much over the years, I mean I cannot begin to tell you what I have dealt with, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, WOW! And I guess I thought I had reached some kind of level where I was beyond it.
But this last year I admit I have felt the fears in my body, I have felt the anxiety about the future in my body.
I have felt the sudden pit of fear in my body.
I have felt the fateful feeling of foreboding in my body.
I have felt deep feelings of ancient abandonment in my body, and I have felt childhood traumas and existential troubles in my body.

Never, never, never underestimate the power of the mind over the body. Body will ultimately surrender to mind, thats the bottom line. Mind is, to a certain extent, more powerful than the body, until the body dies.

And I have learned that this is my life’s lesson. I am here to learn how to relax fully regardless of outer circumstance, regardless of what is happening. I am here to learn to be ok with life AS IT IS. That is a life path.

So we each need to find our life’s lesson. It’s all about our spiritual/existential/soul/karma and how it manifests. What are we here to learn?

What are you here to learn? If you have an issue with the physical form, if any of what I’ve said resonates with you, look inside, investigate and inquire.

It helps to know, it brings some relief to one’s personal suffering and gives a greater context for any illness.

Thank you for reading!

A request for support to get thoroughly medically tested

Help me return to this

Help me return to this

Friends of my blog, some of you may know and most don’t know but this year I have experienced the most incredible skin problems, from a full body peeling rash in which my arms and legs swelled up, to some extremely painful weals that appeared on my legs, and are still around…

I’m here in California and have no insurance, and now I simply have to get thoroughly tested to find out and address what the heck is going on. I live very very healthy, I have detoxified to the max, I healed my Ulcerative Colitis, I am emotionally and mentally grounded and clear, and yet something is still not right.

I NEED YOUR HELP. If I can raise some money I can get properly tested at a good testing centre here in California.I do not have the money..If you helped by even a small amount I would be so grateful…I am  here to do good work uplifting others and helping transform the world from its present state of breakdown…But its so much harder when my own vehicle is suffering…

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY ‘You Caring’ site and consider this…Its  rare that I make this request but needs must..Thank you so much for reading…
The link: https://www.youcaring.com/kavi-jezzie-hockaday-661853

Or click the picture below.

Click the Picture to find out more.

Click the Picture to find out more.

Here are some of the pictures of what Ive been through. I wont show any more, its not fair to anyone..
IMG_3519IMG_3521 IMG_3520 2 IMG_3522 IMG_3523


The Detox Project is Live, FREE and online


I am happy to pass this information on…Detoxification has been the single most important element of my own journey with healing. I truly believe I would not have resolved my Inflammatory Bowel Disease unless I started with huge detoxification. 

And believe me, I had huge amounts of toxicity in my body from years of pharmaceutical and chemical grade drugs, drink and toxic diet.

The more information you have about detox the wiser your choice can be.

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Every day, more people become aware of the absolute necessity to detoxify in order to prevent and possibly overcome chronic illnesses. Yet, few have a comprehensive detox plan, or access to experts in the health industry who can help build one. If you have health problems, chemical sensitivities, allergies, autoimmune conditions and/or weight issues, take the time to learn if chemicals and toxins in your environment could be the cause! All reasons not to miss The Detox Project, online and free from September 26 – October 3, 2016!

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Immune System 101 – Relationship to the World – Read This If You Have Chronic Dis-ease

body defense

The immune system that lies at the heart of your physical protection from predators, viruses and external danger, is not just some isolated physical entity that exists separate to what you think and feel. If only that were true it would be a damn sight easier to heal it and optimise its function.

But immune system is complex, subtle and even mysterious. That is my personal experience and the experience of countless clients.

What I am going to discuss here is something of what the immune system represents for us as human beings. My position on this is that the immune system represents our relationship with the outside world, or what we imagine is the outside world. In many ways the word represents is misleading, because it implies it doesn’t have any influence or power.

But here is the thing:
The body, which means the gut and the immune system included, cannot tell the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is imagined. It responds to the intensity and power of the thought and feeling, and that should give us pause for thought and care.

What this means, in effect, is that how we are in our relationship to the outside world, or what we think of as the outside world, or life itself, can be hugely influential on the integrity and power of our immune system. And it cannot be fooled by positive thinking or just being happy go lucky.

All this is compounded and intensified for those who have reached a point of ‘chronic dis-ease.’ Once chronic dis-ease symptoms have manifested to the point where they need serious attention and radical lifestyle change, the immune system is way down the road of under or over activity.

