Don’t Just Do Something, Lie There

BODY INTELLIGENCE – Don’t Intervene Too Early

If at all possible, and you will have to experiment with this, try and let the body ‘do its thing’ without intervention.
It may be what is needed, and you could be overriding the natural movement of the body to heal.

We live in the age of rapid intervention.
I really believe we jump too soon because we have lost touch with our inner wisdom on the inside and our ability to treat ourselves with the right foods on the outside.

So we jump to intervention way too soon. Maybe its right and maybe its wrong.
The reason I say this is that most holistically minded healers, doctors and lay people consider the body mind system as self healing and super intelligent.
That means that when something goes out of balance the body will seek to rectify it.
Our task is to support that process. Not to intervene unless we absolutely have to.

Consider the animals and birds. All of them do the same thing if they get ill. NOTHING. They crawl away and pretty much stop eating and just wait. And they either get well or they die.

Now, we don’t have to crawl away and it doesn’t have to be that black or white, but its a good lesson in the power of non intervention.
And then if we must intervene, and very often we definitely need to, we must intervene intelligently. Thats a whole another story.

This is the essence of water fasting. Water fasting is actually not something you DO. It is the cessation of doing. That is one of the reasons we fail to understand its power or healing potential. We are so hooked up to the DOING SOMETHING paradigm that not doing something seems absurd.

But water fasting is proof that sometimes this non doing is exactly what is required. In the non doing of fasting the body starts to follow a pattern. It begins to change its focus and starts to clean house.

And that impacts the mind and emotions. It becomes a process – a cathartic and transformative process. Just by doing nothing. When mind has to stop, all it’s hidden shadows, its dark corners, are revealed.

It is the same with the silent retreats my wife AMODA MAA, runs. In the silence, that runs for between 5 and 10 days, the mind starts to scream for activity. It becomes quite desperate for something to occupy it. When this craving is not fed, something else starts to happen. What has been hidden and avoided comes to the surface for healing.

It is quite a dramatic experience, and nearly always brings an increased self knowledge, wisdom, and humility to people. It becomes a relief to do nothing and allow things to find their own way.

So if this non doing works on the mind level in spiritual retreat, and it works on the body level in fasting, why is NON DOING not really popular?

It is proof that we are far away from our living truth. When we are sick we go first to the doctor. Thats it for most people. They leave with the meds and never ever consider alternative actions or natural remedies, let alone nothing!

And very few people treat their depression, anxiety or anger by going to silent retreats or meditation.

No, we do not live in a society that values nothing. Maybe thats beginning to change. There are more spiritual gatherings than ever. There are more fasting centers, more health options than ever before, and more and more people are turning towards natural healing methods.

So something is happening. Or rather, NOTHING is HAPPENING!

PLEASE consider this.

Thanks for reading!

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Social Media Addiction Faced – Detox The Only Answer

My eyes have fully opened recently to the extent of addiction in myself and society generally. Of course addiction is a problem for most societies, but usually the addiction only holds a small minority captive. This time, however, it appears to have the majority of society held by the addictive mechanism and pretty much completely unaware of.

What is it? Yup, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – It’s called Social Media only it’s not very social.

check-facebookIt’s a revolution folks, a revolution of the way we react and interact. In the last 10 years the way we do EVERYTHING has changed fundamentally, and that means we have had no real time to adjust either mentally or, more to the point, emotionally. The tsunami of social media interaction has begun to define our lives. And short of a total meltdown of the internet or a collapse of society, the tsunami has only just begun.

Statistics reveal that cell phone use and web use generally increased enormously from 2014. Check this to see what Im talking about!

Some statistics: Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%.
The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.
The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.

facebook-addictBut the statistics are one thing. The anecdotal, visual evidence, is more distressing and alarming.

Look around at your friends, your kids, maybe even your parents, look in the malls, or on public transport, and then take a deep and honest look inside yourself and see if you are really any different from any of them. ADDICTION IS NOT ON AND OFF. It’s not a switch that is either up, meaning not addicted, or down, meaning addicted. Oh no. Addiction is all about degrees and measures. Addiction is wrapped up with necessity and habit, with social conditioning and deeply held human issues rooted in our ancestral dna, and stuff about the herd mentality and ancient tribal behaviour demanded by sheer survival.

