What has Self Love Got to Do with Illness? – Podcast

I am very pleased with this podcast. I think it gets down to the core. It must be the result of recent inner experiences I have had into my own inner terrain, on a journey into what is true, and how I relate to the world.

But I have to say again and again. The things I talk about are relevant to all people going through anything, not just illness. Why?

Subscribe+to+Command+Edit+on+iTunesBecause life is always, always, always, offering us invitations to open to our authentic nature as loving awareness. I know it might sound kinda weird and over spiritual, but damn it, it’s the truth. The majority of people are living behind a wall, or wearing a coat of protection. This coat hides all our vulnerabilities and wounds, all our traumas and pain. But we wear the coat, and wear the coat, and wear it. And everyone else is wearing a coat as well, so it’s normal. 

Wearing this coat doesn’t create a life of fullness and joy. The coat is heavy and makes us weary. But it’s normal and acceptable. 
After twenty or thirty years of wearing a coat of protection, it’s going to take quite a trauma to make you realise you are wearing it.

Life’s experiences arrive as PROFOUND invitations to explore and heal what lies inside the coat, so much so that eventually the coat just falls off. Illness is such an invitation, as is the death of a loved one, work problems, an accident, all these are deeply profound invitations. They may appear cruel. On a certain level they are.
But they are the invitations sent to us to open our wounded hearts to love.

The_Power_of_ILLNESSThats what happened to me, the coat just fell off.  That is what self love has to do with illness.

Here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Please share with someone who might benefit from it.



Thanks for reading and listening!

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Crohn’s and Colitis, An Exploration of Healing

Very pleased to share this You Tube Video with you. In it I talk with a good friend (and band member) Paul McGillivray about his experience with Crohn’s Disease. It could just as easily be about Colitis, or any IBD.

This revealing and frank conversation is actually about all chronic illness, and details some of the intense challenges and difficulties, but also some of the blessings, we face when we meet it.

There is also a link to sound cloud Audio below: