Holistic Sessions

Holistic Deconstruction and inquiry.

I am, for some, a last ditch attempt to solve the riddle of whats ailing. When all the usual channels of investigation have been exhausted some people end up with me.

I am not a doctor, a naturopath or any such person.

I am a person who has had years of personal experience diving inside their own holistic experience and piecing together the mystery of being human bit by bit. I am a mapper.

My skills are experience, extraordinary listening skills and an ability to read the interface between language, energy and physicality.

I don’t always give answers but I support the deepest of inquiries into how things fit together.

Because they usually do.

Body health, and our life experience, namely our mental, emotional and spiritual experience are intricately interwoven, and there are signs and indicators telling us where to look and what to look for.
But much of the time we don’t know how to look.

It is an existential holistic inquiry, and I am a sleuth.

Someone came to me because she was at the end of her tether. She was having an increasing experience of body breakdown, accidents that didn’t seem to be her ‘fault’ and a feeling of being trapped. It took us quite some time to dive through the surface appearance of these factors and for her to begin to understand how these all related to her journey through life from her earliest experiences. When she ‘got it’ things began to change.

Of course the body needs attention, and sometimes, in fact often there are medical reasons for what is ailing. But the possibilities of healing and recovery are maximized when we truly understand WHY this might be happening. If it begins to make sense, or even just be a possibility, it changes our relationship to our experience and releases some thing within, maybe some healing energy.

My own experience is of systemic auto immune issues that left me housebound for two years and faced with the prospect of a life of medication and/or surgery. That didn’t happen. I pursued my own health relentlessly. And more recently the auto immune has returned with thyroid issues that are deepening my own inquiry.

It is my dharma to help others who may have reached their wits end with their situation.

If this speaks to you then contact via the form below.

Holism is the process of healing, resolving or removing anything that prevents wholeness.