What Has Your Purpose Got To Do With Your Health?

Purpose and Health.

They might sound like they are completely different areas of life, purpose and health. Unless of course you are health coach or a naturopath or something. But what about the rest of us? Surely purpose and wellbeing don’t really relate to each other?

But oh yes they do! I have just been on a coaching call with a client and we delved into this area somewhat and it led me to thinking. So here I am to share this insight with you in a little blog. It also relates to what I am always saying about the immune system health or dis-ease (see recent blogs)

My thinking around this is that we are here primarily as spiritual entities manifesting as human beings to do three things:
1. Serve others
2. Learn something about ourselves
3. Remember love

Fulfilling your purpose, whatever that may be, is part of your soul’s calling, because it connects your very human experience with your very divine spiritual nature.

13-09-25-connecting-with-the-perfect-realityYour job is to connect those two together, divine and human, and remove and dissolve those things that block this flow of divine energy. Invariably that means dealing with emotions and conditioning.

In other words, in your own unique way, you are here to bring heaven down to earth. That is your highest purpose.
Your lowest purpose is to remain unconscious and serve ego identification.

God, or divine intelligence, has got no investment in either one of these, because you are loved equally and unconditionally anyway. It matters to you in the sense that if you are only serving your lowest purpose you will suffer, and cause suffering. 

My own sense is that eventually everyone wakes up. It may take thousands and thousands of lifetimes, I have no idea. What I do know is you can choose now, today, in this life, to serve your divine purpose.

It is this flow of divine energy from highest to lowest, and from lowest to highest, that brings the greatest transformation to you and to the world.

Purpose floods the cells of the body with energy and goodness. It nourishes and feeds the energy system.

Now here is the nitty gritty. Blocking your purpose, turning away from it, pretending you don’t know what it is, or over identification with small ego self, is a life force killer. It is going to sap your energy because you are blocking its natural flow.


When you block the natural flow of (divine) energy you have to borrow the energy from somewhere.
Why? Because we are energy beings. We need to find energy from somewhere. Those who radiate purpose, who are on fire with their mission, tend to get their energy direct from source without the need for converting it. It might be that they are almost plugged in direct. They eat little and have tons of natural energy.

Everyone else, and this means most of humanity, must get their energy via something else, namely food and drink. 

All this is about frequency and vibration. The lower your vibration and frequency, the more stuck in ego identity you are, and that means the more prone you are to addictions, weight problems, toxic foods, negative relationships etc. These things give you energy, but it is very poor, low grade energy. And it slowly drains you and kills you.

Dense energy = dense relationship with food. The need for heavy foodstuffs.
Light energy = light relationship and little need of dense food. Higher vibration foods suffice.

It’s like blocking a river from flowing. Water builds up, water stagnates, water becomes mouldy, mould attracts disease.

So what is all this purpose? And what to do if you really don’t know what your purpose is? Do you spend your whole life hunting it, dissatisfied with life until you find it? 
Well maybe. But there is something you can do right now.

You can start living everyday from a deeper place. You can take conscious awareness everywhere you go. You can walk with awareness and truth. You can look deeper inside yourself and find where you are not living authentically, and resolve to change that. You can look into where you hide from yourself and others. You can see where you might turn away from invitations to ‘step up’ and shine. You can speak from the heart. You can try things you have never done. You can love more and fear less. And you can help others in whatever way you feel moved. 

That is all purpose is anyway.

And once that happens, it moves energy and starts feeding you, and then you feel energised and inspired, and you start feeding it. And maybe you will get some intuitive flash of insight. Maybe someone will say something that sets off your dream body. Whatever it is, you will be more available for it. Thats the thing, to become more available by opening your self up, even if you don’t know where to go and what to do.

It’s not about doing, its about being.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, I sure have enjoyed writing it..Please feel free to comment and share..

Love Kavi

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Spirit – Mind – Breath – Body: The Divine Connection.

tech_breathworkYesterday evening I had a rebirth session as part of my striving for healing after my recent ‘rash incident.’ I haven’t done a rebirth session for years so expected difficulty and struggle (a common experience is these profound sessions). But nothing happened! It was effortless and easy, and flowed like a divine river.

