The body is intelligent

It knows what to do

We underestimate it

And we abuse it

In fact we toxify it

Which makes it harder to hear

And then we wonder what’s wrong

And we want to fix it

But first we must fix our thinking

And learn to work WITH the body

Not against it

It is not the enemy

Despite what we are led to believe

It is the greatest miracle we know

And the keeper of our existence

It is the utter genius of nature manifested

And it is not easily overpowered by mind

Everything the body brings up is a doorway

It may bring up fear, or anger, or shame

No matter, see each emotion as a doorway to freedom and to love

Embrace this body, you are not getting another one

And be done with this foolish notion that it doesn’t matter

Or that the modern notion of war upon nature is intelligent.

My Kindle Book, The Power of Illness, is now $0.99

I have made the cost of my book ‘The Power of Illness to Change Your Life,’ as low as Amazon will allow.

They will not allow me to make it free so $0.99 is as good as it gets.

I think you might enjoy it. It is the story, at least some of it, of how I healed naturally from a serious case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, despite doctors and professionals assertions that healing was impossible.

It is a pretty wild and reassuring story with some good pointers if that is what you are looking for.

Here are some reviews.

Great book. Fully explains the journey of healing, describing all the alternative therapies available to heal holistically. I have tried to lead a spiritual wholesome healthy lifestyle, and sometimes things change, and we are further from where we started or wanted to be. This book has given me the push to get healthy again and look after the body and mind. Highly recommend it.

Kavi writes with so much passion, insight, respect and care for the reader.
His book is part biographical, part information and guidance. I have learnt a huge amount from reading this book and the writing style is very easy to follow.
This truly is a book for everyone – whether you are well or unwell. If you are considering buying this, do it! You will not regret it!
A truly inspirational book, to be read again and again.

Give it a try. I want everyone to understand that healing IS possible, it’s not some figment of the imagination. I do not care what doctors say, they were wrong in my case and they might be wrong in others cases.

We are in delicate and disturbing times when immune integrity matters more than ever. I had to deal with exactly that. And it has helped me and healed me.

Please please please download my book. It is not perfect and it’s not a ‘how to’ manual. It’s an inspirational message that we have more capability than we are told. But we must take power over our bodies, emotions and thoughts.

More FREE than the BODY

More FREE than the BODY.

This is an issue that many people who are chronically sick and suffering pain bring to Amoda’s spiritual Satsang meetings seeking an answer that really delivers.
It is a tough question when there is constant pain and endless illness.
‘What do I do?’
‘How do I cope?”
‘I know I am not the body but it hurts so much I never have any peace.’
‘I am scared, angry, anxious.’
‘How do I deal with pain?’

These are some of the questions.

Here is my only insightful response to those questions, and it is my own challenge and endeavor. And it is tough.


If that sounds weird, or impossible, I understand. But its what we are going to be propelled towards at the time of death anyway. At the time of death we are not given an option. We are pushed, dragged, or thrown towards freedom from the body. We can hang on all we like but at some point we must let go of it.
At that point we will realize WE ARE NOT THE BODY.
YOU are consciousness that has a body to live in this relative world. You cannot live here without it.
But it is not who you are.

SO. If it were possible to realize that fundamental truth, that you are not the body, while you are in the body, not theoretically but viscerally, you would be MORE FREE THAN THE BODY.

And as that freedom you would care much less about it.
You would not grasp as it as you might do.
You would not feel as anxious or scared about it.
You would, in fact, allow it to do its thing much more.

In fact your capacity to love yourself would increase dramatically.

It might have an impact on your nervous system and immune system.

But you would have that most sacred quality.


What I have just said is tough. It is about enlightenment, true awakening, surrender, humility, grace, and the deepest love.

I hope you understand. This is where I am at.

Awakening Is How The World Changes

My most important blog for a while – Christmas Special!

It is easy, given the global intensity and upheaval in all walks of life, to lose heart and let your spirit drop. It seems that the world is going under and we are sliding into increasing chaos, violence, bigotry and war. We have seen this fall into chaos happening in other countries, due to the toppling of governments and regime changes, and because of financial debts in some countries.
There is an ever growing fear and terrorism is feeding on it. And the governments are feeding on it. We are living in such inequality it beggars belief, and we have now entered the era of lies, false media, overt manipulation of opinion and total government deceit.

No one knows who to believe, what to believe or what to do. It is a time of great vulnerability and is a deep challenge to each and everyone of us who wants to live in peace, and those of us who are sensitive and open to all this change.

I meet many people, and since we arrived in California just three months ago I have had the opportunity to really feel what is happening in this part of the world, and it is the same here. There is such an inner sense of the ground being pulled out and shaken it is undermining. Of course in most of our western societies ‘normal life’ continues. The global upheaval has not yet hit most people in their daily lives. When (and if) that day happens things are going to shift rapidly and radically. Probable chaos. But that is just speculation. Meanwhile.

