DETOXIFICATION Brings us Face to Face with Ourselves.

Today is the final day of our new year cleanse. A big pot of Kitchari.

Tonight we take Epsom salts (or Prune Juice in my case as I’m sensitive to Epsom) and then tomorrow we may get rid of old toxins.

It hasn’t been very difficult but its always better to go somewhere neutral to do cleansing I find.
There are too many distractions and work related issues at home. It pulls you into the world, and a big part of detoxifying is to drop the world for a while and go inside.

That inner space doesn’t always have to be peaceful, it is more just a turning in another direction, inside instead of outside, and that turning attention within seems to do something, allowing the nervous system to relax, and allowing all old thoughts, beliefs and emotions to rise to the surface for healing.

The mind and the body follow each other, sometimes one leads and sometimes the other.

The point of holistic health is to get the relationship between these two apparently separate things (in truth they are not separate) as harmonious and fluid, as natural and relaxed, as possible.

When they are out of whack there is a disconnect between mind and body and between emotions and body, and between spirit and body, and that disconnect can become chronic and dangerous to the whole organism.
Much of illness has its roots in this disconnect. All chronic illness has its roots in this disconnection.

Healing it can seriously help restore connection and harmony. But to restore connection we may need to attend to the body and it’s stored ‘stuff,’ and by stuff I mean real life toxins from chemicals to heavy metals to pharmaceutical drugs etc etc AND old and toxic emotions that hurt and strain the system like pent up rage or guilt, old trauma and grievances.

Detoxification brings us face to face with ourselves. I guess that’s why so many people don’t like it.

The process is simple. As you go further into detoxification, through whichever method suits you (fasting, panchakarma, juicing, or specific diet) so old toxins and impurities that have hidden in your system for ages, become dislodged and begin to circulate, hopefully in readiness for elimination through various channels. This dislodging and circulating creates discomfort, both physically and emotionally, and creates a certain energetic invitation to revisit old memories and sometimes painful experiences. It brings up your stuff.

The task is to be able to allow all of these to be released, both physically AND mentally/emotionally. If you can’t release them emotionally they may well end up being re-stored in the body until you are ready. There is no ‘right or wrong’ about this, there is only readiness or unreadiness. So we do what we can, we prepare ourselves emotionally for the detoxification experience, support the body to release on the physical level and attend to our emotional and mental wellbeing by not getting too caught up in old triggers or dramas and becoming more equanimous.

That is not always easy. And it really doesn’t mean putting on a brave face or pretending it didn’t hurt or it doesn’t still hurt. Of course not. It means being real, and if it means crying or being angry then that’s what must happen. But it does mean not getting stuck anywhere with stories or righteousness or justification. It means FEELING IT FULLY AND LETTING IT GO.

Detoxification is the time to turn one’s love inwards and to take care and nurture oneself, physically and emotionally. If we want lightness and freedom to flow in our lives, we have to give that lightness and freedom to our own bodies, our own cells and our own emotional wellbeing. It is a valuable time for restoration and is a wonderful antidote to the world that constantly pulls us outwards into forever doing. Everything about the modern world is based on activity, on doing things, on the speed we move at, on time itself, of which there never seems to be enough.

Detoxification turns all that on its head and invites us to drop it, at least for a while. No wonder its challenging.


Thanks for reading.



Mung Soup – Detox and Nourish – Food for the SOUL

Try this ancient and rebalancing Ayurvedic recipe. Devote one day a week, we do Monday, and drink this soup for the whole day. You will not starve and will reap enormous benefits.
The soup is highly nutritious and naturally detoxifies the body. It works by cleansing the liver, gall bladder and vascular system of any ama (undigested toxins). If you follow it for a few days you will lose weight, as well as any retained water and feel lighter, clearer and more energised-but you need to have a little willpower initially, though it does tend to get easier day by day.