But I did get an insight into the power of the mind to influence the body systems, and the power of the breath to release us from unconscious patterns and grievances that may be hanging around in the energy body.

So I decided to write you a new blog to inspire you to ‘get with the breath.’

Breath is neglected, taken for granted, and certainly not considered relevant to healing illness.
Breath – It is the first thing you do when you arrive in this reality.
Breath – It is the last thing you do as you leave.
You are born on a breath and you die on a breath. If you stop breathing death approaches quickly:
After 1 minute of not breathing brain cells begin to die.
After 3 minutes serious brain damage can occur.
It is the first thing to stop in a moment of panic.
Most people are not breathing to their full capacity.

If you can master your breath you open the door to miracles.
If you deny access to breath you will starve yourself of the divine.

You see breathing reflects where we are at. It connects the body with the emotions, with the mind’s beliefs, and with spirit. It really is a bridge between the mundane and the divine. It may not appear like that right now, but I guarantee if you were to explore it in a rebirth session or similar, you would see.
Breath is one of the mysteries of life. It is paradoxical in its nature, on one hand its the most normal thing of all and we all do it without thinking about it, but on the other hand when we bring our conscious awareness to it, it is miraculous and incredibly powerful. And incredibly healing.

It should be included in everybody’s healing tool bag.

Many years ago I was a different person indeed. I was tight in my emotions and my body was a mess. Thats one of the reasons I got so ill, there was so much stored up in my body, both physical ‘stuff’ and emotional ‘stuff.’ The illness arrived in my life as a signal to deal with all this stuff. And I did. Bodywork was a key liberator of energy for me. I have cried and cried during many body work sessions. I don’t mind telling you it took a lot of work to release my emotions, they were very stuck and very hidden. When they came it was a tidal wave of trauma, grief, anger and pain.
But it was so necessary to release it, because agree flowing body is more likely to create health and wellbeing. You just cant be truly well if there is stuff trapped in your body. And by stuff I mean the past.


Yes, the past gets trapped in the body during traumatic episodes in our childhood and youth that we couldn’t deal with or accept.

And it stays there influencing our lives until an opportunity comes to release it. We are not meant to carry traumas, but they get lodged and stuck, and the only way to release is through consciously attending to them.

Bodywork is fantastic for this.
And rebirthing is excellent for this.

It wasn’t until I did a series of 10 rebirth sessions with my wife (who was a trained rebirther) that I experienced the full release of all stuff from my body.
When I began those sessions I was a classic newbie to the process, and I suffered all the afflictions that come when there is such stuckness. The hands and fingers curl up and spasm in something called tetany. There is incredible sweating and heat, as well as incredible cold and chills. But most of all there is, at times, a total absence and lapse into an unconscious state. In this state the breath stops in mid air, and ‘nothing happens.’ Its almost funny because its kind of like being in suspended animation. You fly off into a different world, like a dream. And this can happen quite quickly into a session, or whenever. The rebirther might coax you out of it gently, and sometimes just a hand on the chest will bring you back again, but they may leave you to just get on with it.
That ‘absence’ itself is part of the healing process. It really is quite fascinating.
Ultimately there is no right way of doing the rebirth session, and everyone carries their stuff uniquely, but there is an aim. The aim is to be so consciously soft with the breath coming and going that nothing really happens, just an awareness of the whole process, and a sense of something beautiful.
It took me all of my 10 sessions to get anywhere near that!

But I am persistent and I don’t give up.

And one session towards the end of the 10 it kind of happened. The breath just came in and went out, like the waves of the ocean. I fell into a divine state and became overwhelmed by the simple beauty of existence itself. It was so deeply profoundly simple that I cried and laughed at the same time, as awareness saw the whole universe as awake, and it was pouring through me. I truly felt the phrase ‘Breath is God,’ said by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

But this time, last night, it was just normal. It was easy and relaxed, but no flashing lights of illumination or cosmic insight. Just being here now.

