We Are Light Beings Stuck in the Darkness

We are designed to channel LIGHT. That’s what we are, light beings.

That light should inform us on the cellular level, bringing information and life to each cell, complete with instructions for each of ours divine destiny.

The blueprint for our purpose here on Earth is contained in this light. Without it we are kinda lost.
Sure we can substitute this blueprint with our egoic games and assertions. That’s what happens to most people. And that’s what the world is composed of mostly, ego games.

This is not some new age woo woo idea here. I believe this theory will become evident truth in the years to come. It’s not lightweight information, it is hard core and deeply challenging, yet it really is HIGHLY INSPIRING. It opens up many new possibilities for healing, and brings hope where, often, there is none.

Without this light informing and guiding our hands life will be struggle. Welcome to the world of Samsara, of suffering.

So the question is, ‘How can we get this light into the cells and bring the ‘body spiritual’ back on line?’

That is what this ‘holistic practice’ is all about:
Bringing harmony where there is separation, holism where there is fragmentation

It takes work and effort.
And that certainly rules out most people. I am afraid to say that many people, even though they want this kind of experience, don’t want to work hard for it, don’t want to have to change too much for it, don’t want to go beyond their comfort zone for it.

But what I am talking about involves all the above, and more. Which means you must have a certain warrior tendency to contemplate it.

Is that you?

This is the big question.

What if almost everything you’ve been told about health and the human body is wrong? What if you had within you the ability to heal from any condition?‘ – Barbara Wren

Click the PICTURE to explore the book.
This book is a great introduction to new possibilities. I recommend it for information, inspiration and expanding possibilities. It is a timeless classic and is still relevant today. Buy it you will not regret it.

So what if we actually have it all wrong?

What if we are going about health, well being, the body, and even life itself, in the wrong way? What if our core understanding of how life happens, how we happen, what nourishes us, what affects us, is all wrong?

I am prepared to explore those possibilities, and in exploring them new ideas emerge. A whole new potential way of thinking and living arises. That is what we need so badly, hope and vision.

Maybe it is time for a complete overhaul of the old paradigm of beliefs.

Because beliefs define how we interact with the world – and our beliefs appear to define how the world responds.

So what can you and I really do to get this going, get more light streaming into our lives and into our cellular bodies?

1. Detox and Nourish the body – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy. The current western diets are all over the place. They are highly acidic and chemicalized. Getting back to basic is a good way to begin and keep going. That means eating fresh foods, made by God, not man. Mostly vegetables and fruits. Keep away from ma made products, they are the addictive and acidic ones. Nature is balanced mostly, and that is what is going to restore us to harmony.
That said focusing in on gut health is always going to help create and restore core well being and harmony.

2. Deal with hot and toxic emotions – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy? Most of us have lived lives that have forced us to push away difficult emotions. It is culturally acceptable to sweep things under the carpet, and that’s what we have all done. But it doesn’t work, it doesn’t create health and it has an impact on the body. Imagine what this means over the years, as we build up these stresses. Yikes.

3. Spend time in nature doing nothing – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy. Just do it, that is all. It works. Sit next to a tree. Walk barefoot on the sand, on the grass. Swim, paddle, lie down. It is hard to do nothing, but it works, it stills the mind and the immune system, and of course the nervous system.

4. Visualize and contemplate radiant light streaming in to your cellular body and lighting up your inner body. Give yourself to this process every day for 21 days and see what happens. See each cells welcoming the light and using it to eject the toxicity and blockages, and see those being carried effortlessly from your body. This really works and was something I developed as a practice when I was housebound and seriously suffering a few years ago.

After 21 Days Water Fasting in Costa Rica.

If you start here things will begin to happen, because you are creating new habits, and new habits are what you need.

And of course if I can help in any way do let me know.

Thanks and stay healthy!
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Cellular Health and Spiritual Wellbeing, The Connection

A couple of inspiring videos for you:

These are excerpts from interviews I did a few years ago. They are inspirational invitations to go deeper into your holistic experience – for many reasons.

Your health matters, to yourself obviously, but it also matters to the collective whole. It is connected to our evolution as a global body. And the epidemic of illness currently circling our planet is a sign of illness on the core level.

Here is why both you and I are being called to take greater responsibility.