Think of it like an army that has been assaulted over and over and over again. It has become ragged and chaotic. It may be demoralised, but it may also be trigger happy, firing at anything it believes to be a threat, and that could be friend or foe. It can no longer discern itself from the outside world it is so confused.
Or else it is just beaten down and no longer cares much what happens. Maybe it will struggle to send some troops to fight off yet another army that appears to be invading the inner sanctum of the body, but the army is ineffective and easily disarmed and overcome.

The first one may be ‘auto immune’ dis-ease, and the second one the body surrendering itself to infection and illness, unable to fight it off.

Remember, I am talking almost metaphorically and symbolically here. You don’t have to take it literally. Just allow this to become a contemplation or meditation.

My experience has shown me that almost all people who are have some kind of chronic condition need to understand just how two-way the mind/emotion and immune system relationship is.

Our relationship with what appears to us as the outside world is fundamental to our wellbeing. The outside world is our environment. And just to be clear, I don’t just mean the town, city or country we live in, but it can also include that. I mean the world itself. OK I will get more detailed.

Are we scared of the world? Is that relationship fearful? How does the world make us feel about ourselves? Good? Bad? Ashamed? Guilty? Does our experience and perception of the world create lack of confidence or trust? Do we trust ourselves and/or others in the world? Is the world a scary or benevolent place? Does the world just make us tired and beat us down over and over?

All of those possibilities will be felt and ‘lived out’ by the immune system. It is responsive and is focused on maintaining the integrity of the organism, you. So if it feels and senses fear of the outside world, off goes the alarm, which engages the army (even though it may be depleted and tired) to be on high alert for danger and invasion.
Or if it senses and feels lack of self worth and shame it grows weary and flattens, sensing a lack of life force or ‘chi.’

Backwards and forwards the pendulum between the body and the mind swings, until you cannot tell what is what.

If you accept some of what I am saying, in essence that there is a relationship between your immune system response to the outside world and your mind/emotions and your relationship to the outside world, and you are one who is impacted by chronic dis-ease, then we have to take one step further and ask the fundamental question about healing.

Does healing our mental and emotional relationship with the (apparent) outside world have an impact on our immune system, and conversely, does healing our physical immune system, which means resolving leaky gut, gut dysbiosis and inflammation in digestive system, affect and heal our mental and emotional relationship to the world?

Very interesting questions! Obviously there is no conclusive yes/no answer. BUT, there is supposition and experience.
My own experience, and seeing all this play out in other people, is that while it is impossible to speak of scientific ’cause and effect’ relationship, we can speak of subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) influence.
I have seen people get everything right physically but not attended to their fears and anxieties about their relationship to the world, and they have been locked in a cycle that goes round and round.

meditationMy own personal experience is of a synchronous healing. What do I mean by synchronous healing?
I mean that everything is connected to everything else with no distinction. That means that when there is a commitment to healing, or you have decided to meet chronic dis-ease fully, there must be no stone left unturned, and no clear distinction between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They are all one thing, an energy system. One area of focus takes you to another area that needs attention, and that takes you somewhere else, and you follow the scent and the prompting.

It means honouring the whole holistic system. And that means thinking of a chronic dis-ease as a whole holistic experience. We must steer away from trying to think in isolated ways and move forward to an advanced holistic approach. You are a dynamic system, highly complex and interwoven. Mind, spirit, emotions, immune system, gut health, cells and microbes, and everything in between, all working as one thing to enable life to exist and flourish.

It is profound, and when this awareness is believed and lived as truth, it is natural to understand that life is microcosmic. Everything is a microcosm of everything else, and ‘as above, so below.

Returning to the healing question. Healing chronic dis-ease is a calling to attend to all areas of life. Your psychic, mental and emotional relationship with the world is not an area of minor significance. It is a deeply felt and experienced metaphor of your own immune system. Thought and form are hardwired together.

My suggestion is thus:
Get to work on healing the gut.
Get to work on contemplating your relationship to the world.
Get to work unravelling, in the way you are called, old and toxic emotions and beliefs that create your relationship to the world.
Make necessary lifestyle changes that include more real, natural, raw and healthful foods. 
Get the body and lymph system moving through exercise.
Meditate on your inner truth everyday.
Find peace, within and without.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this blog has given you something to chew over.

If I can help at all, please contact me, or comment below, I will gladly answer any questions if I can.

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