This remarkable process absolutely contributes to well being and health, for all the reasons I have stated.
Here is a link to again to the Hazrat Khan piece about the power of breath. Enjoy, dive in, find a great rebirther and get breathing! https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/VII/VII_19.htm

Thanks for reading!

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Radical Sensitivity – Blessing or Burden?

Radical Sensitivity – you have either got it or you haven’t got it.
Its a knife edge, the razor wire, the high wire act.

It’s a gift when it’s in the ascendent and it allows you to see and know things way outside the field that most people operate it.

It’s like living outside the box permanently.

It enables you to feel great compassion for others, and it really promotes empathy.
You can be a great artist, therapist, teacher, guide, healer, shaman, even friend.

BUT…When its on the descendent it turns to a kind of existential agony, like all sensory experience, all inputs, all senses are on overload. It hurts and that hurting makes you want to shrink and hide until its over.

And life swings between the two like an erratic pendulum.

SO…the only trick is to not attach to either the ascendent or the descendent. Neither one nor the other, not favouring the good one or the bad one.
Knowing that they both come with the package, and they compliment each other, and you cannot have the gift without the ‘burden,’ makes the whole thing much more handleable.

Resistance, as they say, is futile.

And there are many of us out there..

And it relates so much to body health and holistic wellbeing that, at some point, you just cannot ignore and you will need to attend it.
I have spent years fighting it, thinking its wrong, loving it, and finally accepting it.

What about you?

Powerful Holistic Truths Revealed – Become a Warrior of Truth!

New Podcast! Finally I am delighted to let you know I have just published my 19th podcast. I have been back in the UK for 4 weeks, and been ill for two of those weeks. It hasn’t been easy and I hate to lose momentum. All these creative projects are about momentum.

But finally I am well enough, and motivated enough, to share this podcast wth you. I recorded it this morning and I think its very relevant to our times.

As the title says, Powerful Holistic Truths Revealed – Become a Warrior of Truth!

My invitation is to come into inner harmony of a meeting place of body, emotion, mind and spirit.
It requires stealth, persistence and guts. It takes time to become deep and harmonious.
It takes time to transcend the addictive behaviour and habits of the ego self.
The rewards are plentiful.
Transformation is the result of inner mastery.
True relating is the outcome of inner mastery.
If you don’t know who you are you cannot relate to other people or to the world.

You have to inquire into your addictions, emotions, wounds, inherited beliefs and choices.
The internal journey thats resolves the addictive habits and behaviours IS the spiritual journey.

The benefits of this inner transformation resonate throughout the whole organism and the whole of life. It turns you into a warrior of love and truth. Your life becomes an act of nature, and as an act of nature ego comes into alignment and you become a servant of love and truth. It is entirely natural.

Become natural again.
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself.

Enjoy! And please Share.


Or listen on iTunes:

The Power of Illness to Change Your Life is a new ebook written by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday.


This is an inspirational book in which Kavi does two things.
First he shares his own experience of how early emotional traumas led to lifestyle decisions that finally led to a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease.

He then describes the long ten year journey when he turned his back on the treatment orthodox medicine offered him (lifetime medication and/or surgery) and pursued a natural course. This deeply profound journey took him to every level of being, from the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual.

It was a total transformation. That transformation is what led to this book.

The second thing Kavi does in part two is talk about some of the elements the reader might face if they decide to ‘walk the path less trodden.’ The healing path is mysterious and certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ journey. Kavi’s book is not a how to heal your condition the book.

It is, primarily, inspirational.

He says, “After going through such a deep and mysterious journey, one that took me to the depths of my being, brought me face to face with God, and challenged me physically over and over again, I realised that so many people might want to go the ‘natural healing route’ but are so discouraged by friends, family and those in apparent authority, that it was my karma and my responsibility to give voice to the power that illness offers to heal our lives. It healed my broken heart, it healed my emotional wounds, it brought me to personal power, and it brought a level of peace that was previously unavailable to me.