Hate, war, fear, violence are all illness that stem from the deepest cellular, and mental, and spiritual, imbalance.
But so do peace, calmness, groundedness and right action based in loving kindness.

Don’t Focus on the Disease – Focus on the Cause and the Cure.

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Folks…Its been becoming more and more obvious to me that we are seriously deluded in our ‘medical system’ understanding and its sphere of influence. We look at things all wrong, even if we are ‘alternative’ thinkers who walk the natural path.
We are looking at things from the wrong way round, and it’s a habit that tricks us over and over. It is the pathology of disease and what we do about it.

P1000563This is the issue. We focus all our attention on the disease we have, whether alternative or allopathic. We do not really ask the obvious question and deal with it systematically. What is CAUSING the said disease? I know it seems obvious to be saying this, but honestly its the truth.

When I had Inflammatory Bowel Disease (it was called Ulcerative Colitis, a name I have never liked) I was intent on dealing with the symptoms as I experienced them. They were blood and mucus, heat, swelling, digestive problems, immune system problems, anaemia, and the side effect issues of infections, low energy, depression etc.
It took me years to realise that I had to go the long way round to treat this problem. Sure, there were things I could do to ameliorate the symptoms and make it possible to live day to day, like pacifying the inflammation, NATURALLY (never pharmaceutically), but the real results came over a long period of time, and had their roots in massive detoxification to remove the heat and toxicity that was causing my body to react in an inflammatory way.

The disease was not the cause, it was the result. The cause was over acidity and accumulation of toxins and foreign elements in my body that was disturbing the equilibrium, causing my liver to be over burdened, and the subsequent cascade of gut and organ related issues. Ulceration of the colon was the inevitable result of massive toxicity, over acidity of the system, inability to detox my body, stagnation of the lymph system, clogged up gut (I had never had a colon cleanse) and so on and so on.

Understanding that allowed me to understand that there was a kind of logic to my getting this disease. The disease didn’t just appear ‘out of the blue.’  It seemed to, and it shocked me to the core at the time, and I felt like quite the victim for a while, and thought my life was over, but way down the line of healing I realised it was inevitable that Inflammatory Bowel Disease arrived. It was inevitable because of everything that was going on at a very deep level in my body. It was actually an invitation to healing. My disease was, paradoxically, an invitation.

When people ask me how I healed this disease that so many people struggle with, there are many factors I talk about. But the one that really makes a difference, and is very different to other people who just can’t shake the disease symptoms despite the healthy lifestyle, and that is:

I did 3 full Panchakarma Detoxifications at the very start of my illness. The first was the trigger one that shifted my body from stuck to flowing, but unleashed the storm cascade that erupted as IBD. The next two, within a year of each other, removed a massive amount of heat and chemical toxins that were lodged deep in my body. AYURVEDA is what is at the root of my healing. Ayurveda is the most profound of healing modalities, and Panchakarma saved my life and provided the bedrock of my healing. You see, whatever detoxification system you decide to use, and if you are ill you will have to detox at some point, it has to be thorough.

If it doesn’t get deep enough it won’t work.

I am not particularly a fan of superficial detox programs. I think they are, at best, scratching the surface and giving false hope, and at worst stirring up the hornets nest and not following through with the removal of toxins. If you stir em up, you gotta get em out.

Mung Soup for the SoulAyurvedic Panchakarma is a 4000 year old system that is specifically designed for this purpose. Its focused. If its a good clinic, it is tailor made to the individual needs, disease and body type. It is a 4 – 6 week protocol that requires you to stay in a clinic and be treated day in and day out. And after the detox process is over, the next process begins, and that is called the ‘rasayana’ phase, which is nourishing and regeneration of organs and tissues.

When I was advised to do this process, back in 2004, and I was looking for an explanation of what it was, my practitioner explained it was like surgery without any implements. He said it was like cleaning a house, removing all the furniture and stripping back the walls to their original nature. It sounded incredible. And scary.

And it was both!

The only thing that has got anywhere near it in terms of impact has been water fasting, but in my opinion Panchakarma, certainly the clinic we attended, was by far more long lasting and much deeper in its penetration into the organs and tissues. Panchakarma focuses on the liver, on the gut, and on the whole of the gastro intestinal tract. 