This soup:

Cleanses the body of toxins and residues (including heavy metals) by cleaning all the body’s subtle channels.
Balances the Vata, Pitta and kapha dosha, important in Ayurvedic understanding
Corrects digestive fire (or agni)
Sharpens the mind, providing tranquillity, energy and vitality
Promotes weight loss, reduces swelling and water retention

Mung Bean Soup Recipe:
You will need:
400g mung beans (whole green or split green or yellow but green is best
2 litres water
½ tsp. turmeric powder
2 pinch asafoetida or Hing (optional – we don’t use it)
2/3 tsps of fresh root ginger
2-3 cloves garlic
Half an onion
Ghee or olive oil
1 tsp. each of cumin powder and coriander powder.
rock salt or herb salt

Wash the mung beans thoroughly and then soak them either over night or for at least four hours before cooking.
Heat ghee or olive oil in a pan and add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 pinches asafoetida (to take the gas quality out of the beans).
Sauté for a few seconds and then add the soaked beans, fresh water and some fresh root ginger. For one part soaked mung you need about four parts of water.
The amounts given above will make 5 generous portions.
Leave to bubble away for 30-40 minutes and add more water if necessary. Continue to cook until all the beans are soft and broken up. If you use a pressure cooker, the soup needs cooking for only 8 minutes once the vessel has come to pressure. You can then turn off the heat and leave the pot to cool for a further 10 minutes before opening it.
Once the beans are cooked, heat some ghee or olive oil in another pan, add 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic and half a chopped onion and sauté lightly for a minute until soft but still aromatic.
Now add some finally chopped fresh root ginger. Next add one teaspoon of cumin and coriander powder plus any other herbs or spices (except chillies which are too heating), such as cardamom seeds, black pepper, black cumin seeds etc. and briefly sauté. Add these sautéed spices plus some rock salt into the mung beans and continue to simmer for a further few minutes. Don’t add salt in the beginning, as this makes the beans tougher and they therefore take longer to cook. Serve the soup warm with a good squeeze of lime juice, and some fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped and stirred into the soup.

If you feel like a little variety, you can also add green leafy vegetables, pumpkin or courgettes. You can also blend the soup for a better consistency and flavour.
Any question please get in touch.

We Are Light Beings Stuck in the Darkness

We are designed to channel LIGHT. That’s what we are, light beings.

That light should inform us on the cellular level, bringing information and life to each cell, complete with instructions for each of ours divine destiny.

The blueprint for our purpose here on Earth is contained in this light. Without it we are kinda lost.
Sure we can substitute this blueprint with our egoic games and assertions. That’s what happens to most people. And that’s what the world is composed of mostly, ego games.

This is not some new age woo woo idea here. I believe this theory will become evident truth in the years to come. It’s not lightweight information, it is hard core and deeply challenging, yet it really is HIGHLY INSPIRING. It opens up many new possibilities for healing, and brings hope where, often, there is none.

Without this light informing and guiding our hands life will be struggle. Welcome to the world of Samsara, of suffering.

So the question is, ‘How can we get this light into the cells and bring the ‘body spiritual’ back on line?’

That is what this ‘holistic practice’ is all about:
Bringing harmony where there is separation, holism where there is fragmentation

It takes work and effort.
And that certainly rules out most people. I am afraid to say that many people, even though they want this kind of experience, don’t want to work hard for it, don’t want to have to change too much for it, don’t want to go beyond their comfort zone for it.

But what I am talking about involves all the above, and more. Which means you must have a certain warrior tendency to contemplate it.

Is that you?

This is the big question.

What if almost everything you’ve been told about health and the human body is wrong? What if you had within you the ability to heal from any condition?‘ – Barbara Wren

Click the PICTURE to explore the book.
This book is a great introduction to new possibilities. I recommend it for information, inspiration and expanding possibilities. It is a timeless classic and is still relevant today. Buy it you will not regret it.

So what if we actually have it all wrong?

What if we are going about health, well being, the body, and even life itself, in the wrong way? What if our core understanding of how life happens, how we happen, what nourishes us, what affects us, is all wrong?

I am prepared to explore those possibilities, and in exploring them new ideas emerge. A whole new potential way of thinking and living arises. That is what we need so badly, hope and vision.

Maybe it is time for a complete overhaul of the old paradigm of beliefs.

Because beliefs define how we interact with the world – and our beliefs appear to define how the world responds.

So what can you and I really do to get this going, get more light streaming into our lives and into our cellular bodies?

1. Detox and Nourish the body – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy. The current western diets are all over the place. They are highly acidic and chemicalized. Getting back to basic is a good way to begin and keep going. That means eating fresh foods, made by God, not man. Mostly vegetables and fruits. Keep away from ma made products, they are the addictive and acidic ones. Nature is balanced mostly, and that is what is going to restore us to harmony.
That said focusing in on gut health is always going to help create and restore core well being and harmony.

2. Deal with hot and toxic emotions – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy? Most of us have lived lives that have forced us to push away difficult emotions. It is culturally acceptable to sweep things under the carpet, and that’s what we have all done. But it doesn’t work, it doesn’t create health and it has an impact on the body. Imagine what this means over the years, as we build up these stresses. Yikes.

3. Spend time in nature doing nothing – sounds simple right? Well its not that easy. Just do it, that is all. It works. Sit next to a tree. Walk barefoot on the sand, on the grass. Swim, paddle, lie down. It is hard to do nothing, but it works, it stills the mind and the immune system, and of course the nervous system.

4. Visualize and contemplate radiant light streaming in to your cellular body and lighting up your inner body. Give yourself to this process every day for 21 days and see what happens. See each cells welcoming the light and using it to eject the toxicity and blockages, and see those being carried effortlessly from your body. This really works and was something I developed as a practice when I was housebound and seriously suffering a few years ago.

After 21 Days Water Fasting in Costa Rica.

If you start here things will begin to happen, because you are creating new habits, and new habits are what you need.

And of course if I can help in any way do let me know.

Thanks and stay healthy!
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The Detox Project is Live, FREE and online


I am happy to pass this information on…Detoxification has been the single most important element of my own journey with healing. I truly believe I would not have resolved my Inflammatory Bowel Disease unless I started with huge detoxification. 

And believe me, I had huge amounts of toxicity in my body from years of pharmaceutical and chemical grade drugs, drink and toxic diet.

The more information you have about detox the wiser your choice can be.

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RAW Rainbow Detox Salad

salad 2Some of you who know me, or remember me, will know I used to run something called the Divine Kitchen, an online super food shop. It was a small business but our products were very good, prices were pretty low, and customer care was the top priority. Sadly I had to let go of it when Amoda, my wife, and I, started to travel a lot. It was a one man show.

But as part of the Divine Kitchen, which arose from my RAW food days (yes I was a ‘raw foodie’ for 5 years or so), I used to offer recipes, videos, even an ebook of great ideas for healthy living. It seems like a long time ago now, but it was only 2 or 3 years back.

Sometimes I miss the RAW food diet. Although it wasn’t sustainable for me in the long run, as I found out to my cost, it was also incredibly healing, detoxifying and cooling (a good thing and not so good thing) and it was very energy boosting.

Nowadays I think we eat a more rounded and powerful diet and of course eat approximately 70, maybe 80% of our food RAW, but there is nothing like eating only fresh vegetables and fruits, as clean as possible! And when I talk about RAW, I am really referring to the vegetable and fruit part of it, not the chocolate and nuts and raw breads etc…I mean the cleanest eating you can get before juicing.

And if you have been reading some of my blogs, you will know I have been suffering from a massive skin rash these last few months, which decimated my skin and completely freaked out my immune system and nervous system, let alone my mind.
The diagnosis from alternative doctors seems to be excess heat in blood and therefore liver, and damp and cold in the body as well. We think it may possible be caused by my mercury amalgams removal, that happened in Costa Rica early last year. I haven’t been quite right since then, and it is possible that its taken this long to work itself out. Thanks to Chinese herbs and Ayurvedic herbs it is on the wane, but still it wont leave completely.

So it is down to me to help my body deal with it effectively. I probably should have done this a while ago but didn’t feel ready. YOU HAVE TO BE READY.