Check whether this list includes anything you do.

Almost everyone is addicted to something, even if its just in some small way. It may be subtle, or it may be all consuming, but its there. It may not interfere with healthy functioning, but its there, and its something that pulls at us if we don’t do it habitually. It may not be that destructive to our life, well being, relationships, work and so on but there it is.


I think the sooner we recognise that addictive impulse in ourselves and where it lives, in what dark corner it hides, and, most importantly, what purpose is it serving, the more we can understand ourselves and transcend the torment of our addictions. Because the nature of addiction is unconscious and denied. And it ALWAYS serves a purpose, always it offers us the carrot of salvation from our suffering. It always offers us love. But addiction itself is a highly powerful force. Even more than the object of ones addiction is the ADDICTION. It is a mechanism, a highly powerful shadowy mechanism that thrives on darkness and fear.

Because addiction is so closely linked to our basic existential nature it is intertwined with the two base forces of love and fear.

Maybe addiction is the unconscious human answer to separation syndrome. Thats why addiction is essentially a spiritual phenomena.

The answer to addiction is waking up to the truth of who you are. The answer to all addiction is love and inner authority. To overcome addiction, as well as the physical component, one must fall in love with oneself, show up, tell the truth, see where you hide from fear and what you are afraid of, and then chose to love yourself. The answer to addiction is love and connection, but that connection is to yourself and the world.


Anything less than your full power released into the world could result in the activation of this addiction mechanism. It may protect you for a while. But it will eat you in the end. It is voracious and hungry.

So let us return to the issue in hand. The modern cultural acceptable addiction. Social media.
Head down, buried in the screen, totally distracted, emotionally dependent on ‘likes’, comments, notifications, increasing friends lists, etc etc we disappear from awareness and presence into the world of the mind through the screen and down the rabbit hole.

We check our phones at least 150 times a day, many of us, so I worked out that on average that means every 6 minutes or so. And it is increasing.

If it affects you, if you keep checking your phone, inbox, social media, even when there is no real reason, then I’m afraid you are in the modern matrix. And the matrix has you.

I know because I have been in the matrix also. I was completely convinced I was acting from real freedom and just exercising my freedoms and really enjoying all my friends and contacts and likes etc. But the truth was that the walls of my prison had changed and got smaller. They built the prison around me while I was distracted by content.

6a00d8341c3e6353ef00e551d211f38834-800wiMany of us have been led, innocently, to the pot on the stove and have been boiled, so slowly we have not noticed. These giant social media corporations hire well qualified, highly professional psychologists and marketers to investigate you and me and to work out how to get us to do what they want, willingly and blindly, as though we were free.

They know your habits, your preferences, your likes, dislikes they know how long you do something and they know what you don’t like. Between your phone stats, your Facebook analytics, google and amazon they know you better than you know yourself. You have an online profile that informs social media and they promote and market to accordingly. They feed you what you want, even if you don’t know what you want.

It is that scary. And you don’t even realise, because they have offset their activities with your rewards. Those rewards are (the illusion of) connection, being liked, importance, information, and power.

Don’t buy any of it because its not real.

I quit Facebook and Twitter very recently and I am feeling the effects of the withdrawal. Some parts of life have been rendered meaningless.  Where is the instant gratification of a new like? Where is the surfing new posts to give me some distraction? Where is the relief I get every day, relief from the truth of my own life?

Gone…Facebook shut down and Twitter deactivated. It feels powerful, detoxing and vulnerable….Do it…try it out, inquire, investigate, tell the truth.
And comment here…Its the only place you will find me..

The Matrix has you…..and at some point you have to make a decision..

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I am happy to pass this information on…Detoxification has been the single most important element of my own journey with healing. I truly believe I would not have resolved my Inflammatory Bowel Disease unless I started with huge detoxification. 

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The more information you have about detox the wiser your choice can be.

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Where Is My Colitis Now? GONE – No Symptoms At All

I’m writing this blog today for anyone who thinks they cannot heal chronic disease.
I’m writing this for those who have cancer, those who have inflammatory conditions, those with blood issues and all the chronic ‘hopeless’ conditions.

And I am writing this for the consultants and doctors who, over the years, dismissed my notion of healing my condition as ‘impossible’ and even stupid. Yes, I’m writing this in defiance and wrathfulness.

