Books for Healing Colitis and other Chronic Disease

After much research and personal experience I have come to the conclusion that this book by Jini Patel Thompson is probably the very best place to get ALL your relevant information to heal all gut issues from Crohns to Colitis and IBS.
I cannot begin to impress on you how important this book could be to you (or someone you know). I absolutely believe that gut issues, whatever they are, can be healed and we do not need to descend into a life of constant medication and suppression of symptoms.

Jini’s website is:

To buy her book go here: Listen To Your Gut


The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse N.D

The Ultimate guide to detoxification. Another Bible. Robert Morse is a hero in the detoxification circles and has a thriving and inspired YouTube site.

His herbs are amazing and powerful, his approach unique and he gets results, particularly for people who are seriously ill. Iris reading a speciality.



The Transformational Power of Fasting by Stephen Buhner

This book is a must. Fasting is known to really help and even totally heal chronic conditions like Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Simply by stopping eating for an extended period of time, 21 days, or sometimes much longer, allows the whole body to turn its attention to healing without distraction.

Personally I believe if the body is up to it and strong enough, this may be the optimal and speediest route to take.




This woman deserves her own category. Although it might not appear that this is about colitis or immune disorders, she cuts straight to the heart of the matter. Cellular dysfunction is the root of the problem, and she explains why. She has written two books and I absolutely recommend them both.

Cellular Awakening – Barbara Wren

It will tell you things about your cellular function, about how the cell works and why its so important to pay attention. Knowing this wisdom will seriously help you on your path to vibrantly healing and wellness.





The Three Season Diet

Excellent insight and information from Dr John Douillard.
It makes perfect sense to follow the seasons and allow ourselves to be guided by nature. You will need to be able to source your food fresh and organic, but then you should be doing that anyway, where possible.

This book is our current bible.




All these I have read and recommend them for their various insights, information and/or inspiration.
In no particularly order:

Andreas Moritz: Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse

Norman Walker: Colon Health

Markus Rothkranz: Heal Yourself 101

Donna Gates: Body Ecology

Bruce Lipton: Biology of Belief

Charlotte Gerson: The Gerson Therapy

J. Wilson: Adrenal Fatigue

David Hawkins: Healing and Recovery

Dr V. Lad: Ayurveda, the Science of Self-Healing

Robert Young: PH Miracle

Gabriel Cousens: Conscious Eating


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