So coming back to my purpose for this blog. Panchakarma focused its efforts on dealing with the cause of my inflammation, at the deepest level. It was very tough for them and for me as I was heavily symptomatic at the time and bleeding and very sick. I could easily have gone to hospital at that time and they would have taken me in. But no, we pressed on and dealt with the removal of toxins…

And that was the root of my subsequent healing. It then took me years to heal the gut, to rebuild my immune system, to nurture my liver, and to deal with the flood of emotions that came at me like a tsunami from the past. For a few years I was housebound, gaunt like a prisoner, confused and bewildered. But I rebuilt from the ground upwards.

Eventually I made it. And then no more symptoms. No more inflammation of the gut. The symptoms disappeared when the cause was dealt with, because the symptoms weren’t the problem. The cause was the problem, and its that we need to attend to.

Look for the cause.
Find a practitioner who wants to help look for the cause. The cause will be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It may feel like it just arrived out of the blue, like an unexpected visitor, but that is unlikely. It’s probably been on its way for years. Find out why. This deep holistic enquiry may well save you a lot of heartache, needless searching, treatments and fruitless investigations, not to mention money. Don’t be duped by the symptoms, or by the label, or by the relentlessness of the disease.  If its one of the chronic ones, its a symptom, a result, not the cause. Find the cause, which usually means looking at the past.

Kavi Hockaday-1033Thanks for reading! If you want any info about Ayurveda or panchakarma get in touch. I’m not an expert but I’ve got lots of experience and may be able to point you in the right direction.

The Power of Illness to Change Your Life is a new ebook written by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday.


This is an inspirational book in which Kavi does two things.
First he shares his own experience of how early emotional traumas led to lifestyle decisions that finally led to a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease.

He then describes the long ten year journey when he turned his back on the treatment orthodox medicine offered him (lifetime medication and/or surgery) and pursued a natural course. This deeply profound journey took him to every level of being, from the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual.

It was a total transformation. That transformation is what led to this book.

The second thing Kavi does in part two is talk about some of the elements the reader might face if they decide to ‘walk the path less trodden.’ The healing path is mysterious and certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ journey. Kavi’s book is not a how to heal your condition the book.

It is, primarily, inspirational.

He says, “After going through such a deep and mysterious journey, one that took me to the depths of my being, brought me face to face with God, and challenged me physically over and over again, I realised that so many people might want to go the ‘natural healing route’ but are so discouraged by friends, family and those in apparent authority, that it was my karma and my responsibility to give voice to the power that illness offers to heal our lives. It healed my broken heart, it healed my emotional wounds, it brought me to personal power, and it brought a level of peace that was previously unavailable to me.

When I consider what might have happened if, back in 2006 when I received my diagnosis and treatment plan, I had simply taken all the drugs and not questioned anything or walked out of the hospital, I shudder.

I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to Know Myself deeply and intimately, and I see that this possibility is there for everyone who becomes ill, and all we need is encouragement, support and sometimes some guidance by those who have walked some of the path.”

The book is available on Amazon Kindle for Pre-Order.


Lets Talk about Detoxification

Lets Talk about Detoxification.

It is my opinion that a lot of people, many who are ill, think they know all about and have actually done, detoxification. And yet I am firmly convinced that many of these people are wrong. I know, it’s contentious right?

But I just see it all the time with people who are not recovering from illness.

Detoxification, when performed with diligence, knowledge and commitment, should become the ground out of which balanced and grounded health grows. It provides an almost new base on which to build. If that building is also performed with care, love and intelligence, and full attention has been paid to the emotional and mental states, then harmony and wellbeing is almost assured. It cannot fail to happen unless something has gone wrong in the process (or in the unlikely happenstance of genetic malfunction).

And almost always the ‘something gone wrong’ is inadequate detoxification.

Let us just clear one thing up. If you, or someone you know, suffers from a chronic systemic illness, a short juice fast, a few days without carbohydrates, a smoothie feast, or a simple change of diet, even if it is to raw food, will not achieve the results I am pointing to.


