It has your best interests at heart and seeks to protect you from DANGER!
It has been your closest ally from the beginning. At first it was your main supporter but slowly slowly it became deeply embedded.
In its mission to look after you at all costs it steals way too much power and becomes addicted to its influence.
It usurps your attention until it runs the show.

Most people don’t even know its there. But you do. 

By this stage it really doesn’t matter whether you are happy, miserable, successful, a murderer or a politician. It’s not the end result, or the attainment, that matters. It is the addictive mechanism of mind, the ‘pain body’ that matters. As long as that is constantly alive and being fed, nothing else is important. You may think it is, but underneath your stories is the ego protector and usurper going about their business, hidden and obsessed.

Waking Up’ is seeing the mechanism and, either suddenly or gradually, reducing its power and influence to that of a kitten, rather than an out of control maniac.
Just seeing it over and over and over again, and giving it no more power than you would a dream, thats how it dissolves.

You don’t kill it. I wouldn’t engage with it on that level of battle, you are sure to lose. Just seeing it and recognizing it as a protector and usurper is enough. Withdrawing your energy from it until it succumbs and becomes a servant rather than tyrant.
And then you do that over and over again.

And then the world tests you. Because the world is you.
And it will test you in your intimate relationship, your family, kids, your work, driving your car, running errands, being creative, getting sick, dying, everywhere you go it will come with you, constantly showing you the mechanism and inviting you to withdraw power from your own mind.

It is a crazy journey, and you fail over and over.
But what you do when you fail is what matters.

Try it, try it today for the rest of the day.

See where you get pulled into your story, into your righteousness, into judgement, into self negating thoughts and beliefs, into this emphatic being right or wrong, into driving rage, into impatience, into depression and anxiety, into argument. It’s there. It’s always there. It’s your job to see it there and be honest, and disengage its power through the simple act of awareness. That’s all waking up is, the simple act of awareness. Simple yet utterly profound.

Let me know how you get on.

It’s Just a Ride

Despite the overwhelming desire we humans have to define ourselves by either what we do or do not do, the truth is far more magnificent and transcendent.
The truth is simple, yet it’s simplicity is utterly inconceivable by the mind. This truth doesn’t actually help you particularly, but without it you will lean towards becoming OVER identified with whatever you are drawn to, and that OVER identification may lead you towards great unhappiness and fear, possibly depression.
Are you ready for this simple, magnificent truth?
First let me tell you what you are not:
You are not a wife, husband, seeker, artist, activist, coach, vegan, meditator, runner, raw foodie, or anything. You are not sick, healthy, happy, miserable or angry. You are not rich or poor. Not for this or against that. You are not becoming more spiritual or more ‘at peace’. You are not growing. You are not better than or worse than anyone. Put simply.
You are not:
All the above, and a million other descriptions of things you are not, are THINGS YOU DO while you are here.
But please, for heaven’s sake, do not become too identified with these things because this identification will cause suffering. You can take them seriously but always remember (I am Not) BECAUSE….

YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS!!! before and after everything. You came from consciousness and you return to consciousness, and while you are here YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS.
This is the first, and most important, truth known in spirituality. Unfortunately the majority arrive here on this Planet and instantly totally forget this one fundamental piece of information. And as a consequence take this life to be the whole show, the complete ticket. Ego untethered is a monster. When ego rules, guaranteed we are gonna have problems.

And here we are.
So please, just remember this one truth and don’t get so carried away that you become murderous or fanatical or suicidal.
As the great Bill Hicks once said “It’s just a ride“.