When I consider what might have happened if, back in 2006 when I received my diagnosis and treatment plan, I had simply taken all the drugs and not questioned anything or walked out of the hospital, I shudder.

I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to Know Myself deeply and intimately, and I see that this possibility is there for everyone who becomes ill, and all we need is encouragement, support and sometimes some guidance by those who have walked some of the path.”

The book is available on Amazon Kindle for Pre-Order.


Health is how you respond to life

The point is not whether we are ‘healthy’ or not, for what actually is healthy?

The point is more, are we creating enough energy in our body to expel and nullify the pathogens and toxins and cancer cells that gather there during the natural movement of life through our organic vehicle?

Are we manifesting enough healthy thoughts and emotions to keep energy flowing through, sweeping all unwanted guests and creepy crawlies away?

Are we vibrating on a high enough frequency that all lower forms cannot dwell in our body/energy field?

Do you see my point?
Health is not a fixed state whereby ‘I am healthy and all the unhealthy things are outside me’. Health is a resonance, a process.
It’s a process that needs daily attention, a spiritual health practice if you like.


Health can only ever be positive.
Health has nothing to do with diet. It can have, but it can also not have. You can eat as healthy as you want, but you can still carry unhealthy emotions, thoughts and energy around. You can still meet life angrily.

We are all creating cancer cells all the time. We are all absorbing toxins, chemicals, pathogens all the time. Bugs and viruses? Yup, they are always around. Why, when there is a particularly strong virus going around, do some people get it and others not? Luck? Or maybe they are creating enough health or energy at that moment so that they are not ‘sticky’ and so things just flow around them.

Health is multi faceted. It is an attitude, a vibration that comes from deep within. It is a love of life. A big YES! It is so much more than food and exercise. It is an enthusiasm for life itself.
When I was very toxic I went to India for the Panchakarma treatment and had to spend 6 weeks in a clinic with many other westerners doing the same thing. Over the course of those 6 weeks you get to see people pretty clearly. And I noticed that some people just doubted everything, rejected everything, and I felt that some people don’t actually want to be healthy. Being healthy means stepping up, stepping into your life. It means taking responsibility and being fully present and accountable. And trust is an important factor. Some of the people I met just didn’t trust the process at all, and I’m pretty certain they didn’t get anything from it!
Life is a self fulfilling prophecy, and your health is intrinsically linked to your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Respond to life with love, joy, gratitude, compassion. Meet life with enthusiasm and love, not for what you can get but for the simple act of being alive! See life as a blessing, welcome everything that happens, even if it hurts, and then no matter what happens, no matter how sick you might get, you will always be HEALTHY..Healthy in your Soul…

Energy for Life! Or a Car Wreck?

How much energy do you have available to you at this moment? This morning when you woke up? After lunch?

This morning I was up at 4.30am, ready to dive into creativity at 4.45am, exercise at 5.30am and get on with the day by 6.30 am. And still I had a great breakfast, in fact it was BECAUSE I have great breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep that I can keep going…But you know the one thing I feel enables me to keep going and spring back all the time with unlimited energy??
No it’s not Caffeine! But I do have Cappuccino when I want.
It’s not a stimulant. I will come on to stimulants and the rocky road in a minute…

IT IS SLEEP!!  Yawn I hear you say, can’t it be something more exciting? ‘Fraid not guys..We are bio electrical machines that need constant recharging..If you don’t get the full recharge, gradually you will get weaker and weaker..You will anyway, it’s called wear and tear, built in obsolescence it’s called and we suffer from it..But, for example, those of you who have an electric toothbrush, you know how after a few days it just starts getting slower and slower, but at first you don’t notice until it just becomes unusable? Well it’s like that with us over a longer period of time. No charge = No energy. Half charge = half energy. We are so used to living our lives in a state of less than our full energy we fail to notice, and of course we live in the ‘STIMULANT AGE

We are living, all of us, in a time when it’s normal, in fact it’s almost obligatory, to live in the fast lane. That means a sense of urgency fueled by something that lifts us up and stimulates us. The Coffee house explosion is running rampant in our streets. We are fueled in the morning and kept up during the day. By the evening many people, particularly those with creative jobs or demanding jobs, need something to either keep them up or slow them down.

