Facebook and Social Media Detox

I am pleased and empowered to announce I am experimenting with a detox from the highly addictive drug of the moment...Facebook!
I have been a Social Media user for many years, since I first discovered MySpace as a musician almost 10 years ago. I jumped from My Space to Facebook 5 years ago and have not looked back. I now run 12 pages, ( Recipes for the Divine Kitchen, Music for Lightworkers, Raw Food Video Channel, Kavi Rawk Star, etc etc) most of them are very active and inspired. My friends page is a hub of conversation and inspiration, and I have made some wonderful friends and global connections.

Well what is wrong then ? I hear you say.
Facebook is so interactive, so influential and so instant it is overwhelming. Being open to so much influence has it’s assets but it also has it’s drawbacks. You have to manage it. For those that are focused and ‘page’ oriented, who have a mission in the world, whether that is business or spiritual, Facebook serves as a vehicle for the transmitting of information. For many other people it can be a way to share ideas, explore diversity and learn. And for others it can be a way of expressing opinions..It’s all ok UNTIL it reaches overwhelm, or until it reaches the point where it’s not serving you any more..That is Addiction. And only a critical and ruthlessly honest exploration can see this.

Everything has it’s time, and life comes in waves. It is not that there is a wrong and a right. It’s all about timing, and my timing is NOW!
So I am on Facebook Detox. I have left my email and website details on my pages and profile so people can get hold of me. I am going to post here on this website blog every so often, and I may even drop in every now and again just to have a look..It’s not about going ‘ Cold Turkeyit’s about regaining my inner authority and doing what I want without too much outer influence.

I have got so many things to do I need to focus, and distraction isn’t working for me any more. So there we are, we shall see what happens. I’m open to any outcome.

To all my friends who read this, please keep interacting with me somehow. This website is very active. Email. Skype name is kavijezziehockaday, message me through Facebook and I receive them on my phone.

I will post frequently and I hope inspiringly..

Be well..Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

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