Hence I am sharing with you today’s food. It might be useful to you because it is an easy and versatile meal, it is anti inflammatory, detoxifying, cooling, nourishing and extremely satisfying to both eye and mouth. Mouth watering you could call it. I would love to share it with you:

salad 1







Single Bowl RAW Rainbow Detox Salad – Simplicity itself.


Fresh Lettuce
Radish X 3
Cucumber X 1
Yellow and Red pepper
Small yellow tomatoes
Spring onion
Avocado X 1
Local tart Apple (not supermarket apples, they are dead)
Fresh turmeric
Cilantro for heavy metal and toxin removal
Sprinkle Apple Cider Vinegar
Lemon juice X 1/2 lemon 
No Olive oil or just a sprinkle

Eat from the bowl. Make sure you have enough.

Anti inflammatory
Blood cleansing
Deliciously simple!

For heavy metals and toxin removal take Cracked Wall Chlorella approx 30 mins before the meal, and the Cilantro will activate the metals and poisons and the Chlorella will transport them from the body.

I seriously believe this is a good meal for health and healing. No bread, no meat, no extras, just keep it very simple and your body will thank you..Try it!!

And comment if you feel moved or you can add something extra to the salad that might kick it up a notch…There is always room for improvement!!

Thanks for reading!! Happy detox. Kavi

salad 3

Where Is My Colitis Now? GONE – No Symptoms At All

I’m writing this blog today for anyone who thinks they cannot heal chronic disease.
I’m writing this for those who have cancer, those who have inflammatory conditions, those with blood issues and all the chronic ‘hopeless’ conditions.

And I am writing this for the consultants and doctors who, over the years, dismissed my notion of healing my condition as ‘impossible’ and even stupid. Yes, I’m writing this in defiance and wrathfulness.

I am not angry anymore, but for years I actually was angry at them for giving me so little hope and so few options.

Now I see part of my mission on earth is to spread the news to ordinary people, to show them that there ARE possibilities, and there is hope, and how we should never give up and resign ourselves to what other people, even if they are so called ‘professionals, say.

If I had listened to some of those voices many years ago, if I had followed some of their professional advice and let myself be led like a horse to water, I can only imagine what state I would be in today, ten years later. It wouldn’t be good.

You see, when I was first diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease in 2005 in a London hospital I was told in no uncertain terms that I would have it for life, I would probably be on medication for life, and that I may have to have surgery to remove some of the infected areas. That is a colonoscopy.

Colitis report 1Here is the report they sent to my doctor. Click to view in detail.

If you look at the report it suggests I should be started on a drug called Asacol.
It is an immunosuppressive, which is something I will never understand. I have just, for the first time, searched on Google for the possible side effects of this drug and I found crazy things!
Here is the link, have a quick look.
For a start, some of the ‘side effects’ are actually exactly the same as the effects from the colitis itself! Like ulcerative colitis aggravated (up to 15%)

But when you are prescribed these drugs it is very very rare that you would be told about these side effects. They are terrifying! Worse than the disease itself.

And here is the thing. Chinese herbs and acupuncture, Ayurvedic herbs and treatments, herbal medicine, naturopathic remedies, NONE of them have any side effects. And they DON’T suppress the immune system. They will support and modulate the immune system, but there is a big difference between this and forcing the system to quell its activity. To me one is force the other is healing.
I have just found another great article about this:

Well that fateful day I was told of the possible future I faced is forever etched in my mind, for the single reason that I chose, as it says in the report, not to take their advise but to follow my own instincts and knowledge and pursue natural treatments. At that stage I had no idea what those natural treatments would be, but I already knew Ayurvedic (Indian) and Chinese herbs were very powerful and useful, so I imagined I would start there.

But that is not my point, that is for another blog. My point is always this, and I have said it before time and time again.

Despite what little hope I was offered that day, and during subsequent assessments and diagnoses, I never took any medication at all. NONE, ZERO, ZIP. And that was quite tough, because my symptoms got pretty serious at a couple of points.
In fact a recent discussion with my doctor about something else involved him asking me about my natural healing path and how I coped with the ‘acute phase’ of this dis-ease. ‘Good question,’ I thought and answered, because it meant he was taking me seriously. It is the acute phase that lands most people in hospital with very serious symptoms that demand urgent intervention. The answer was that I let it flow, and that meant sometimes 20 bowel movements a day and pouring mucus and blood (sorry for the squeamish among you!). Remember I wasn’t taking any meds, so I thought of it all as somehow the natural actions of a body in crisis.

