Runners High

Yesterday I ran 14 kilometers in the heat. I was transported to bliss. It was like meditation and calmed my mind. I was absolutely at peace with myself and the world. It was such a transcendent yet ordinary experience that I became instantly addicted. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a runner a long time, but this feeling was at another level to anything I have previously known.
It wasn’t exercise, it was life, it was spiritual, it was euphoric. And of course it didn’t last, but in those fleeting moments I was at home. Runners know what I’m talking about.

In the 90’s my current wife, who has transformed into a (spiritual) teacher, wrote her phd on the Runner’s High and was one of the first people to study the direct connection between exercise and feeling good, or meditation. Nowadays we know these things and take them for granted, yet they are easily forgotten.

And yesterday I was there, in the zone, no time, no space, just running happening to me, one foot in front of the other, body delighted, mind quiet and occasionally distracted but always returning to peace.

I am saying this to encourage those of you who get defeated real easy, those who give up, those who think they will never get to a place of effortlessness.

I am 54, healthier now than ever before in my life. From the age of 16 to about 40 I did NO EXERCISE. None!  I drank, took drugs, smoked, walked to the pub, got on trains, but never any exercise. And then I have experienced Major illness in the last 9 years and had to deal with that, healing it bit by bit, slowly slowly..
And all the time gradually getting fitter and fitter until this year, when I can finally say @I’m pretty fit!

I can run. I love running, I am a runner. It gives me everything I need, space, motion, outside, time.
When you couple this level of exercise with great nutrition, which for me in Summer is RAW and very Fruit based, then you just feel fantastic!

Don’t give up hope. Keep on keeping on, gradually and suddenly. It will happen if you aim in the right direction and trust, and of course keep training.

I’m going again today! I don’t expect the same experience, I learned long ago never to expect the same experience, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.
Don’t expect anything, just give all you’ve got and leave grace to do the rest.

Have a good run!


Interval Training is WOW!

Interval Training is WOW! For me today it was 30 seconds full sprint to exhaustion then 2 minutes real slow jog, 8 times. That’s 20 minutes full on exercise.

Interval training like this has increased my duration running, my core strength, and my attitude to running itself. It is Excellent FUN!

Try it. Don’t forget to warm up properly and warm down. If you don’t know what you are doing seek advice, don’t pull a muscle by being all gung ho about it, it doesn’t work. Strains and sprains are a pain in every way. I’ve had loads because of ineffective stretching and over enthusiasm. So now I’m pretty careful and still I get little injuries here and there.
But it is so worth it…

Persistence..Never give up, it’s never too late – for anything.

Persistence and dedication to the task eventually gets results…

ImageI have been a runner for over 15 years. I’m 54 years old. That means I started running when I was about 40..Before that?

I stopped all physical exercise when I was about 16 years old…and I don’t remember doing ANY until I started running and playing the occasional game of tennis at 40. During my 20’s and 30’s I was seriously out of shape..I would get absolutely shattered by climbing one set of stairs.. I mean I was real bad..

And then when the tide began to turn and I started running wow! I could not run for 30 seconds without feeling as though I was going to die of heart failure..I have simply persisted throughout my illness to gradually maintain and improve fitness, and eventually things changed.
Now I’m a runner, I run maybe 5 times a week and do 6 – 9 k each time and then one 10 k once a week. I do rebounding and some yoga..I keep improving and I just love it, even when I don’t like it..

The reason I’m sharing this is that I see people starting out who get frustrated and give up and I want to say ‘Don’t!’ Just persist slowly slowly and gradually you get there..

See you on the road!