£600 Million on a flu pandemic that never materialized

£600 Million on a flu pandemic that never materialized

UK’s Department of Health threw away £74m worth of Tamiflu, the antiviral drug, before its expiry date, due to unsafe storage procedures. In total the country has spent £600 million since 2006 on drugs to fight a flu pandemic that has not materialized.
Read that again…£600 Million on a flu pandemic that never materialized..We are played for suckers, and so are the government..Pharmaceutical Corporations employ the best strategists and they know EXACTLY how to manipulate the market..Its down to one key INGREDIENT – FEAR!!
The only answer is personal wellbeing, taking responsibility for one’s own health, creating vitality and breaking free from the shackles of conventional thinking..There is no way to stop Government madness but there is a way to step out of the Matrix of Bullshit..GET Incredibly Healthy..See through the illusion, and Don’t take the medicine..It’s TOXIC..
Read the story..http://rt.com/news/tamiflu-roche-hodge-waste-flu-597