Although it was mentally and emotionally very challenging, I tried hard to see that what was happening was the body taking the right action to try and eliminate toxins and pathogens and restore balance. The body was trying to detox and purify, but the effect was dramatic.

There is a big difference between seeing your own body from a compassionate, supportive and caring position, and seeing your body as having gone wrong and being angry, or fearful, or brutish with it. Your body hears and knows and responds to what you feel and say and think.

I know what I’m saying is hard and challenging and even with the best will in the world, sometimes intervention and hospital, medications and urgent treatment, are the only way. That is, as they say, the way it is.

I think what I am saying is to always look at your own mental attitude towards yourself and your body. Although I was freaked out by what was happening to me over the years it took me to heal, I never viewed my body as my enemy. I devised meditations and healing visualisations for myself to listen to every day. I explored my unconscious mind and emotions to the deepest level I knew, and left absolutely no stone unturned in my commitment to supporting the healing process, no matter what. I became a servant of my own healing.

Doctors don’t know about the healing journey. Most people don’t. We are all thinking in the same box most of the time. It is very limited. It is a mindset that works when it works, but when there is a breakdown, the mindset is sadly lacking in its ability to explain it or deal with it.
It is the same in mental health, psychological problems, addictions, and even societal problems.
We are caught in this mechanistic mindset that reads symptoms in a linear manner and attempts to rectify problems by medication, removal or incarceration.

Very rarely do we hear anything about healing, rehabilitation, forgiveness, compassion. Yet these are surely vital aspects of the human species?

I never took any medications, and it has now been over ten years. And guess what has happened? Well slowly slowly, and sometimes very slowly indeed, and sometimes forward and sometimes backwards, I have healed my wounded colon and reduced my inflammation, restored gut integrity, nurtured and nourished the physical needs of my body, dealt with emotions and mind, and now, for the last two years at least…


I don’t think about it any more. Occasionally if I am suffering with something else, it can trigger some gut sensitivity, because I think I will always be sensitive in that area. And I have a tendency to immune weakness. I took a hard blow back there and I believe these hard blows, when they are chronic, always leave their mark, as though this is where we always need to pay attention.

But on the day to day level, there are no signs of IBD, colitis, or anything. Even I am shocked sometimes. My symptoms were powerful back then, for example I was almost 90% housebound for two years, I weighed less than 45Kg, had sometimes 20 bowel movements a day and was always losing blood and mucus, I couldn’t eat anything, was nauseous and semi anaemic. It was hard core and I had to dig so deep into my inner resources just to stay with it.
But I did.

And you can. Whoever is suffering from a ‘chronic dis-ease’ hear me good.

Kavi Portrait 2 copy

The Body is a Demanding Lover

The last few weeks have once again brought me face to face with an area of life I already thought I knew intimately, namely  body issues that take over life. We call it illness but in many ways its more like a demanding lover.

This time round it started as either a spot or a bite that wouldn’t heal when we were in Costa Rica. I have had wound healing problems before, because my immune system is impaired and weak, and because I have been suffering from circulation issues since my inflammatory bowel disease, so this wasn’t a surprise.
When we returned to the UK I sought to get it looked at and get some blood tests. The doctor spotted infection in the leg wound and gave me some antibiotic cream to apply. I used it, reluctantly, for 7-10 days and it didn’t really change things. After about a week I noticed spots and bumps appearing on the arms, and this progressed and progressed until it became a rash. When the rash became worrying I sought the doctors help again, he offered the cream again for the leg wound and not much for the rash.
At that stage I saw my Ayurvedic doctor who found me to be very out of balance…

The rash a few days ago. Its much much worse now.