I am not angry anymore, but for years I actually was angry at them for giving me so little hope and so few options.

Now I see part of my mission on earth is to spread the news to ordinary people, to show them that there ARE possibilities, and there is hope, and how we should never give up and resign ourselves to what other people, even if they are so called ‘professionals, say.

If I had listened to some of those voices many years ago, if I had followed some of their professional advice and let myself be led like a horse to water, I can only imagine what state I would be in today, ten years later. It wouldn’t be good.

You see, when I was first diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease in 2005 in a London hospital I was told in no uncertain terms that I would have it for life, I would probably be on medication for life, and that I may have to have surgery to remove some of the infected areas. That is a colonoscopy.

Colitis report 1Here is the report they sent to my doctor. Click to view in detail.

If you look at the report it suggests I should be started on a drug called Asacol.
It is an immunosuppressive, which is something I will never understand. I have just, for the first time, searched on Google for the possible side effects of this drug and I found crazy things!
Here is the link, have a quick look.
For a start, some of the ‘side effects’ are actually exactly the same as the effects from the colitis itself! Like ulcerative colitis aggravated (up to 15%)

But when you are prescribed these drugs it is very very rare that you would be told about these side effects. They are terrifying! Worse than the disease itself.

And here is the thing. Chinese herbs and acupuncture, Ayurvedic herbs and treatments, herbal medicine, naturopathic remedies, NONE of them have any side effects. And they DON’T suppress the immune system. They will support and modulate the immune system, but there is a big difference between this and forcing the system to quell its activity. To me one is force the other is healing.
I have just found another great article about this:

Well that fateful day I was told of the possible future I faced is forever etched in my mind, for the single reason that I chose, as it says in the report, not to take their advise but to follow my own instincts and knowledge and pursue natural treatments. At that stage I had no idea what those natural treatments would be, but I already knew Ayurvedic (Indian) and Chinese herbs were very powerful and useful, so I imagined I would start there.

But that is not my point, that is for another blog. My point is always this, and I have said it before time and time again.

Despite what little hope I was offered that day, and during subsequent assessments and diagnoses, I never took any medication at all. NONE, ZERO, ZIP. And that was quite tough, because my symptoms got pretty serious at a couple of points.
In fact a recent discussion with my doctor about something else involved him asking me about my natural healing path and how I coped with the ‘acute phase’ of this dis-ease. ‘Good question,’ I thought and answered, because it meant he was taking me seriously. It is the acute phase that lands most people in hospital with very serious symptoms that demand urgent intervention. The answer was that I let it flow, and that meant sometimes 20 bowel movements a day and pouring mucus and blood (sorry for the squeamish among you!). Remember I wasn’t taking any meds, so I thought of it all as somehow the natural actions of a body in crisis.

Although it was mentally and emotionally very challenging, I tried hard to see that what was happening was the body taking the right action to try and eliminate toxins and pathogens and restore balance. The body was trying to detox and purify, but the effect was dramatic.

There is a big difference between seeing your own body from a compassionate, supportive and caring position, and seeing your body as having gone wrong and being angry, or fearful, or brutish with it. Your body hears and knows and responds to what you feel and say and think.

I know what I’m saying is hard and challenging and even with the best will in the world, sometimes intervention and hospital, medications and urgent treatment, are the only way. That is, as they say, the way it is.

I think what I am saying is to always look at your own mental attitude towards yourself and your body. Although I was freaked out by what was happening to me over the years it took me to heal, I never viewed my body as my enemy. I devised meditations and healing visualisations for myself to listen to every day. I explored my unconscious mind and emotions to the deepest level I knew, and left absolutely no stone unturned in my commitment to supporting the healing process, no matter what. I became a servant of my own healing.

Doctors don’t know about the healing journey. Most people don’t. We are all thinking in the same box most of the time. It is very limited. It is a mindset that works when it works, but when there is a breakdown, the mindset is sadly lacking in its ability to explain it or deal with it.
It is the same in mental health, psychological problems, addictions, and even societal problems.
We are caught in this mechanistic mindset that reads symptoms in a linear manner and attempts to rectify problems by medication, removal or incarceration.

Very rarely do we hear anything about healing, rehabilitation, forgiveness, compassion. Yet these are surely vital aspects of the human species?

