Are Heavy Metals a Bigger Problem Than We Imagine?

We live in a chemical world, of that there can be no doubt. Since the industrial revolution the western world has been exposed to increasing amounts of toxic chemicals in all areas of life, from domestic to environmental, from the cars we drive to the homes we live in, the air, the water and the soil.

We ALL have toxic metals inside us. ALL of us, no matter where we live. That is a simple but almost universally accepted truth. We don’t want to face this, and many nay sayers would have us believe that our bodies are designed to cope with such things.

Did I get this rash because of heavy metals?

Our bodies have taken thousands, millions of years to develop immune systems, nervous systems and detoxification systems, to cope with what NATURE throws at us. But the last 200 or 300 years has seen such a dramatic increase in human created toxic insults that our bodies have had no chance to adjust or learn. They are under assault, and have no strategies to successfully defend us.

Check this information..
Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms – Medical Medium

Heavy metals can cause ADHD, ADD, autism, depression, OCD, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s, focus, concentration and memory loss issues, and much more. They can also increase any viral or bacterial issues you may be battling. For example, heavy metals can serve as a feeding ground for Streptococcus A or B, E. coli, C. difficile, H. pylori, and yeast cells. This can create an overgrowth of multiple bacteria in our gut, resulting in a condition known as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), which is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation (or both), and can lead to nutrient deficiencies.”

Then listen to his blog below.

I myself have wondered for years about the danger and prevalence of heavy metals inside me, and inside everyone else. It just seems to make sense that it’s like the elephant in the room.


Suppose for a minute that it is true, and heavy metals, toxic substances that the body can’t deal with, and cause havoc to our inner systems, are actually in pretty much all our bodies, to greater or lesser degrees. What would that look like in this day and age?

BINGO – IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS…An epidemic of ‘auto immune’ diseases, autism, alzheimers, depression, anger, anxiety, behavioral problems, thyroid cascade, ‘mysterious illness syndrome’ and so on and on. Exactly what we currently are experiencing in ever increasing numbers, would be accounted for if heavy metals were found to be endemic.

Of course there are other factors that are in play, like the food quality these days, vaccines, air quality, water quality, and the stresses of modern life. But heavy metals are pretty much included in all these.

I have a strong feeling about this. I feel it to be true in my own body, and I have a hunch it may be true for you, if you are suffering from some ‘auto immune.’

Please do some research, and be open to the possibility. I am doing something more about it. I don’t want heavy metals, whatever they are, in my body. They cause havoc and create disease and distress.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Sleuthing Your Symptoms – Becoming Sherlock Holmes of Your Body

It has taken me at least a month. In fact in total it’s taken maybe a year and a half of mystery, and I think my wife and I have finally solved the riddle of my weird health symptoms and non specific suffering.

Mercury poisoning!

Damn it.

In Costa Rica in January of last year we both had mercury amalgams removed in what I can only describe, in hindsight, as a ‘backstreet dentist.’ Amoda is ok, but I have definitely suffered since that time. But for a whole lot of reasons we haven’t really pinned my health issues directly onto that experience.
Last night our sleuthing research landed firmly and squarely on a website that detailed all the possible effects of mercury poisoning, and although some of the damage is unbelievable for many people (not me thankfully), ALL of my symptoms fitted perfectly. That was a first. With previous attempts at finding the cause there was always some anomaly and some doubt. But not with this.
From my unexpected spike in bad cholesterol for no reason, to skin rash, to fatigue, brain fog, poor wound healing, cold body, swelling, everything just pointed in one direction. Mercury.

And that is the main reason I’m writing this short blog today. It’s not just about the relief in finding an answer to my searching.
ingredientdetectivebIt’s about the need to become your own Health Sherlock Holmes and approach your symptoms methodically, scientifically and intuitively, and never stop until you feel ok about letting it go OR you find something that feels absolutely right. You have to rest in knowing or not knowing. constant doubt is insidious and wears down the mind and the body, causes adrenal stress and leaves a big hole in the psyche.