Anyway, here I sit a week later at a friends house in Kings Langley, north of London, after a trip to the A and E yesterday to ask for a diagnosis. The doctor has said I have a full blown histamine reaction. The rash has covered my whole body, including some of my head, and has actually morphed into one big rash that looks like a second skin, red and raw and flaky…its agony..My arms have swollen because of the rawness, and right now its not abating.
I look like a reptile!

I have been given antihistamine tablets and I’m praying they are going to work…SOON!

So, my friends, I decided it was time to write from the place of suffering.

Now I have had the chance to reflect and dive into this I can see how my recent life has led to this, and how, on mental, emotional and lifestyle levels, I have contributed to it. Thats not blame its just awareness.

I need to see clearly to be able to change the things that I can change in order to give myself maximum chance of health for the future.

Thats why I say the body is a demanding lover. You always have the choice, to resist and make up stories, to fight it and try and dominate it, or to surrender and learn to love on a whole different level. Body really demands that we listen when it displays symptoms. To me the body is feminine, it represents the earth because its born of the earth and dies back into the earth. Mind must surrender its wilfulness to the body to be peaceful.
Body reveals to you where you need to change, as long as you are willing to really accept responsibility.

I have listened to the message that has come this time. What I heard is this. Because in my life over the last two years there have been so many changes, it has caused much instability and ungroundedness. Amoda, my wife, and I are trying to move to the US, ad we gave up out flat in the UK last year. We have been nomadic since September and its been very stressful. I have dealt with it badly, mainly by not acknowledging that I couldn’t cope, but also by thinking I could cover it up and drink lots of coffee and life a ‘bulletproof lifestyle’ and its reared its head and bitten me.

Basically I overruled my body. And I know that you can only do that for a limited time, especially if it involves stressful living, and you already carry issues.

I can’t say these lessons are easy, and if you are experiencing things, or you know someone who is, I send you my love and recognition. Many ailments, symptoms and signs, are mysterious and not easily definable. And without knowing what is going on the mind easily freaks out and imagines the worst. But mind needs to be tamed. And it gets tamed by bringing it into presence.

The whole thing about ‘being present’ was preoccupying me as I was going to sleep last night. I realised that proper breathing and being fully present go hand in hand, they become a healing in itself, and they allow the entire organism to relax for a while, which quietens the immune and nervous system.

Being present isn’t just some spiritual exercise, it is a very practical approach to illness. It has beneficial effects.

I have been doing pranayama breathing exercises for immune system healing and calming, and I must say they are excellent for keeping me here, softly aware of this moment, without any stories. You simply cannot fully breathe and have lots of stories of past or future at the same time. One or the other. And healing is only found in the breathing.

This is the key point about presence and illness. Illness is taxing and stressing to the whole organism. Illness is also highly intertwined with emotions and mind. It is entirely natural, when the body suffers from unusual and painful, life interrupting symptoms, to worry and be concerned. But there is a fine line between healthy concern that drives positive action, and the kind of anxious worry that makes matters worse by stressing the adrenal glands, over burdening immune and nervous system, and bringing the system down lower. Body and mind are hardwired together.

So presence is great antidote to this. Its not just an idea that brings some relief, although it does that. Its actually more a form of medicine. Call it Presence Medicine. It softens, it nourishes, it allows loving energy to flow. It forgives and even brings joy. In the great allowing that being fully present brings anything can happen, even miracles. There is a doorway to spirit offered by being present. The divine is through that door and, upon true communion with the divine, all things become possible.

Presence is not found by doing anything. It is found by not doing anything. It is found by undoing everything. It is a profound not doing, not making any movement to change anything. Everything is allowed to flow through. there is no mental grabbing at thoughts or sensations, no attempt to change pain or discomfort. Just a growing awareness of all things that appear in the field of awareness. You simply become awareness itself. And if that is not possible, you just sit and listen to the rapids of thoughts or stories, or pains as they come and go. Eventually the noise dies down, and you might catch a glimpse of peacefulness. Try it! Try it whether you are ill or not. It really has great benefit for your life.

OK thats enough from me for today. Thank you so much for reading. I’m off to get my herbal remedies, do some yoga and breathing, and makes some prayers for my healing..I need to move on from this.

Sunbeams in the green wood