I never took any medications, and it has now been over ten years. And guess what has happened? Well slowly slowly, and sometimes very slowly indeed, and sometimes forward and sometimes backwards, I have healed my wounded colon and reduced my inflammation, restored gut integrity, nurtured and nourished the physical needs of my body, dealt with emotions and mind, and now, for the last two years at least…


I don’t think about it any more. Occasionally if I am suffering with something else, it can trigger some gut sensitivity, because I think I will always be sensitive in that area. And I have a tendency to immune weakness. I took a hard blow back there and I believe these hard blows, when they are chronic, always leave their mark, as though this is where we always need to pay attention.

But on the day to day level, there are no signs of IBD, colitis, or anything. Even I am shocked sometimes. My symptoms were powerful back then, for example I was almost 90% housebound for two years, I weighed less than 45Kg, had sometimes 20 bowel movements a day and was always losing blood and mucus, I couldn’t eat anything, was nauseous and semi anaemic. It was hard core and I had to dig so deep into my inner resources just to stay with it.
But I did.

And you can. Whoever is suffering from a ‘chronic dis-ease’ hear me good.

Kavi Portrait 2 copy

Facebook Detox Day 4 – It continues

More time, more containment within, more holding one’s space, more softness, less push and pull by events outside.
I miss some of my connections, miss losing myself in other’s posts.

But enjoying the space and the inner silence.
Joined HootSuite so I can, when I’m ready, post if I chose to without getting lost on the Wall of Endless Comments and Updates.
And I’ve realized that actually those who want to connect with me will do so, and have alreaady done so by joining my WordPress Blog. Otherwise we are all ships that pass each other..We wave for a while and say hi and then we move on and our attention is taken by new things.
The thing about Facebook is, while you are there you are part of it, but when you are gone you are gone. It is like a kind of death I am watching when I see my own withdrawal from FB.
Anyway, this will be my last post about it, I’m not going to go on about it anymore..It’s not a big deal it’s simply my observations and I have other things to do..Not sure where it’s going to go from here, maybe I will just be back as usual next week typing away as if nothing has happened, and maybe not, we will see.
Join me here if you want to connect and subscribe..
Happy Sundays..

Facebook Detox Day 3 – Liberated so quickly

Liberated so quickly from the constant itching, the constant checking, the constant commenting, the endless posting..Phew it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders..

Saturday is a day when I used to always surf Facebook..I wouldn’t do much work on a Saturday apart from the Farm I am part of, but still I would sit down at the computer for hours just doing Facebook. So today I said no…just no…And consequently I have no real reason to sit at the computer. I will do this post and then go..Which will then lead me to a question. If I’m not surfing Facebook and hanging out then ..WHAT AM I DOING?  How am I spending my time?Now this question might not be important to you but it is to me. I want to know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I’m not becoming more neurotic by doing this, believe me, I’m becoming less neurotic…

I know most of you will think ‘What’s the problem, just chill out’ ?
But some of us are more prone to habitual behaviour than others. I am addressing those people, and I am reliably informed that thousands, if not millions of people out there have a similar issue.
It’s a modern malady but an old old problem. It’s the same old addictive response manifesting in the modern way.

Social Media Dependency I call it, and it’s a problem that is set to grow. It has all the old familiar hallmarks of addiction.
1. It demands constant attention, and unless that demand is fed it leads to feelings of alienation and withdrawal.2. Collusion. No-one in your social group will step out of line and say derogatory things about FB. It’s the same as drinking, no-one in a social group wants to be the one to say ‘I’m going home or I think I’ve got a problem’ so the problem just persists.
3. It is in someone’s interests for you to continue being addicted, so they are forever creating new ways of keeping you hooked. (Changing layouts, adding new widgets and buttons, comment features etc)
4. Unless you are shrewd or clever, it really doesnt add very much to your life except make you feel occasionally important and valued, and feel like you belong somewhere, like you are part of something.