It will not reach the areas of the body where the deepest toxicity lies. It will not reach into the liver and invite it to release some of the toxins and viruses, heavy metals and residues it is holding onto. It may not even totally cleanse the bowel or small intestines, or blood, or lymphatic system, and it certainly won’t penetrate the cells.
It may do a small something and bring some mild relief, and convince you that you have achieved the mythical ‘detoxification.’

But in a few short weeks or months you will be left wondering why you are not recovering and pretty much feel the same as you did. You might even try some new supplements in the hope that they will help. Or change the diet.

(Please not that all the above are valid and I am not taking away from them or judging them harshly, I am simply saying that if disease has penetrated to the core of the body, then detox has to reach the same core, and some detox programs just will not be able to get that deep. It is logical).

But you may also lose faith in this idea of the benefits of detoxification. Not everyone believes in detox. The mainstream do not, at all. And I know some health people who do not either.

Personally, I am a firm believer, and for this reason.

I have experienced a few times the power and results of detoxification when done properly, and fully believe I would not have the health I do now without it. I have no signs of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Hashimoto’s (under active thyroid), Raynaud’s syndrome (circulatory problems), fungus and mould in my hands, Rosacea (eczema on the face), and terrible heat that riddled my body. My IBD, which came in the form of ulcerative colitis, should be, according to mainstream medical knowledge, in full swing, and I should be on medication of steroids, or of course I should have lost some or all of my colon in necessary surgery. None of these things has happened.

It has taken a long time to heal. But I have done it, and the only thing that makes me stand out from most people who struggle with diet, supplements, emotions, exercise etc is that I have DETOXIFIED LIKE NO ONE ELSE I KNOW.

1. When I had my first Ayurvedic Pulse reading in 2003 I was told I had arthritis and a huge toxic problem in the body. I was only 44 years old.

2. In 2004 I went to India for my first ‘Panchakarma.’ Most people do not know about this Ayurvedic treatment. It is one of the most powerful detoxification protocols there is. It takes 6 weeks to perform properly and works on the deepest levels of the body. It is also a ‘karmic’ cleanse so it addresses emotional, mental and spiritual levels of consciousness as well.

3. When I got ill with IBD in 2005 I went for TWO more Panchakarmas in India. It was extremely hard work, I lost weight, looked terrible, felt so weak, and still carried the IBD symptoms.

4. But I used those three experiences to build and nutrify on, I used them as the foundations of the new ‘Kavi Building.’ And slowly, slowly I began to rebuild.

5. Since then I have done the juice fasts, liver cleanses, colonics, and recently have even done a 21 Day Water Fast. I have also done the Robert Young ph Miracle cleansing, and the Karen Calabrese cleanse. I was 90-100% Raw for at least 4 years.

But nothing was as powerful as the Panchakarma. You see the detox has to get deep, real deep. If you have toxins, they don’t just hang around on the surface waiting to say hi. The liver may well take them and store them in fat deposits, or they may bury themselves in joints, or hidden and dark areas where no juice can get to. I had 20 years of drug taking, alcohol abuse and toxic emotions.

So detoxification has to get very, very deep. That means it has to have some wisdom and intelligence and wisdom behind it. The Panchakarma method has over 4,000 years of development behind it. It is designed, at its best, to penetrate the 7 levels of the body, through external and internal treatments, to soften the body up so that, over a period of time, the body becomes willing to release some, or all, of its toxins.

A soft body will willingly release more than a hard and rigid body. The toxins are then moved to the gastrointestinal tract for subsequent elimination and cleansing. It is quite some process and hard going.

When I walked out of the clinic after the first Panchakarma in 2004 I was like a baby. I could feel everything, I was so sensitive it was almost painful. Everything was stripped bare and I felt naked. I knew I would never be the same again. It took quite a lot of adapting to and I had to change and grow a lot.


The only other system I know of that has the same level of power and depth is Water Fasting.

Water Fasting is extremely powerful, and so simple it defies the mind. It is the process of doing NOTHING AT ALL.

You surrender everything to the natural intelligence of the body and allow it to do what it needs to, through non-doing and non-intervention. That might mean a 5, 10, 21, 40, or even a 50 day fast. The body turns its full attention to living on fat stores and removing everything useless and toxic. It is Nature’s Secret Weapon, and we miss this most simple of actions by taking loads of supplements, medicines and using endless meaningless ineffective diets (Sorry dieticians!)