The body is intelligent. It is responsive and acting intelligently. It follows certain pathways and has it’s own logical process. But we still don’t know many of these processes. Our danger is that, because we don’t know the ‘mind of the body’ well enough, we are always in danger of intervening too early and ‘hijacking’ that process.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do that. Often it is not helpful for healing.

There is a well known phrase that floats around the ‘health internet’ that says something like ‘the trouble with toxic medications is you then have to heal from the medication AND the cause of the symptoms.’ Modern medicine doesn’t take that into account at all.

It’s a kind of ‘sweep it under the carpet’ technology. Yeah sure, it works in emergency, and I myself took antibiotic cream and antihistamines. But I know that when I have finished the treatment I have to go back and repopulate my gut bacteria, detox my system and build health consciously with supplements and real food.

The more we HELP the body’s intelligence and don’t suppress it, the better we heal. That is my theory after all these years.

And that really means a revolution in patient centrality needs to happen. The patient, you and me, have to become central to the healing, health and illness process, not as the ‘patient’ but as the director of health. It’s called ‘taking full responsibility’ for your life, health and illness.

It still means you will probably consult professional help. But you wont put your intelligence and critical judgement in somebody else’s hands unless you absolutely know they can be trusted with it.

Doctor will be one modality of many. This current system of ‘doctor as health god’ is at an end, and move on we must. Doctor has his/her place, and sometimes chemical medication is the only option. But thats all it should be, AN OPTION.

At your disposal you can have, a functional doctor, a naturopath, a Chinese doctor, an Ayurvedic doctor, specific and affordable testing, a detox specialist, a massage therapist, a healer, rebirther, and your source of research, Google.

Imagine having all those at your fingertips, so if you do get symptoms you can decide who to consult, and you do that because you are already informed by your research on Google. And do not doubt the power of Google to help you discover the cause of your issues. Here is some starting news.

Is-Google-Searching-for-the-Next-Big-Thing1Your doctor uses Google all the time!

There is nothing wrong with exploring and researching your symptoms on Google, and do not let your doctor tell you otherwise. Being central to your own health is called Patient Power. You want that. Your doctor may not want an informed and intelligent patient. To your doctor you mean trouble. So they call you neurotic and demean your inquiries. DO NOT LET THEM. There is a big change coming in the world of health, and patient power is going to be central to it. The trick is to get real smart about how you interact with your doctor.

Make sure they know that you are not a fool and you only want answers, and you prefer natural health, and you want to know the root cause of your issues. Ask them to help you with that. If they are super resistant you may have to change doctors.

It is high time doctors started to change the way they relate to the patient. And that will happen when we change how we relate to them. Remember, you have options, and some of them are so much better than your doctor. Many already treat patients with dignity and openness, but this needs to become the norm, not the exception.

So there you are, thats my blog for today. I hope it encourages you on your journey. For me, I now have something definite to attend to, and can drill down into making sure any mercury is removed from my body, and creating better health and stronger immune system and nervous system.

And be careful where you have your mercury amalgams removed. We were assured by this guy in Costa Rica, who had quite impressive equipment and talked a good removal, that we would be safe. But it would appear there is no safe when it comes to mercury. There are thousands of tales of the after effects of removal for some time, sometimes years. Why oh why did we ever decide to put bloody mercury in our mouths!!!!! I mean, who had that bright idea? Because it was not one of the most intelligent ones I’m sorry to say.

Thanks for reading, stay well, do your research. Drop me a comment, like my blog, share it with someone who is a bit lost, and get empowered. There is a revolution happening and you can be at the forefront of it by simply deciding to be your own health advocate from now on…Good luck..

Love and Good Health


cowboy 2 copy



The Power of Illness to Change Your Life is a new ebook written by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday.


This is an inspirational book in which Kavi does two things.
First he shares his own experience of how early emotional traumas led to lifestyle decisions that finally led to a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease.