What does that all mean for you who aspires to spiritual, and holistic, well being?
What does it mean to be getting sucked into fear and anxiety?
How do you surf it, and at what point do you descend into a panic? Or do you ever?
Is there a away of using the events of this life to support and deepen your spiritual depth and wisdom?
Is there a way of being in the world fully without getting drawn into the madness of division and separation?
Is there a possibility of being useful to the world, useful to other beings, human and animal, useful to the environment, during this epic shift of energies?

I believe there is. Being the calm at the centre of the storm, the silent ‘eye at the centre,’ could be the most useful and healing thing way you could contribute right now. Sure activism happens when needed, campaigning, taking to the streets is great and right, but when this activity comes from the silence of being, from the calmness at the epicentre, from the rock of peacefulness, it has real power exponentially greater than the superficial power of ego mania that rules planet earth.
Social activism is really powerful and may create lasting change only when it is not driven by a divided self. We are looking for greater change than this. We are looking for evolutionary change. And that change is not only on the outside. That change is primarily on the inside of Man, and that means on the inside of each of us. It is change in consciousness.

There is one primary piece of knowing that drives this argument.

The outer world is a manifestation of our inner world.

There are so many ways to understand that line, but each of them points to the same thing. We have a power of manifestation that is significantly greater than the superficial power we usually believe is the only one.

When we are fully aligned to our true authentic nature as divine consciousness, in other words, when we awaken to our true nature, it creates an extraordinary power.
When that power is magnified thousands of times in other awakened human beings transformation of global consciousness will become an inevitability. And with that shift in collective consciousness comes outer change.We see this by the power of group meditation. When groups of individuals gather to meditate together something happens in the environment that surrounds them. Not just their direct environment, but in the neighbourhood outside that. Crime rates go down, which means that people themselves are relaxing and letting go of stress. It means there is a shift towards peacefulness.

And that effect is just with meditation. Imagine if this is compounded by a living experience of awakening, not a theory or a belief, but actually living awakening. It could be extraordinary.


And the first person to start is you! Your world is your only concern and responsibility. In fact your world IS the only world you can ever know. When you die the world dies with you. We imagine and think we are all living in the same world, but upon deep inspection is that true?

It would appear that we live in different worlds that interweave and overlap with each others. They are all part of the same tapestry but they have different threads and weaves. One tapestry many threads.
That truth need not put us off taking action when necessary, but it frames that action and grounds it in a deeper truth.
Taking responsibility for your world and awakening to the truth beyond beliefs and conditioning fundamentally changes perception and relationship with the apparent outside world.
In fact it changes the world altogether.
And that creates you a new as a Powerhouse of Change.

The current intensity of the outer world is the grit, the driver, for your awakening. It’s not just something thats come along as a distraction or inconvenience to your spiritual practice.

It IS your spiritual practice!
The world is all but screaming at each of us,’Who Are You!,’ What Do You Believe?”What Is Your Truth?’ and it demands that we look inside ourselves and remember wisdom, love, truth, respect, compassion and right action. In that sense the world is inviting us back to the Garden of Innocence we left as Adam and Eve. Think of that story as truth or metaphor, it still works.

We were innocent and natural. We fell to ego desires and identification with the body, became attached to all things of the flesh, forgot we were all connected as One, and began believing ourselves to be more important than each other.

We became lost in the wilderness and forgot our truth and the truth of each other. We have been lost and wandering. And now there is an invitation to come home, wiser and less naive, grounded in experience and wisdom. It is time for our epic return home as the living embodiment of truth and human experience. We are wise enough to return now.

That, my friend, is your only task. It is a mythic spiritual journey home. That is the invitation the world offers you.


Thanks for reading!

The End of the World, At Last – 9 Mins of Freedom

The End of the World of Drama and Identification, the Beginning Of Peace and Stillness.

Are you caught in the endless drama of life?
Longing to be more peaceful and still?
This is a very short podcast about something you can do to turn attention away from the endless drama and dive into, and live from, a deeper place.
The waves on the ocean and the stillness of the deep. The same vast ocean, but you have a choice what you identify with.

A Global Waking Up is happening, and we are all called to play a part.
A simple invitation to awareness and meditation.

Relevant to the body, health, wellbeing, past issues and wounding.









New Podcast! The Spiritual Imperative and Healing the Individual and Global Body.

I am so very pleased to let you know about a new Podcast!

Finally I have jumped in again and recorded an impromptu session.
I think it is my most important one so far.
Because it gets to the heart of the human dilemma on all levels.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and hope it brings some inspiration to some.
This is the vibe.
024 – The Spiritual Imperative and Healing the Individual and Global Body.
Spiritual Inquiry as an imperative in today’s world, both for personal life and for collective life.
A true spiritual context is the only answer to the problems of the world, both personal and collective.
A discussion about grief, the past, letting go, presence and unconditional love.
33 mins: Presence Medicine
What is it? And how does it work?
You ARE the world. A cell in the global body.
You have infinite power, the power of infinite intelligence, available all the time.
In presence and openness you invite this infinite intelligence in, which facilitates personal and collective healing.
Body, emotion and mind are designed according to nature, to flow from spirit into matter and back to spirit. Old toxic emotions block this flow, and our task through spiritual inquiry is to unblock what was stuck through simple allowing, so that free flowing can return.
A spiritual invitation from the body.
On iTunes soon.