Either way it ain’t great!
It results in adrenal burnout, kidney exhaustion, bags under the eyes, fatigue, liver stress, emotional imbalance and a general state of near collapse –  sorry to say all this but I know it to be true, I’ve been there..

Sleep, real sleep, is the answer…AND EARLY!
I know early to bed is for weeds and wimps, but I’m one of those. At 54 years old my days of late nights are done and gone..Now we eat last food at 6pm and hit bed by 9pm, lights out 9.30 latest. And when, because of  an event or a workshop or something, we get a late night, boy do I feel it!
I am a musician but I would not last in a rock’n roll band any more, that’s for sure!
And that means that I can, almost without fail, get up at 4.30am every morning and meet the day with bursting energy and a smile, possessed by creativity and passion (not always).
Think about it, that’s all I’m saying. As you get older you may want to reassess the late night habit and see it as just that, a habit. And like all habits, it can be changed if it no longer works..
Here’s a good article..http://stopandbreathe.com/2011/03/15/your-most-restful-sleep-ever-in-six-simple-steps/

Man sleeping

Hydration and Mood

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you just start feeling low, or anxious, or angry?
And much as you try you can’t locate the source of this trouble?

Well I might have the answer…DEHYDRATION!

Just a couple of days ago after a few days of pretty intense mental computer work my energy suddenly dropped. I felt pretty groggy and then noticed I was getting anxious and a bit depressed. It’s very unlike me to have this I’m usually pretty bouyant so this was strange. And like most people I took it personally and thought it was something I was or wasn’t doing, or some deep unresolved emotion trying to make it to the surface.
And then I remembered a similar thing happening a few weeks before and thinking that maybe I was dehydrated.
So I decided to drink a lot of water (good quality water) over 24 hours and see what effect it might have. Well within 24 hours I was chirpy and energetic and back to normal! A simple solution for what could be treated as a big problem.

Reports show that even a drop of 1-2% of water from our bodies can create the conditions of dehydration, and dehydration in the body seems to send messages to the brain alerting it to the need to take notice. But we misread these signals and think something is wrong with our emotional state, so the question is…
And guess what?
Women have a stronger reaction to dehydration than men.
And nothing but water will resolve it. No tea, coffee, soda, nothing will create hydration, except pure still water as natural as possible.
The problem is compounded by the fact that by the time we feel thirsty dehydration has already happened and then it will take time to rehydrate, and the other problem as far as I can see is a deeper and more chronic one, and that is that the majority of people are chronically dehydrated. Not only because they don’t drink enough pure water, but also because the diet and lifestyle many people have is simply not hydrating.
Hydrating foods are the ones that have a lot of water in them..Salad ingredients, fruits and vegetables, mostly raw. It’s obvious. And processed foods and heavily cooked foods, meats and dairy, are not hydrating. In fact the opposite happens, they leach minerals and water from the body.
Do you see how the area of hydration opens up to being pretty darn important?
And we haven’t even discussed Cellular Hydration which is the root of it all.

So the best answer to these issues is prevention. Hydrate by sipping water, eating whole live foods and fruits and getting the body alkaline. Take your hydration seriously and it will repay you with energy and a lightness of spirit and mood stability.
Here is an article on the effects of dehydration Article on Dehydration

And here is an amazing book on the cells that talks about cellular dehydration and chronic illness and what we can do about it..This book is simply a MUST READ if you are interested in core health.

Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light

Facebook Detox Day 2 – the addict comes clean

It is truly incredible to realize how much of my energy and time I have given to Social Media and particularly Facebook in the last few years!
I woke up this morning as usual at 5.30am and made the decision not to turn on computer immediately. And then I began to notice all the times I automatically turn towards Facebook. In the gaps between things I would ‘plug in’ and check out what’s happening and then would be drawn in to the Facebook world. Trouble with this is that it becomes habitual and unconscious, and then we become ADDICTED to it.
Suddenly I have been plunged in to asking myself questions.
Number 1 question I am asking: What am I doing this for? What is the purpose?
There is always a purpose in what we do. It isn’t always a positive one, or even the one we think it is, but there is always a purpose.
Until we ask the question in an authentic way we will not know. Human beings are very self deceptive. Remember, at least 90% of our actions are unconscious and only 10% or so are the ones we are aware of. We are governed by deep forces. Our ego is VERY CLEVER like a wily fox and will tell us stories about what we do and what we are doing things for. Sometimes these stories are true and beneficial, but sometimes they are limiting and untrue. Only awareness and discernment can unravel which is which.
And of course at the end of the day it’s all love, it’s all ok and the most beneficial course of action is relaxation and love.
So now I find myself asking, what am I running this page (I run 12 pages on Facebook) for?
You see, for me, it’s not just about time, it’s more about energy (I talk about energy on my site). I want my energy to go to places where it’s useful, flowing, creative and productive. Being focused, not in a tight way, but in a relaxed way, means staying in the energy field of one’s being. Just like a spiritual master, or a zen buddhist or a practitioner of martial arts.
And Social Media is SO DISTRACTING! What chance do we have to stay softly in our energy field when we are pulled this way and that, this comment does this, this picture does that, and before we know it we are down a rabbit hole and we have no idea how we even got there!  It is the Facebook Matrix!!

Hence my Holiday..I have, in the past, been highly addicted to many things. Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sugar, Crazy relationships. I love to hide and merge with things..It’s a Piscean Moon thing. If you understand Astrology you will understand how powerful that can be. So I need to be vigilant. And something has suddenly shifted within me. I see where it serves me and where it doesn’t serve me, and I am making the adjustments.
I have always been like this with my addictions. Dropping one’s addiction is a decision made in the heart and mind.. It is an inner switch and a stepping into one’s inner authority. You cannot drop an addiction until you see where something no longer serves you, and once you do see that then the majority of the decision is made.
If you can’t make that decision or you complain that it’s too hard, then you are not ready and have not actually reached that decision. It’s simple. I ‘tried’ to give up smoking three times and each time some external event triggered an inner emotion and I reached for the ‘fags’. Truth was I thought I wanted to give up but I still carried a part of me that didn’t.
And then I got so demoralized by my failure I went deeper into myself and found that dis-empowered part of myself and asked what he wanted and why he wanted to keep smoking. And then the decision came from a deeper place within me, and I knew I had given up smoking in that moment. Dropping addiction happens in a moment. Of course it takes time for the physical body to catch up and go through it’s process (detox etc) but the power is in the mind, and when the mind is made up from the deepest place, it’s JOB DONE.
And so back to Facebook. It is not a bad thing. In fact I’m not talking about Facebook. I’m talking about my tendencies, and maybe about yours. The tendency to lose oneself . The tendency to get distracted. The tendency to put things off. The tendency to merge with things.
Life is a river, nothing is fixed for very long. We keep swimming and flowing and changing and growing. It’s all ok and not a problem. This is part of my growth. I’m enjoying it.
If you enjoy anything I write about please subscribe to my site and stay connected. My posts will come to your inbox.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Facebook logo

Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Liberate your Energy – Plug in to the Source

Energy…Magnetic Electrical Impulses

It is Everything. Everywhere. All the time.

How much do you have?
How much real unlimited energy do you have access to?

Your creativity is related to your energy. The more energy flowing through you the more access you have to your deepest and most profound creativity. Energy has to move. Energy IS movement. If energy doesn’t move, if it is trapped for example, in the body, it’s going to create illness, decay or a build up.
Your job is to become a flowing, flexible, adaptable human being. By being a flowing human being you can go with life’s energies and expand into life more and more. Your experience grows. People become touched by your energy….
To read more on this…https://acidtoalkalineliving.wordpress.com/liberate-your-energy/