He then describes the long ten year journey when he turned his back on the treatment orthodox medicine offered him (lifetime medication and/or surgery) and pursued a natural course. This deeply profound journey took him to every level of being, from the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual.

It was a total transformation. That transformation is what led to this book.

The second thing Kavi does in part two is talk about some of the elements the reader might face if they decide to ‘walk the path less trodden.’ The healing path is mysterious and certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ journey. Kavi’s book is not a how to heal your condition the book.

It is, primarily, inspirational.

He says, “After going through such a deep and mysterious journey, one that took me to the depths of my being, brought me face to face with God, and challenged me physically over and over again, I realised that so many people might want to go the ‘natural healing route’ but are so discouraged by friends, family and those in apparent authority, that it was my karma and my responsibility to give voice to the power that illness offers to heal our lives. It healed my broken heart, it healed my emotional wounds, it brought me to personal power, and it brought a level of peace that was previously unavailable to me.

When I consider what might have happened if, back in 2006 when I received my diagnosis and treatment plan, I had simply taken all the drugs and not questioned anything or walked out of the hospital, I shudder.

I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to Know Myself deeply and intimately, and I see that this possibility is there for everyone who becomes ill, and all we need is encouragement, support and sometimes some guidance by those who have walked some of the path.”

The book is available on Amazon Kindle for Pre-Order.


Start GREENING your Life


A great way to kick start your health and well being is to ALWAYS think green first thing in the morning.
After scraping the tongue and brushing the teeth, drink 2 – 3 glasses warm water with a squeeze of lemon to flush through toxins from the night.
Then you are ready for green.

These are some options (I do all of them!).
Supplementing at least five days a week with liquid chlorophyll:

  • Enhances energy
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Eliminates body odor and bad breath
  • Cleans the digestive tract
  • Aides in the prevention of liver cancer
  • Is beneficial in all cancer therapy
  • Helps with anemia
  • Aids in the elimination of mold from the body

Buy it from Amazon …Click on the bottle.

Grow your own or use Powdered.

  • Wheatgrass contains about 30 beneficial enzymes. Enzymes improve overall healthy functions of your body.
  • Detoxifies liver, cleanses colon and removes toxins from your body.
  • Cleanses the blood.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure.
  • Balances body’s PH, restoring favorable alkalinity.
  • Wheatgrass boosts the formation of red blood cells and white corpuscles.
  • Wheatgrass stimulates the thyroid glands, therefore speeds up the metabolism.


  • Chlorella is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E.
  • Chlorella is now used as an adjunct supplement during radiation treatment for cancer. Its abundance of chlorophyll is known to protect the body against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Powerful Detoxifier.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Balancing pH levels.
  • Normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar.

Wheatgrass (Photo credit: jilleatsapples)

Some of the Nutritional facts about Spirulina:

  • Protein:60-70% protein by weight, depending on variety.
  • Complete protein source.
  • Highest concentration of protein by weight of any food thus far studied.
  • Vitamins (rich in the following):
  • Beta Carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A.
  • B1, B2, B6.
  • E.
  • K.

Contains a full spectrum of minerals and is especially rich in Iron and Magensium.
Possible Health Benefits:

  • Improved Mental Functioning.
  • Alkalizing.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Blood building.

Do these EVERY DAY and at first you will detoxify, but after that you will nourish and cleanse.
At the very least you will be alkalizing the body at a vital time, first thing in the morning.

Super Foods – Hype or Help?

With Kavi Jezzie Hockaday (owner of and the

This is my opinion and mine only.

I am the owner of a small, friendly and thriving online super food business in the UK. I have been taking super foods for years, each and every day. I have tried and used most of them and still now have my ‘regulars’ that I take each and every day, come rain or shine. I also take some supplements, particularly since my days of chronic illness.

I love people buying my excellent and (mostly) organic super foods. I love people enquiring about which ones do what and finding something they really like. I love that most of my customers are regulars who have found something in these ‘foods’ that they resonate with enough to come back often to re purchase. It is a worthwhile occupation and great service, particularly in these toxic times where so many are deficient and malnourished, acidic and lacking in basic health. At least the people who are shopping with Divine Super Foods are making active health choices and not just passively joining those who are steadily declining as they get older. All that is fantastic and I applaud it and encourage it.


And here it is…

Hype is hype is hype, whatever area of the modern world we are in. And the ‘super foods will save your life’ hype is very active on the internet. Wild claims are made for super foods, and if you believed everything that you read, you would be SUPERMAN or SUPERWOMAN just by taking the latest super food on the market. Acai berries, Chia seeds, Cacao and Goji berries have all, at one time, been hailed as the answer to nearly ALL your problems, physical, emotional AND SPIRITUAL.

I have also been lured by these lively encouragements at various times. What generally happens is, after the hype has died down, the price has gone up and the searching for the Holy Grail of super foods continues.

SO Here I am to dispel the myths, as one who uses super foods AND sells super foods.

Super Foods are not the answer to your problems!
You are the answer to your problems. Period.

And this is the number one point.
Nothing is as good as Organic Whole Live Foods, freshly picked, ‘in season’ and indigenous to the locality where they are eaten.

A plant based, fruit included, live food diet is THE BEST source of nutrition you can possibly get. Super foods can never be a substitute for a healthy diet. A freshly picked juicy orange, an avocado, goji berries still on the tree, maca root in its original state, fresh Wheatgrass just grown and juiced, these are HEALTH foods.

Dried, extracted, powdered foods are good, but they are not that good. Let’s not run away with ourselves here. I hate hype. Why? Because it’s bullshit wrapped up as truth with a design to sell something..We have lived on hype long enough. Super Foods are ok enough without hyping them.

They are a GREAT adjunct to a healthy diet. If you have access to amazing fresh foods, like you live in a tropical zone and pick or buy real high quality fresh fruits and veg, or you grow your own, you may not want or desire or need super foods at all…Well don’t buy any! Don’t bother, save your money and spend it on something groovy.

But if you live in a city in Northern Europe where its cold and the food is (quite honestly) boring, cooked, and heavily root vegetable oriented, then jazzing up your smoothies, your dressings, your cereals, your trail mix, your cakes, with a healthy dose of Maca powder, Cacao powder or Wheatgrass powder is a fantastic idea. But don’t forget to eat properly from the original source. When use super foods as an ‘addition’ to a healthy diet, then you may well notice the difference. They can lift your vitality higher, they can give you that extra boost and even give you the ‘happy high’ feeling. But you also need to temper them with not allowing a ‘buzz’ to result in adrenal fatigue (I’m referring to too much Cacao particularly here).

And I have actually met quite a few people who are eating a pretty lousy diet and seem to use super foods to offset the effect, like ‘Well I’m taking these super foods so I’m healthy and taking care of myself right?’  No, you are not. You may well be wasting your money on an attempt to make up for bad lifestyle choices. You see let’s face it, Super Foods are hip. When things are hip they are adopted by those who aren’t necessarily genuinely interested in them. They may not even know what they do. People latch on to what is cool. Super Foods are cool. That’s why I’m writing this. Super Food is cool, Raw Food is cool. That confuses it, dulls down the true worth and, in this case, trivialises health and wellness.

Health and Wellness is a big problem in every country in the western world, and now in the eastern world as well. Health is not a trend, it is a necessity, a base line from which to live a passionate and inspired life. Trading our health is trading our passion and energy. No amount of cool super foods will heal a disease it just won’t happen.

But they can ignite interest in health, they can make things taste real good (Maca Powder, Cacao Powder) they can help in detoxification and cleansing (Wheatgrass, Chlorella) and they can assist in immune balance.  Just don’t mistake them for real food, healthy emotions, fresh air and conscious emotional balance.

Have a  great day, I’m off for my smoothie now!