Please please listen and enjoy. Take what is relevant and throw away what doesn’t resonate.

And share if you are moved! I am trying to spread the message that some people badly need.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and listen.

Kavi Portrait 4

Presence Medicine – An approach to healing

The simple power of presence brings you into a new dimension of peace. There is vast power in this dimension even to the point of healing.

I offer sessions in ‘Presence Medicine,’ to assist you in entering and establishing yourself in this dimension.

Kavi Portrait 4Being present isn’t just some spiritual exercise, it is a very practical approach to illness and healing.
It is an excellent restorative tool for the whole being, including the body. It has beneficial effects.
To be acutely here and now, totally present to whatever is happening, is great healing balm.
The fact is that we humans have lots of stories we tell ourselves and each other.
We have incredibly active, overactive, mind chatter. It is incessant and unstoppable.
We give this chatter so much weight and import that it runs our lives.
But it is not always the best thing, and not always operating in our favour.
The story of your life is the story of your identification with your ego mind. Presence is a space that is beyond the story of the past or future.

“You cannot be both unhappy and fully present in the Now” –Eckhart Tolle

There is an energy field beyond this chatter. That energy field may be called many things, yet they are all the same thing:
Consciousness, the Divine, Infinite Intelligence, or the ‘Love Field’ as I call it.

Entering this field is the pursuit of meditation and simple ’silent sitting.’ It is also our aim.

What the the benefits of this?
Presence is that state where natural order is restored.
Presence burns up past toxic emotions, thoughts and beliefs.
• It burns up old karmic inherited patterns.
• It burns up self negating patterns.
• It disarms addictions.
• It dissolves holding patterns in the body, liberating better energy flow.
• It ends stagnation.
• It sends healing vibrations to the cellular body.
• When accompanied by breath it floods the body with oxygen.
• It transmits and aligns with the frequency of love.
• It unifies the energy field of the body with the cosmos.
• It tunes you into the quantum field.
• It quietens the noise of the ego self, allowing higher mind to inform your life.
• It balances the hemispheres of the brain.
• It opens the intuitive and creative feminine side of the brain.
• It deactivates the chronic cortisol response that drives most lives, and is always present in illness.
• It floods the body, nervous and immune systems, with positivity and love.
• It removes the vibration of fear from the organism.
• It aligns chakras.
• It facilitates regeneration.
• It allows falseness to rise to the surface for clearing.
• It re-harmonises the mind/body relationship that is so often out of balance.

This is the key point about presence and illness. Illness is taxing and stressing to the whole organism. Illness is also highly intertwined with emotions and mind. It is entirely natural, when the body suffers from unusual and painful, life interrupting symptoms, to worry and be concerned. But there is a fine line between healthy concern that drives positive action, and the kind of anxious worry that makes matters worse by stressing the adrenal glands, over burdening immune and nervous system, and bringing the system down lower. Body and mind are hardwired together.

Through ‘Presence Medicine’ practices and awareness this cycle of fear, stress anxiety and taxed body is placated and stopped, allowing deep rest and healing to happen.
Sometimes it means a mental a nd emotional detox. But this itself is an asset in the ling term.

The power of the breath is indisputable. It is one of the most neglected areas of life, whether we are ill or not. Yet we suffer in so many ways by neglecting it.
You simply cannot fully breathe and have lots of stories of past or future at the same time. One or the other. And healing is only found in the breathing.

Try sitting silently and focus on your breathing, slowly inhaling all the way, and exhaling all the way. Be focused on this activity and be aware that your mind has moments of stillness and silence. So occupied with this simple act of conscious breathing is it that it is, for at least a few precious moments, peaceful.

It will not be long before the mind becomes distracted and drifts away to thinking about something completely unrelated to your activity.
This simple activity should be done daily, constantly, as a valuable training for the mind and the body. It harmonises them and heals them. It calms the holistic organism, softens the nervous system and immune system.

MEDITATION: Meditation gets bad rap.  Most people think it is hard, and that puts them off.  It has to be said that most meditation practice makes it complicated when it doesn’t need to be. If there is any struggling, trying, control or resistance in meditation it fails to deliver any of the benefits it offers.

The meditation I have practiced, still practice, and talk about, is very simple. It is the ‘nothing meditation’ that is only about one thing. That thing is just sitting silently letting everything that happens, happen, without offering any resistance or argument, without trying to control any thought or emotion.

Just silently sitting, quietly,  in awareness, softly breathing in and out and allowing it all. Thoughts might come and thoughts may go, but attach to none of them, allowing all thoughts with the same grace. Even 5 minutes spent in this way is nourishing for the whole of your being, from the cellular body to the emotions and mind.
Nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to stop or start, and just a resting in allowance of all that arises.

SESSIONS; Sessions involve exploration, inquiry, silence and presence. There is no ‘format’ but a simple dedication to going below the level of thinking mind to the space of stillness. We will be guided by what occurs and what comes up, and through this you will access a deeper mastery of self and a more profound sense of peace and love. This is the healing space itself.

Please contact me for session costs and enquiries. Contact Form Below.