I realize that some people find great value, great solace, great comfort in Facebook etc. Of course there are exceptions and that’s fantastic I applaud them, but I am really talking not to those people, but to the one’s who resonate with what I’m saying. You will know if it’s you..If it’s not you then carry one.
But if it is you, or you think it may be you..Then I would encourage you to take the experiment..FACEBOOK DETOX 7 DAYS. Keep Facebook closed for 7 days. No peeking, no posting. You can check business pages from the phone but NO VISITS TO THE PROFILE PAGE..You can receive messages via messenger on the phone and that’s it.
Contemplate how it feels during the process, watch your habitual push and pull towards Facebook. It may surprise you how much more time you have if you take it out of the picture. It may surprise you to find that you can focus on what you are doing much more. Your moods might stabilize somewhat….Or of course you may find no change whatsoever…
It’s all a game, we are just learning how to play it…Have a great day on it or off it!!

Facebook logo

Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook Detox Day 2 – the addict comes clean

It is truly incredible to realize how much of my energy and time I have given to Social Media and particularly Facebook in the last few years!
I woke up this morning as usual at 5.30am and made the decision not to turn on computer immediately. And then I began to notice all the times I automatically turn towards Facebook. In the gaps between things I would ‘plug in’ and check out what’s happening and then would be drawn in to the Facebook world. Trouble with this is that it becomes habitual and unconscious, and then we become ADDICTED to it.
Suddenly I have been plunged in to asking myself questions.
Number 1 question I am asking: What am I doing this for? What is the purpose?
There is always a purpose in what we do. It isn’t always a positive one, or even the one we think it is, but there is always a purpose.
Until we ask the question in an authentic way we will not know. Human beings are very self deceptive. Remember, at least 90% of our actions are unconscious and only 10% or so are the ones we are aware of. We are governed by deep forces. Our ego is VERY CLEVER like a wily fox and will tell us stories about what we do and what we are doing things for. Sometimes these stories are true and beneficial, but sometimes they are limiting and untrue. Only awareness and discernment can unravel which is which.
And of course at the end of the day it’s all love, it’s all ok and the most beneficial course of action is relaxation and love.
So now I find myself asking, what am I running this page (I run 12 pages on Facebook) for?
You see, for me, it’s not just about time, it’s more about energy (I talk about energy on my site). I want my energy to go to places where it’s useful, flowing, creative and productive. Being focused, not in a tight way, but in a relaxed way, means staying in the energy field of one’s being. Just like a spiritual master, or a zen buddhist or a practitioner of martial arts.
And Social Media is SO DISTRACTING! What chance do we have to stay softly in our energy field when we are pulled this way and that, this comment does this, this picture does that, and before we know it we are down a rabbit hole and we have no idea how we even got there!  It is the Facebook Matrix!!

Hence my Holiday..I have, in the past, been highly addicted to many things. Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sugar, Crazy relationships. I love to hide and merge with things..It’s a Piscean Moon thing. If you understand Astrology you will understand how powerful that can be. So I need to be vigilant. And something has suddenly shifted within me. I see where it serves me and where it doesn’t serve me, and I am making the adjustments.
I have always been like this with my addictions. Dropping one’s addiction is a decision made in the heart and mind.. It is an inner switch and a stepping into one’s inner authority. You cannot drop an addiction until you see where something no longer serves you, and once you do see that then the majority of the decision is made.
If you can’t make that decision or you complain that it’s too hard, then you are not ready and have not actually reached that decision. It’s simple. I ‘tried’ to give up smoking three times and each time some external event triggered an inner emotion and I reached for the ‘fags’. Truth was I thought I wanted to give up but I still carried a part of me that didn’t.
And then I got so demoralized by my failure I went deeper into myself and found that dis-empowered part of myself and asked what he wanted and why he wanted to keep smoking. And then the decision came from a deeper place within me, and I knew I had given up smoking in that moment. Dropping addiction happens in a moment. Of course it takes time for the physical body to catch up and go through it’s process (detox etc) but the power is in the mind, and when the mind is made up from the deepest place, it’s JOB DONE.
And so back to Facebook. It is not a bad thing. In fact I’m not talking about Facebook. I’m talking about my tendencies, and maybe about yours. The tendency to lose oneself . The tendency to get distracted. The tendency to put things off. The tendency to merge with things.
Life is a river, nothing is fixed for very long. We keep swimming and flowing and changing and growing. It’s all ok and not a problem. This is part of my growth. I’m enjoying it.
If you enjoy anything I write about please subscribe to my site and stay connected. My posts will come to your inbox.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Facebook logo

Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)