It can be an amazingly transformational experience on all levels of being. Do not doubt the simplicity of fasting as a means to resolve long standing and chronic physical issues, mental issues or feelings of spiritual disconnection. It is no mistake that all religions carry some vestige of fasting as a means of connecting with God. Fasting is what animals do in nature when they are sick. It is the most natural thing to do in the world. And yet there is such fear around not eating!

So for me, the two most effective detoxification protocols, and both very different from each other, are Panchakarma and Water Fasting. 

The former you will probably have to go to India, and in India you will have to research and investigate the best, most recommended and thorough PK centre to go to.

Panchakarma is a word thrown around in India, and some even use it to describe a spa. Do not be fooled. If the process is not performed with wisdom, good herbs and attention to detail, it could be worse than not doing it at all. The toxins get stirred up but the removal from the body is incomplete = toxicity that was dormant is now active in the body. That can cause trouble to major organs. So do research. I have included a link to the centre I attended in Mumbai, which could be the start of your investigations. You can, of course contact me for more information.

The second protocol, Water Fasting, if you decide to do over 10 days, I would suggest finding a centre and putting yourself in the care of an experienced professional. Again, they are hard to find, and in UK and USA they are few and far between.

Up to 10 days, if you are not really sick, is possible at home, but support is necessary, and having the space and time to totally let go, unplug from work, internet, family etc is vital to allow the body to do its healing. And of course attention needs to be given to the re-feeding program. You cannot just launch back into your old diet when you finish. It can be dangerous. The centre I attended is in Costa Rica. I have included a link to it at the end of this article.

Of course you can talk to me about it.

I may also be offering one to one support for those who wish to dive into a 5-10 day fast. Even the short fasts bring stuff up physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Which ever protocol you choose is a powerful vehicle for transformation. One reason I value both of these very different methods so highly is that both of them will challenge you on every level of being.

They are both deeply holistic. You will meet unresolved emotions, beliefs and thoughts. You will come face to face with that part of you that feels unloved and even unlovable. They will lay bare your feelings of isolation and separation. And they will open the door to self love, gratitude and compassion. They offer you the opportunity of a lifetime to resolve karmic issues and allow the healing to flood through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. What an opportunity!

The other trick regarding detoxification is not to get too hooked up on it. There was someone I met a couple of years back who wondered, rightly, why there are so many people in the raw food movement who are obsessed with cleansing and detox. It almost appears as though they feel dirty and are trying to erase themselves. Detox is necessary, but the desire needs to be tempered. The body is not something to be punished.

It is not a bad thing to have a body, and we don’t have to get too religious about it. It is not our ‘hair shirt.’

Do it efficiently and move on. Return every so often and then leave it. Don’t pick at it as though it is something neurotic, it may become an obsession. That is not what you want, or what it is for.We are, surely, looking for harmony and balance within. Of course we do consume toxic chemicals and pollutants all the time, and with the arrival of the modern industrial machine, this has only increased.

But cleansing has to be balanced by high quality and focused nutrition. When these two work together, then the body really starts working. One without the other creates imbalance. Detoxification allows the body to absorb nutrients and become strong and powerful. Focused and high quality nutrition help the body to naturally detox what it does not want.

Focused nutrition brings power to the immune system and blood supply, supporting the whole organism, the liver and all the vital organs, to work efficiently and expel unwanted toxins and poisons, viruses and bacteria from within.

 Detoxification Specialists:

Ayurvedic Panchakarma: Try Ayushakti in Mumbai.

Water Fasting Center: Tanglewood Wellness Center. Costa Rica.

Robert Morse N.D. Detox SpecialistUSA.


Transformational Power of Fasting: Stephen Buehner.

Andreas Moritz: The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

What in the Cell is going on?

What in the Cell is going on?

Since my site is all about the delicate but absolutely necessary balance between acid and alkaline, both in the body AND in the rest of our lives (emotions, mind, actions, diet, recreation, spirit) then I wanted to share this article by Gary Tunsky. It goes into details about cellular activity, and is quite an eye opener for those who haven’t thought about it before..Taking care of our cells is probably THE most important thing we can do for our well being..Download and enjoy.