Immune 101 Sessions

My speciality is the Immune System.

But not in the ordinary way you may expect.

I am here to shed new light on your understanding of what your Immune System means and how it relates to your interface with what appears to be the outside world, and how that relationships involves what you think, feel, say and do.

Your Immune System is almost the greatest metaphor that links the whole of us, from the cellular to the spiritual, together into one holistic being. The immune system is our relationship to the outside world.

It is impossible to be ill with dis-ease unless there is some problem with the immune system.

body defense

Immunity is described as: protection or exemption from something. It is that layer of protection and defence that, at its best and strongest, can discern between friend and foe, take right action, use minimal energy and return to resting as soon as possible to save all resources. Proper immunity is relaxed and grounded. It is rooted in nature and connected to the whole organism. At best it is at Aware Rest. Aware Rest might be described as being an alertness that comes from the deepest level of being.
Think of the image of a Samurai Warrior. He is poised, relaxed, calm and highly aware of what is happening inside himself and outside. You could not sneak up on him easily. He is not easily scared or intimidated. He is not panicky or lost in ‘fight or flight.’

Aware Rest is not fearful or agitated. It is fully present in the now, and undistracted.

Imagine being fully present, undistracted, relaxed and yet aware and able to respond to the environment quickly and efficiently.

Does that sound good? You see, the immune system, as well being a physical thing unto itself, is also a reflection, or even a metaphor, for how you are in the world. When I listen very carefully to how people describe themselves and their relationship to other people and the world they perceive as ‘out there,’ I hear an incredible amount about them. And then when we look at where their gut health and immune system is at a picture begins to form about their psycho-spiritual-phsycial condition.

The words we use say everything. Words, intonation, body language, all reveal how we are, how we feel about ourselves and how we relate. It is amazing what we say without realising it!

Make no mistake, there is power in understanding the deep connection between the apparent separate parts of ourselves. When we awaken to our wholeness we can see how one area of imbalance, disharmony or frustration affects the whole of us.
And equally, when we restore balance and harmony in one area, it affects all areas.

The whole is contained in the smallest part. We live in a fractal world. Holographic and fractal. Everything contained within everything else. We perceive as separate, and we believe it to be so. Therein lies our delusion.

If you think you can live fully without an immune system think again. Without an immune system you will die from virus, illness or invasion, very quickly. There are rare cases reported of babies born with this syndrome, called Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Most of these babies have to live in a bubble of protection their whole vulnerable existence, and die prematurely.
In other words, without a healthy functioning immune system the world will invade us and kill us.

And what happens during the course of our lives, invariably, with the lifestyle choices we make, and the toxic emotions we carry around our whole lives, is that our immune system becomes over worked and under nourished. If the immune system is constantly called to action and never given rest and rejuvenation, it either goes haywire, which we call autoimmunity, or it just gets tired and ineffective, often manifesting as hypothyroid symptoms or similar.


The way your immune system is on the physical level with its environment is almost exactly the same way you are in the world with your own environment (friends, family and the world in general).
I cannot stress this point enough, even though it sounds weird and you probably won’t think it is important. Grasping this information and inner knowledge is actually extremely empowering in our search for wholeness, purpose and wellbeing.

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My sessions will include some focus on this area of your health, illness and purpose.
In our sessions we will approach your immune system on every level.
Physical – Foods and practices to heal and strengthen your immune system.
Emotional – Healing old wounds and toxic emotions that keep the immune system in a high state of alert.
Mental – Inquiring into our healthful and unhealthful beliefs and resolving the unwanted.
Spiritual – Developing spiritual wisdom and depth.

Get in touch if you want to know more.