kavi with smoothieWe live in toxic times. Everything we absorb into our bodies, all our attempts at nourishment of our organic vehicles (our bodies) come with toxic by products.
Our water, particularly the stuff that comes from the tap, is loaded with chlorine and other toxic elements. Even the water in bottles has been shown to be less than heal giving.
Our food is laced with chemicals and harmful toxins. Choosing organic at least minimizes this, although global soil depletion is always an issue.
And of course dietary choices are a current disaster.
Our environment, notably the air we breathe, is laced with unknown and known toxins. Recent revelations about weather manipulation (geoengineering) tells us this problem alone may account for the the massive rise in Alzheimers, autism and digestive disorders.
EMF and microwave dangers. This is a massive concern for all those who are aware of the potentially lethal effects of EMF masts,modems and mobile phones. And it’s a growing problem.
THE Mind/Emotion connection. Do not underestimate the power of negativity to create sickness. We are fed so much information, so much pressure is brought to bear on us to fit in, to conform, to shop, to obey, that we are stressed to the maximum. Our bodies are not designed to cope with this amount of stress. It is as though the stress button is always on. It’s killing us.
Consciousness. This area is my most passionate area of investigation currently. It is the root cause AND effect of everything above. We are so much more than these helpless little creatures we have become and are told we are. We are trapped, experiencing ourselves as small and limited, separate and helpless. In truth we are vast and limitless, deeply connected as one and astonishingly powerful. While that power lies untapped we are prisoners, prisoners in our minds and our bodies.

All this together presents us collectively AND individually with big problems.
But this is my stand.
Yes we have to make noise and demand that those who are lying to us and manipulating us are brought to account.
WE must first ensure that we remain as non toxic as possible on all levels.
And that means two things.
1. We need to change diet to a health promoting diet. Without this all other attempts are futile. And changing our diet to a healthy one will power up the body and mind anyway.
2. Detoxification. Both daily and periodic detox is going to be essential over the coming months and years in our increasingly toxic world.

Here are my ideas for detoxing.  It is by no means exclusive. My advice is to research and find what works for you. Some aspects and areas will resonate, others won’t. And without adjustment to your diet, it will all be futile.

Great detoxifying Super Foods:
Chlorella (daily)
Wheatgrass/Barleygrass/Alfalafa/Moringa (daily)
MSM (daily)
Lemon juice (fresh) in water every morning
Chia seeds (helpful for the digestive tract)
Flax seeds (as above)
Hemp powder
Coconut Oil
Green tea
Clay (zeolite)
Oregano oil (wild crafted organic)
Hydrogen Peroxide therapy

Detoxifying foods: Accept nothing less than organic
Raw veg
Leafy greens (raw and steamed)
Sea veg
Fruits and citrus fruits
Garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander.

Aluminum toxicity in wheat

Aluminum toxicity in wheat (Photo credit: CIMMYT)

Detox ideas:
Coffee enemas
Liver detox
Adrenal and Kidney support
Colon cleansing
Move your lymph
Skin brushing
Chi Gong

If you do some of these on rotation your health will elevate. If you are sick you may need to be more focused on taking action. Illness requires more attention as it usually means things haven reached the point where toxins and imbalance are seriously manifesting in the body.
But on the whole these foods, super foods and protocols will do the job and detoxify.
It is my intention to blog about some of these ideas in coming months. Watch this space.

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